February 17, 2012


The authors reviewed historical literature and hypothesized a relationship between epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases and foot fetishism.
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Nordic Mass Games

Now the North Koreans show the Norwegians how to do it.
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We're DEFINITELY Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto

A brief video of a tornado on the surface of the sun posted by NPR, as seen by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (links to various sizes and qualities of downloads here). The tornado is larger than Earth itself and has gusts up to 300,000 miles per hour.
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Good News/Bad News

Gov. Chris Christie vetoes New Jersey bill granting marriage equality. Meanwhile, the Maryland House narrowly passes such a bill. The MD Senate passed a similar bill last year, and no senators have announced any plans to change their votes, and Gov. Martin O'Malley has promised to sign it.
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DJ Greg Wilson has photos of the Haçienda DJ Booth (no, not the one you're thinking of). DJ Hewan Clarke who played every night for the first four years talks about what it was like in the early days of the Haçienda: What I used to do when I was playing the records… I always had to go out, run onto the stage, stand in the middle of the stage and listen to how it sounded in the club, went back in and readjust it on the mixer and I was constantly doing that because there was no feedback from what was going on outside, you just had to look through that gap. [more inside]
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Fruity Self-Portraits: A Dictionary of Emotions

16-year-old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero has created a new series of self-portraits inspired by fruit.
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Artists Curation from all around the internet

les Artistes du Web curated by Tanguy Mignot
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"The next generation of tastiness!"

Cooking a Big Mac in a rice cooker is super delicious
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"Come and screw me,"

Slavoj Žižek hates tulips. [SLYT]
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This FPP © zarq. Do Not Bend, Fold, Spindle or Mutilate. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Kirby Ferguson's fourth and final installment of Everything is a Remix: System Failure has been released. (Also on YouTube.) It covers intellectual property rights, the derivative nature of creativity, patents and copyright. Transcript. [more inside]
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Werner Herzog on Chickens

Werner Herzog on Chickens.
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Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is out now on your TV. It may be at your local cineplex March 2. [more inside]
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Philadelphia's Fox 29 News does an undercover investigation on the possible terrorist threat posed by unguarded chemicals in labs. Mistakes are made.
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Jamie Woon, making "the new pop music" with layered and looping vocals, a laptop computer, a guitar, and sometimes a live band

It's only been about 12 years since Jamie Woon picked up a guitar and started writing songs, but he's progressed from his days of being a fan of Brit-pop, and his current work has been classified as sobstep, dubpop, and lovestep, or simply "the new pop music." "At the heart of what I do is R&B, it's groove-based vocal-led music, and I try to sing about things that are close to my heart and that matter to me," says Woon. His sound has garnered a lot of praise, including placing 4th in The Sound of 2011, the annual British music industry poll. More of Woon's background and music inside. [more inside]
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Much wobbling ensues

"It takes quite a while for jellies to set."
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Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof. Clearly.

Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof. A music video.
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The billionaire bully

Meet Mitt Romney's national campaign finance co-chair and the LGBT journalist that's standing up to him. Glenn Greenwald documents Idaho billionaire James VanderSloot's record of using his deep pockets to silence his critics.
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Edgar Rice Buried

John Carter, previously John Carter of Mars, previously A Princess of Mars, could be the biggest movie write-off of all time.
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That's like, French for "eeeeee"

Shit Burqueños Say (and part two) are twin odes to New Mexican idiosyncrasies. The videos (created by ABQ's own Blackout Theatre troupe) went viral and made the front page of the Albuquerque Journal this week, to the general amusement of most, though they're not entirely free of controversy. Watch and you too may exclaim eeeeee, this is all funny!
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The Slap of Love

The Slap of Love A 1995 article from Open City, On House Xtravaganza and the life and death of its house mother Angie Xtravaganza, one of the stars of the documentary Paris is Burning, which brought vogueing and New York City’s transgendered ball culture into the spotlight. [via] [more inside]
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now that's what I call a COASTER

"Inception Park" (SLVimeo) where roller coasters and other amusement park rides, without their tracks or frames, move excited riders around downtown Buenos Aires.
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Carnaval — what else besides samba?

Tira o pé do chão! A non-samba mixtape for Carnaval 2012. [more inside]
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The Last DJ

There goes the last DJ, who plays what he wants to play, and says what he wants to say - Long time fixture on Los Angeles radio, freeform disc jockey Jim Ladd surfaces once again on satellite radio after been unceremoniously booted off terrestrial radio. Ladd, the inspiration of Tom Petty's Last DJ album, is one of the few remaining DJs allowed choose what to play and not follow a playlist from a program manager. (via blogging.la)
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Syria's War Against Medicine

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is reporting relentless aggression by Syrian government forces against wounded demonstators and medical personnel and facilities. Although MSF is not operating in the country, they have collected compelling testimonials.
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It's a snap!

This is apparently a real advertisement [gore warning] for the Central Institute of Technology in Australia. Mind blown. TV in America sucks.
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Coop Dreams

With the growing popularity of backyard chickens, some people are raising the art of the coop to a new level.
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Pakistan's DIY Generation

An independent Pakistani musician, Asfandyar Khan, writes up the indie scene in Pakistan.
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BBBBbbbaaassseeeettttt HHHHhhhhooooouuuunnnnddddd (SSSLLLYYYTTTT)
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California is the future

Why China’s Political Model Is Superior [SLNYT] [more inside]
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Museum to scale 1/7

An installation presented at this year BRAFA : "...a museum on the scale of 1:7, made up of thirty rooms of original work, each 100 x 60 x 65 cm."
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Hitler's French son.

Hitler's French son.
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People with AIDS on Stamps

Freddie Mercury, Anthony Perkins, Rock Hudson, and other people with AIDS on stamps
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"To be a young woman in our culture means that you exist, from an alarmingly young age, for the appreciation of others. Therefore, your every feature is fair game for public appraisal."

Finslippy: On being an object, and then not being an object. This starts young. But "...girls are being nice to one another. They're complimenting each other. They are telling each other something important about the world and their place in it." Sometimes, compliments aren't really compliments and "flattering" can be body policing.
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"I am in that sense a sculptor, but I have only a 5000th of a second to build my sculpture."

Martin Klimas, an artist best known for his work in the medium of "temporary sculptures" [previously], is now trying to illustrate what music looks like. [more inside]
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She's not Poet and She don't know it

Gina Rinehart AKA "The Iron Lady"- Australia's richest woman expresses her politics in rhyming couplet. She even carved it on a rock. [more inside]
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Super Samurai Sweeper

Samurai meets Minesweeper! Defeat the Seven Daimyos and their Shogun, and restore peace to the land! As the Samurai, you will have to choose your battles carefully to overcome the enemies' forces... [more inside]
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RIP, Gary Carter

Hard decision as to what link to provide, but Gary Carter, the Hall of Fame catcher whose single for the New York Mets in the 1986 World Series touched off one of the most improbable rallies in postseason history, died Thursday. He was 57. You'll be remembered, Kid.
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OS X continues to evolve with new security feature

Apple has released a developer preview of the next version of OS X, named Mountain Lion. A key new feature is Gatekeeper, a security system that will allow users to decide what type of applications can be installed or launched on their personal computers. While some security experts think its a good idea, others worry about it being subtly used to discourage users from installing non-App Store applications. Macworld has coverage of the entire update, while Daring Fireball recounts a personal demonstration.
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I guess the Zit Remedy isn't going to get that reunion tour

Today we learn that Neil Hope, popularly known as Wheels from Degrassi Junior High passed away - in 2007
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Not actually a tramp, though.

Files have been released showing that the MI5 investigated Charlie Chaplin's origins at the request of the FBI, attempting to check claims that besides being a communist, he might be Jewish, and/or French. His life story by his own account has him born in London, but no birth certificate has been found and last year evidence emerged that he might in fact have been born in a gypsy camp.
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Beautiful bookshops

With Amazon slowly taking over the publishing world and bookstores closing left and right, things can sometimes seem a little grim for the brick and mortar booksellers of the world. Before they go completely, here's a list of the 20 most beautiful bookshops in the world.
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