February 12, 2021

Add some goat to your meeting

A farmer who was half kidding when she suggested hiring out her goats out for Zoom meetings during lockdown has said making £50,000 shows it was no joke. (BBC). Reserve your goat for £5 here.
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Traditional Korean Pottery

Via Kottke, two videos of Korean master potters, one making bowls, the other 옹기 (onggi) — specifically, clay pots in which kimchi (김치) is stored for fermentation. [more inside]
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The Difference is Still Clear and the Passion Behind it Palpable

“This process has been more fulfilling and emotional than I could’ve imagined and has made me ever more determined to re-record all of my music.” Taylor Swift Delivers Big F-You to Scooter Braun With Re-Recorded ‘Love Story’ [Daily Beast] [more inside]
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Howl's moving castle

A Twitter thread collecting a whole bunch of awesome chess variants
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Do you drive? Come meet the people who bike!

This is a post for connecting people who drive with people who bike. Tell us about your first bike ride. Tell us about your scariest bike ride. Tell us how it makes you feel to ride a bike. [more inside]
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Lancet Report Shines Klieg Light on Health Harms of Trump Era

New report details devastating impact of the Trump administration's health-harming policies, calls for sweeping reforms; roughly 40% of the USA’s coronavirus deaths could have been prevented. [more inside]
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Deeply Intense Singing

Why Does Choral Music Sound So Good? "What makes the sound[of a choir], and in particular the sound of a professional group, so appealing? In this essay, I look at the science behind the notes to find out why choral music sounds so good. ...Professional choirs have the ability to take advantage of the astonishing complexity of the vocal machinery and can produce music that is not only perfectly tuned and harmonically rich but is also deeply intense. Singing is something that feels rooted deep in all of us, that taps into feelings of longing anguish and love brought into focus by the mesmerizing sounds produced by choirs across the world. [more inside]
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Maybe You Should Call Your Show Newsy Things Considered

Leo Shidla has a complaint. The 8 year-old NPR listener from Minneapolis recently pointed out a big problem with NPR's oldest news show, All Things Considered.
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It is once again Friday

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Rebecca Black has released a hyperpop remix of her smash viral song Friday featuring Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, & 3OH!3 and produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs. [more inside]
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"No More Jockeys is a three-pints-and-a-packet-of-crisps pub game"

No More Jockeys. Nine months, 29 episodes and nearly 1.5 million views later, No More Jockeys (S1E1, trailer) has become a lockdown phenomenon. There are rules. There are three comedians you may know from Taskmaster (Fanfare). And there is a lot of drinking. [more inside]
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Present Writers

[C.J.] Cherryh has been incredibly prolific for literally longer than I've been alive. She has over eighty novels and loads of short stories. She's won all the major awards. If Cherryh is not a Grand Master, the term has no meaning. | The Steerswoman series. There are four out already, apparently Rosemary [Kirstein] is at work on not one but two more (oh that is so hopeful), but the four that already exist make me so happy. | Nisi Shawl is a great example of a writer who has grown, changed, and expanded her horizons - and other people's - long past her debut. [more inside]
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They call me a teacher, but what I'm actually doing is studying.

RIP Chick Corea. You were a legend in your lifetime.
This discography has plenty of samples.
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a delightful opportunity for a new sensation

After the 1885 completion of the first Canadian railroad to cross the Rockies, Prime Minister John A. MacDonald and his wife Agnes resolved to travel the length of the railroad the following summer. Unfortunately for the rail staff, Lady Agnes became bored while watching the prairies roll by. During a tour of the engine just after Banff, she noticed the cowcatcher and decided that such a perch would provide the best view of the Rockies on the whole train. Despite alarmed objections from the railroad staff, Lady Agnes successfully made herself a seat aboard the cowcatcher. Immortalized in the historically-focused Canadian folk band Tanglefoot's work, she famously rode that cowcatcher over the five hundred miles across the steep Rockies between Lake Louise and Vancouver.
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Keeping the damn things in place

Boosting face mask efficacy: a cheap 3D printable solution. Keeps potentially contaminated droplets INSIDE the mask ... and keeps your glasses from steaming up too. Great for people for whom N95 metal bands don't work as advertised. Best of all, no one appears to be trying to make bank out of this (yet). [more inside]
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It has no interest in the Holmesian or Christie-an dazzle of truth

"[D]espite having the conventions and plot structures of a detective story, the pleasures that Clue offers aren't the pleasures of a successful detective story." In Clue or Red Herring? How Clue Shreds the Detective Rulebook, Milan Terlunen explores the 1985 film's delights of excess and redundancy, specifically in the reversibility of clues and red herrings. (Spoilers for all three endings.)
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Dramatic Stonehenge Discovery

In ancient times / Hundreds of years before the dawn of history / Lived a strange race of people, the Druids / No one knows who they were or what they were doing / But Geoffrey of Monmouth was probably actually right in a way / And they got it secondhand and dragged it into Wiltshire [more inside]
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