February 3, 2012

Will Wheaton in the cape of dicks on stage at Dragon Con

William Fucking Shatner in two parts.
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Grown-Up Bacon Mac & Cheese

This is the perfect recipe for those of you who like to enjoy a big bowl of macaroni and cheese for dinner and absolutely nothing else. It’s beautifully flavored, creamy, cheesy, and with the smokey bite of crisp salty bacon on top?? Oh man, you guys are in for a treat — I’m not even kidding. It’s amazing. (previously)
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Oh no, Woody. You're doing it wrong.

Woody Harrelson has been critically acclaimed for his leading role in the upcoming film Rampart. Harrelson has just recently begun an AMA (ask me anything) post on reddit to promote the film. But because he only wanted to discuss and promote the film (and has avoided some rather embarrassing questions), the reactions have been less than great. [more inside]
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Roll 1d12 dot com

It's On The Ceiling! Roll d12:
1. d100 Swords of Damocles
2. City of the Intellectual Bats
3. Manhole-like trap door to maintenance level
4. Tapestry of webs depicting events in spider history
5. Stalactite pueblo dwellers: evil dungeon fairies
6. Adventurers impaled on barbed spikes
7. The furniture: nailed up by prankster
8. Alarming amount of dripping water and muddy seepage
9. Pulsating illumination from strange glass tubes in metal fixtures
10. Shriekers!
11. Eyes (d1000)
12. Hand-chiseled diagram of dungeon level
This and many other useful tables for DM improvisation at The Dungeon Dozen. New table every day!
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Robot psychics

Robot psychics of India
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A Field Guide to Antique Hand Tools

When it comes to hand tools, many woodworkers will tell you that they just don't make 'em like they used to. Unfortunately, making sense of the myriad versions and model numbers of antique hand tools can be a daunting task. Fortunately there's Patrick's Blood and Gore for Stanley hand planes, the Disstonian Institute for Disston saws, Old Tool Heaven for just about everything ever made by Millers Falls, and HyperKitten, which includes pages on Metal Routers, Stanley Bench Planes, and Harvey W. Peace saws. [more inside]
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Men Don't Tell

In 1993, Lifetime released Men Don't Tell, a landmark film exploring female on male domestic violence. [more inside]
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Save vs nostalgia.

Mountain Dew, Gamma World - and cake! GeekDad's Ethan Gilsdorf uncovers a long-lost pile of loot - silent Super 8 footage of a 1981 Friday night D&D session. JJ Abrams couldn't have faked it this good. (SLYT-sorta)
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11 covers of "Just Like Honey"

11 covers of "Just Like Honey", by the Jesus and Mary Chain. The original version. Cover by Guitar (German DJ + ethereal Japanese-inflected vocals) Hand-made ukulele cover. Cover by a teenage girl with a big voice, playing acoustic guitar in a bathroom. Closing scene of "Lost in Translation," with "Just Like Honey" playing over it.
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In a day or twooooooo

North Korean Accordion quintet covers "Take On Me." (SLYT) Part of a project by Morten Traavik, a Norwegian theatre and film director, (previously featured on Metafilter). [more inside]
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Timelapse images of fireflies

F**k yeah, fireflies! Long exposures of Photuris lucicrescens in video (and faster) and photos. Hold still for a few moments and you'll see glowing dots, or set your camera alone for over an hour and they're dashes flitting about.
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Wet n Wild

Ever spill water on your iPhone? Well, now there's an app for that. Liquipel has a process by which it creates a barrier against water, coating even the internal electronic components, of your phone. They've demonstrated it by also coating a tissue paper through the same technology and the tissue paper was submerged and came out completely dry. [more inside]
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Anonymous joins FBI - Scotland Yard conference call

Hacker group Anonymous joined the FBI - Scotland Yard conference call coordinating their strategy against Anonymous. Call recording is now on YouTube with some suspect names bleeped.
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Tiltshift Japan ist Krieg

It's the weekend according to UNIQLO CALENDAR, portraying the four seasons and forty-seven prefectures of Tiltshift Timelapse Japan. Music by Fantastic Plastic Machine who did internet classic UNIQLOCK. [Previous]
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With a Gun and a Camera

"They stuck me at P.S.A. 7 in the South Bronx," he said, referring to Police Service Area No. 7 in the department’s housing bureau. "They cover all the housing projects in that area." It was dangerous work, performing vertical patrols — marching up and down staircases — watching for drug deals, responding to violent fights and domestic brawls, and worse. Two years passed, and Officer Bolfo brought something else to work, along with his radio and his gun. A camera.
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He cried during the last “Lord of the Rings” movie.

"At my then-boyfriend’s house I opened a drawer to borrow a T-shirt. All the T-shirts were perfectly folded, as if ironed. I knew right then and there that I must run for my life." And other tales of romantic dead ends. capturing the exact moment you realize a relationship is doomed, doomed, doomed.
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I hear a football game is also scheduled to air that night....

Super Bowl commercial breaks have become the most expensive and arguably most coveted advertising timeslots on television. NBC is charging $3.5 million for each 30 second slot -- $116,667 per second of airtime. But this year, many companies have released their commercials online in advance of this Sunday's broadcast. Entertainment Weekly and Adland are compiling them -- the latter on their 40 Years of Super Bowl Commercials page. (Previously) [more inside]
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Other Noises Include Roaring, Chuffing, and... Miscellaneous

Do tigers, lions, leopards and other species of big cats purr like domestic cats? - Big Cat Rescue takes a look at this surprisingly complicated question.
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Woman's Intuition Aids Her

When in need of legal
or confidential advice
why not confer with
one of your own sex?

A concise history of Miss Cora M. Strayer's Private Detective Agency.
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The Pepsi Paradox

How the Brain Reveals Why We Buy. "Most of us know that branding palpably influences our choices and shopping habits, but researchers suspect that branding can also fundamentally change the way we comprehend sense impressions. At least that is the obvious conclusion to be drawn from the only (so far) classic study in neuromarketing, a fascinating study of what can be called the Pepsi paradox. " [more inside]
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ain't it funky now

North Korean People's Army Funky Get Down Juche Party
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Neutrality Policy and the Wall of Silence

In Anoka, Minnesota, nearly ten students have committed suicide in the past year and a half. Anoka is part of the congressional district of Congresswoman Michele Bachman, and it had a policy of neutrality with regards to GLBTQ discussions in its public schools that "The Rolling Stone" reports as having now been replaced. [more inside]
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daddy, the internet is slow today

Sometimes, adding bandwidth can actually hurt rather than help. Most people have no idea what they can do about bufferbloat.
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there's no time to remove the bones. just eat the whole thing!

Competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi, set a new record today, devouring 337 wings in a scant thirty minutes, at Wing Bowl XX (wiki).
Every wonder how he prepares for these events?
Kobi thought it was right for his body to eat at least 200 wings every day he's been in Philly for the entire week leading up to the big competition on February 3rd -- aside from today, when he’ll eat like a “normal person” to rest his throat for tomorrow. You do the math and Kobi will have eaten well over 1,000 wings this week. That's before the competition even starts.
[more inside]
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Goddamn that's beautiful

The Blue Marble is a famous photograph of Earth, taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on December 7th 1972, as they traveled to the moon. On January 23th, 2012, the Suomi NPP satellite snapped a similar, high definition photo, called Blue Marble 2012. By sure to check out the other side of the Marble, how the photos were taken and a PDF that describes the NPP project.
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lord, how I want to be in that number

Out for a walk in the snow with 34 Saint Bernards. Or if that's not enough slobbery puppy for you: 42 more.
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Switched on..

"The (Minneapolis - St.Paul) Metro Transit system has turned on great composers in hope of turning off loiterers, vagrants and other troublemakers (YT) attracted to the station.' Eighteen- to 25-year-olds are generally the folks who are committing the most crime on our transit system,' Scruggs said. 'As a group, they tend to not like classical music (YT).'"
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Judo Love

On February 6th, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church is planning a protest at Clayton High School in St Louis because of their support of the LGBT student body. The counter protest, however, has taken the form of a fund raising opportunity. [more inside]
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Vintage Vogue

Flickr link to 5 decades/1600+ scans from Vogue magazine. [more inside]
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Dart Vader

One angry man brings the Southern California Darts Association to its knees
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Where's the pixel

If you've been procrastinating on cleaning your monitor or laptop screen, the game Where's the Pixel just might be the encouragement you've been waiting for.
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Frank Zappa documentary

Frank Zappa documentary: Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four; Part Five.
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Non à ACTA

Anti-ACTA protests have begun around Europe after the secret treaty was signed in Tokyo last Friday. Activists have planned larger protests for Saturday 11 February. The European Parliament will formally consider ACTA in June. (previously) [more inside]
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Pig Stickers

Someone in the Vermont prison system has been hiding a pig in the decals that inmates make for the state’s police cars. After only a few years, the cops just caught on. [YouTube].
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