February 16, 2008

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delete adult scroll conflict for (or: 10 minutes of Perl scripting with Vista)
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Succeed Socially

Another weekend sitting alone in your apartment? Thinking of sending that two thousand word cry for help to anonymous Ask Metafilter? Maybe you should take a look at the advice at Succeed Socially first. [more inside]
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There was a time when it seemed that groups like Frederic Galliano presents Kuduro Sound System and Buraka Som Sistema would do for kuduro what groups like Diplo and Bonde do Role did for Funk Carioca: make it popular with hipsters in the United States. But it hasn't happened yet. Why?
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Where would Jesus borrow?

A University of Utah study finds there's a geographical correlation between payday lenders and the Christian Right. Consumerist has another summary that includes the maps, so you don't have to use Google Maps to view them.
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Pearls of Distraction and Disunderstanding

PMOG stands for Passively Multiplayer Online Game. Players play without playing; clicking around the internet turns into experience points and currency. Players can bomb each other, wage war over web sites, and lead other users on web missions. Ordinary web sites become caches for items and currency. PMOG fuses an MMO into our WWW.
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Inventive insurgency

Fake terror. The Banana theory of terrorism. While I'm at it, fake Lutheran Ascetecism, fake bread, fake gay sex, fake DIY, fake beer (fur der Deutsch), fake punk petition, fake shopping, fake yogurt, and fake cops.
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Philosophy and Comedy

Henri Bergson's "On Comedy"
Helene Cixous's "The Laugh of the Medusa"
David Chalmer's Philosophical Humour
Monty Python's "Philosopher's World Cup" [more inside]
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George Lawrence and his amazing Lawrence Captive Airship

Motto: "The Hitherto Impossible in Photography is Our Specialty." Meet George Lawrence. Saying that "he took pioneering aerial photographs using kites" doesn't quite do Lawrence Captive Airship justice. Dubbed the Lawrence Captive Airship it utilized a string of seven kites to lift the specially designed cameras to heights of 2,000 ft. Cameras weighing as much as 49 pounds and capable of producing negatives from 10 x 24 inches to a staggering 30 x 87 inches in size. The largest negatives yet taken from any airborne vehicle. [more inside]
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Game over man!!! (Maybe)

Has Blu-ray won the war? Toshiba has halted production of HD-DVD players and recorders. This on top of announcements by Netflix, Walmart, and Warner Bros. to not support the HD-DVD format. (It was less than a year ago that Walmart seemed to crown HD-DVD as their format of choice.) Now we can all break down and buy a Blu-ray player. Or can we?
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Best of the web you bet!

Poker hand simulator. Get a feel for the odds before you bet the farm.
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Hoosier Daddy Sampson to Dakich

Kelvin Sampson probably gone Sooner than later. Ever since Bob Knight got fired from Indiana University, alumni have been upset that one of his lineage was not brought in to replace him. [more inside]
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Chicken Flap.

Last summer, the Missoula MT city council deadlocked on the question of whether city folk should be allowed to keep "urban chickens". (Missoula, pop. 57,000 is what passes for urban in Big Sky Country.) Reporter Ann Medley made a wonderful video essay on the issue for New West. [more inside]
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Early Kraftwerk @ YouTube

Early Kraftwerk @ YouTube, from when they still had long hair—Ruckzuck live on WDR TV in 1970; Truckstop Gondolero (aka Rückstossgondoliere), a 1971 performance where the line-up is Florian with Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother, later of NEU!; Heavy Metal Kids (audio only), also from 1971; and a lovely version of Tanzmusik (1973). [more inside]
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Chess Problems

Chess Problems has hundreds of problems in six difficulty classes from novice to fiendish [java]
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Everybody Freeze

Frozen Grand Central. A little bit of Saturday fun. The folks at Improv Everywhere are at it again. This time they freeze over two hundred people in Grand Central station. (via GoodSh** NSFW) [more inside]
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The Psychology of Snarkiness

...people whose brains are best equipped to understand sarcasm tend to have aggressive personalities.
Also: "those who can hang with sarcasm are always the most interesting conversation partners at a party"
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He's more NORML than he appears

You may know Rick Steves the Travel Dweeb from his PBS series on European travel tips, which he has leveraged to build a burgeoning tourism business. But the dude's down with the cause(s) , including serving as the host of an ACLU-sponsored program on drug law reform.
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Inventing the Bloghook

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Basketball player. Actor. Author. Muslim. We all know he's a versatile. What else can he do? He can blog. Kareem is blogging for the LA Times, covering everything from Black history to how to shoot a skyhook. How did Kareem end up blogging for a newspaper? He just asked.
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Hervé This: the man who unboiled an egg

Hervé This, dubbed the "Father of Molecular Gastronomy", is also known as the man who unboiled an egg.
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Reinvent yourself with an MBA.. in farming

Trying to get unemployed youth interested in farming, Pasana O2 boasts a slick website (Japanese only unfortunately), a vision statement, a newsletter and oh yeah, an underground farm covering one square kilometer inside a former bank vault. [Via our very own]
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The thirtieth birthday of online communities

During a January blizzard thirty years ago in Chicago, Ward Christensen and Randy Seuss came up with the idea for a computerized bulletin board system. One month later on February 16, 1978, the first public online community was officially established, and it was named CBBS. [more inside]
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512 bytes of text to create a movie

POV-Ray Short Code Contest #5 - The animation round! This time the competitors were allowed 512 bytes of POV-Ray code to create a (short...) animation. The rules of rounds 2 and 3 (previously on Mefi) allowed 256 bytes but to create stills. [more inside]
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Little Hat Jones - Bye Bye Baby Blues

Little Hat Jones - Bye Bye Baby Blues
Bye Bye Baby Blues Tab
Dennis (Little Hat) Jones, a Texas bluesman considered a notable of Naples, Texas. He record ten sides of his own and made nine more accompanying the very idiosyncratic and hard to follow Texas Alexander. Bye Bye Baby Blues is a very sweet song that also appears on the Ghost World soundtrack.
See also Texas Blues Guitar (1929-1935) .
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"Leaving no trace [of our daily lives] is nearly impossible."

The Anonymity Experiment. Is it possible to hide in plain sight? Privacy-minded people have long warned of a world in which an individual’s every action leaves a trace, in which corporations and governments can peer at will into your life with a few keystrokes on a computer. Now one of the people in charge of information-gathering for the U.S. government says, essentially, that such a world has arrived.
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