February 12, 2022


Dubbed one of the ugliest buildings in Britain, the Tricorn centre in Portsmouth was a 1960s Brutalist structure intended to house shops, parking facilities and flats but was poorly maintained from the outset. Demolished in 2004, it lives on on Youtube. Here urban explorers in 1989 investigate its abandoned nightclub; here's a 6m documentary piece with different views of the structure, plus comments from the architects and a digital artist inspired by it; and finally a compilation of slightly-repetitive local news coverage on the day demolition started
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For those with a tolerance for zefrank's precious whimsy

Remember zefrank? Metafilter remembers! What's on Your HappyList? [OG post by holmesian] | How to Dance Properly [OG post via Dirjy] | i am interested in a particular memory: the uncomfortable moment when you first see your parent as being weak...being human. could you describe that moment? [OG post by muthecow (comments kinda weird fyi)] | social network for two (and other songs) [OG posts from rageagainsttherobots & Sticherbeast] [more inside]
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Eel? Slap!

Occasionally, we all just need a good slap. In the face. With an eel. [more inside]
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▬▭▮▯▬▭▮▯▬▭▮▯▬▭▮▯ Rectangles! ▬▭▮▯▬▭▮▯▬▭▮▯▬▭▮▯

If you’ve seen new construction around your city, you’ve probably seen these distinctive rectangular panels. Sometimes plain, sometimes multi-colored, they’re absolutely everywhere. This video explains how they conceal an entire system that helps protect buildings.
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Look at this stuff. It was airtight.

Almost Everything by Kirby Ferguson was a web series featuring a good-natured Canadian geek who used slick, fast-paced video presentations to comment on the world's ills. Highlights: Trajan is the Movie Font - Slumdog Controversy - Talent is Hard Work. Ferguson would soon perfect his craft with the sprawling pop-cultural project Everything is a Remix [website - transcripts] -- described in a 2011 Atlantic interview as a "sweeping, four-part series asserting that all creative work is a recombination and transformation of existing elements" that is "as much a philosophical odyssey as a documentary series" -- as well as This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, "a documentary about where conspiracy theories come from, what they reveal about all of us, and the real quest to discover the hidden forces that shape our lives." [more inside]
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"Hi there, my name is Leo and I run a studio on the westside of Norway"

I wouldn't consider myself a metal head. I had not, previously, been in the habit of intentionally searching out metal covers. So I'm not entirely sure why, a couple weeks ago, YouTube's algorithm decided to suggest Norwegian musician and music producer Leo Moracchioli's cover of Toto's Africa or what, exactly, made me click on it. But I can't say that I'm sorry I did. I've been diving down the rabbit hole since and, if you'd like to join me, there's plenty [more inside]
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"This was a political persecution of a journalist, plain and simple."

Yesterday evening, the Cole County, Missouri prosecutor declined to file charges against Josh Renaud, a journalist from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who discovered a flaw in a state website exposing private information and ethically disclosed the vulnerability to the state before the paper published its story. Renaud's statement begins: "This decision is a relief. But it does not repair the harm done to me and my family. My actions were entirely legal and consistent with established journalistic principles." [more inside]
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Another little life saved

Rescued baby echidna in Sydney grows healthy under vet's care. – A rescued echidna puggle has been nursed back to health under the care of a vet who has taken up the role as its "mother," a Sydney zoo says. Five-month-old echidna Weja was rescued in October, and nurse Liz McConnell had been taking care of it at her home non-stop until earlier this month when the baby spent its first night in the hospital, a milestone in the rehabilitation process., AFP News Agency, Feb 11, 2022.
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