February 23, 2019

The death of Mufasa is such a sad scene... what could make it sadder?

Empathetic Dog Reacts to Emotional Scene in The Lion King [SLYT, 1m52s]
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Cocktail similarity

"When I started writing down the first basic ingredients, I started noticing that cocktails are very close to each other - if you ignore fruit rinds and ice and such, an Americano is a Negroni with soda water instead of gin. An Old Fashioned is a Manhattan with sugar instead of vermouth." A Negroni is a Amber Road but you replace maple syrup with campari, replace lemon juice with sweet vermouth, replace aperol with gin, and remove bourbon.
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For some values of "sports"

Noble Ski Dogs
Winky the Bichon Frise traipses through the agility course
Perfect Cat Tackle
Perpetual Motion Sledding Dog

More from Deadspin's Sports Highlight of the Day.
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Therapy and mental healing with Daniel Mackler

Daniel Mackler is the former New York City psychotherapist who creates videos about schizophrenia, sexual abuse, difficult parents, family secrets, grief, intergenerational trauma, being yourself and mental healing. He tackles difficult topics with honesty and courage, often relating to his own experiences as an abused child and burnt-out psychotherapist. Mackler offers insights into the profession and the problems facing modern psychotherapy.
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Saved, But Not Forgotten: The evolution of saving in video games, from the password to the cloud, and nearly every obscure memory card format in-between. [Tedium] “Earlier this year, a Twitter user named Paul Hubans shared a screenshot from his 87-year-old grandmother’s long-running Animal Crossing session; after four years of daily play, she had logged 3,580 hours—nearly 150 days—of total playtime. Being able to save progress in a game and return to it later has enabled some amazingly deep experiences. It wasn’t always like this, so how did we get here? Let’s find out by taking a look back at the history of saved games.” [more inside]
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The resistance is fabulous, thank you!

Get Ready with Me video at the Trump Border Wall YouTube celebrity make up guru and drag performer, LushiousMassacr films a GRwM video at the border as their own personal protest.
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