February 10, 2000

I thought it was lame that Missouri was introducing measures to rename a stretch of highway in response to it's adoption by the KKK, but Kentucky drafting a measure requesting an apology from Craig Kilborn? I mean, sure, the show is bad, but it's not "Kensucky" bad.
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IBM has developed a new storage technology called Millepede which has more in common with old-school punch cards than it does with magnetic hard drives. The system uses a tiny heated sensor to mark a thin polymer layer, and can already store 400 gigabytes per square inch. And it will improve. Will we ever have enough important information to fill up such ridiculous amounts of space?
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The Ultimate Bad Candy Website

The Ultimate Bad Candy Website is not the most high-end in production design but the stories of these two guys eating everything under the sun provided me with a a good 15 minutes of joy.
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Southpark makes waves overseas.

Southpark makes waves overseas. "The U.S.-made adult cartoon show was responsible for a rise in swearing and misbehavior" said the student council. Lets all sing together: "Blame America! Blame America!" (hopefully you've seen the Southpark movie and heard this)
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Costly High-Tech Band-Aid Unveiled

Costly High-Tech Band-Aid Unveiled
I thought it was this story with a different headline.
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Nixon caught with his pants down

Nixon caught with his pants down Selected Watergate tapes & other audio items of historical interest, including the smoking gun.
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Parlimentary, my dear. New Zealand breaks ground with the world's first Transsexual Member of Parliment (formerly the world's first Transsexual Mayor). Her maiden speech included the circumspect "I was quoted once as saying this is a stallion that became a gelding and now she's a mayor. I do have to say that I've now come full circle and become a member." [stolen found on :::..::: Cortex
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So long Ernest.

So long Ernest. He was amusing, and only 50.
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So a few days ago, I went off on some resume sites going out and pilfering my resume off my personal site. Well, I opted out of passportaccess.com, and here is their response. My favorite part: "Once you post your resume or any sort of material on the internet it becomes public information and therefore, can be spread from site to site very quickly." Uh, excuse me? Since when did "public information" equal "copyright-free and we can do anything we want with it?"
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The El Modena High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club

The El Modena High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club finally met, thanks to a federal judge ruling. There was a bit of a scuffle outside afterwards with protestors, but apparently it was a real sissy fight.
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Freaks and Geeks,

Freaks and Geeks, arguably the best new show of this lackluster TV season, is being shelved for the remainder of February sweeps. Although it will return next month (and if you've never seen it, check it out), its future is pretty dim. Why does the public constantly complain about the lack of quality shows, but refuse to support the ones that do rock?
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Code Rush

Mark your calendars: PBS is running a special called "Code Rush" in late March, about the hectic coding schedules that Netscape employees like Jaime Zawinski coped with in early 1998. It sounds like it's going to be good and will probably be similar to other stories about the formation of Netscape.
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I'm not sure which disturbs me more: that Stan Lee has stooped to this, or that A.J. looks a lot like the freshly shorn Derek.
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