January 17, 2000

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This page seems to be over a year old, but it's news to me. Did you know that cookies set on international domains (those ending in generic things like co.uk or co.nz) can be read by other servers within those top level country domains? Scary stuff if you're using even the latest versions of Netscape on international sites.
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GirlRadio is a music news weblog with tons of good info, but I found the reviews of musicians' sites to be the most useful part of the site. Not only is there a critique of each artist's official site, but an alternate fan site as well. I wish there was a list like this for every subject on earth.
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In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King day, I went out looking for interesting stuff about him on the web. I found a nice summary site at the Seattle Times, a page of quotes, a page of photos from Life Magazine, some wav files of his speech at the march on Washington (a bit of video too), and a look at the controversies surrounding his assasination.
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Apple historically been at the forefront of UI and HCI research and technology, documenting it in their Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines. In the past couple of years however, they've been slipping. They designed the useless round mouse (that requires a 3rd-party product to become useful), the nightmare quicktime 4 interface, and now aqua for OS X. When I saw it at Macworld, there were lots of little things I didn't think were right about it, and Bruce Tognazzini (or Tog for short) has written a great summary of the UI including problems. So what I'm wondering is, why is Apple abandoning their own guidelines?
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