February 25, 2008

how to revise a resume

A Resume Experiment. In which career blog JibberJobber responds to a request for resume help by assembling a team of hiring managers and professional resume writers to review the document: Part 1 : Introduction | Part 2: First Impressions/Reactions | Part 3: Formatting the Resume | Part 4: Content is King | Part 5: Wrap Up
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Preserving the Heritage of Zonians

Canal Zone Images is a collection of stories and images about the Panama Canal Zone. Did you know that the construction workers were paid in gold and silver ('spiggoty' dollars)? "Paper money was not used on the pay car at all. In the first place, there was always a danger of its blowing away, and in the second place paper money in the hands of negro workmen soon assumed a most unsanitary condition." [more inside]
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Have you ever TRIED to fuck a grapefruit?

I knew that sooner or later, the backlash to xkcd would begin, but I never expected it would start over.... fruit... R. Stevens, that old Diesel Sweetie, is the first to respond.... Now, a very well-interfaced polling device is put online for your fruit opinions...Vote for the fruit of your choice... but vote! [more inside]
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The fierce urgency of cashing out now.

Payback is a b*tch. Former presidential scandal Gennifer Flowers is putting the tapes of her recorded conversations with Bill Clinton -- which she was previously offered $5 million for -- up on the auction block. [more inside]
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Back Porch Videos

Back Porch Videos "Way before the internet and YouTube, there was public access cable television. And so...we proudly present these vintage clips from the 1980's alternative music video show, "Back Porch Video." Premiering January 28, 1984, this pioneering program was crewed and hosted by high-school students from the Dearborn/Detroit, Michigan area. Stay tuned for the ultimate best (and ultimate tacky) in retro-80's videos - from pop alternative, to hair bands, to rock and some of the most exclusive hardcore!!!" Almost 700 videos of post punk brilliance. "Sharkey's Day" by Laurie Anderson: Rare Iggy and the Stooges - MC5 Footage: "Beat Box" by Art of Noise: "Kiss Me on the Bus" by The Replacements: "Our Lips are Sealed" by Funboy Three: "Let Me Be Your Pirate" by Nena: "Rainy Season" by Howard DeVoto: "Save it For Later" by the English Beat: "Boys in the Street" by Eddie Grant: "Too Loud" by Robert Plant Student Video
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Prozac doesn't work better than placebo

A new peer-reviewed meta-analysis of clinical data demonstrates that four widely-prescribed SSRI anti-depressants, including Prozac and Effexor, are not more effective than placebos. Summary from the Guardian. [more inside]
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Slow Death Captured on a Blog

Slow Death Captured on a Blog. Brian Hill died February 2, 2008 after living with and blogging about his experiences with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. A similar story, previously. [more inside]
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Airliner Videos

A collection of airliner videos. Strangely absent: Barrel rolling a 707 [YT].
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Woe is me, my life hard-fated!

Anglo-Finnish artist Sanna Annukka's vibrant, flat design work (especially her Icons series) got me curious about her, well, iconography.

She mentioned The Kalevala previously, the Finnish national epic poem (in Finnish here), a tale of creation and heroism that arguably spurred the Finns to independence from the Russians.

Like so much else epic and awesome, it spawned a '70s prog band, with three albums.
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Not With Reynols

I Am Not Sitting In A Room With Reynols. [more inside]
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Quantum Mechanics: Myths and Facts

Quantum Mechanics: Myths and Facts (pdf), a recently-updated paper on the Cornell arXiv peer-review site. By Hrvoje Nikolić of the Rudjer Bošković Institute in Croatia. [more inside]
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Queue for the soup kitchen may start here

"What we are now seeing is the break up of Bretton Woods mark 2." The Guardian's economics editor, Larry Elliot, on growing fears of a global depression. [single link op-ed alert]
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Daydream Painting

Sonic Youth fan? Got a spare 5 million dollars? Then you can be the proud owner of the original art for 'Daydream Nation' - Kerze by Gerhard Richter.
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We still build moving landmarks. *ding, ding*

Building a landmark. Nearly 135 years after first rolling up Clay Street, San Francisco's famous cable cars are still using an elegant, yet antiquated system of understreet cables and two types of unpowered cars to move delighted tourists and patient locals across the city every day. But most riders don't realize that five specialized craftsmen in a shop in an industrial part of town make up the the last cable car factory in the world, still building cars by hand, from plans reverse-engineered from a car disassembled in 1982. [via]
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Howl's Moving Castle papercraft

Howl's Moving Castle - in papercraft. Stop motion animation of the assembly here, flickr set of the finished product here, details on the kit here. Found via.
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Sarkozy unbleeped

Pardon my French: after (allegedly) showing up drunk at the G8 (Mefi), walking out from 60 minutes, and almost getting in a fight with angry fishermen (translation), French President Sarkozy, while visiting the Paris International Agricultural Show, snaps at a man who refused to shake his hand "Casse-toi pauvre con". But what exactly does this mean in English? He hasn't (yet) slapped a kid, unlike his presidential rival Bayrou, but he's still not in the same league as De Gaulle, who answered to a heckler shouting "Mort aux cons!" ("Death to the idiots!") the sublime "Vaste programme, en effet" ("Tall order, indeed").
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It Came From Canada

Do you like Canadian music? I like Ukrainian-style country music, military band covers of "Shaft", Funky Gospel, Quebecois Surf Rock, Hillbilly Calypso, and a professional wrestler singing country music. All this and more courtesy of It Came From Canada, a treasure trove of ultra-rare Canadian music. Via Projects, from the creator of Five Bucks On ByTor.
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Seems like everyone is ****ing around

There seems to be a lot of bleeping going on lately. But now it's time, with the help of our friend Count von Count Bleep (wikipedia), to bleep the number of times you can have a laugh with the bleeping bleeps. Start here and then go on: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; And more bleeping fun with Ernie, Bert, Oscar, and the Cookie Monster: 1, 2, 3, 4. [more inside]
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The world's first Swahili clock

The Kamusi project, an online Swahili-English dictionary site, has created the world's first clock that tells Swahili time. Not to be confused with the conceptual clocks of Tibor Kalman, like the Five O'Clock Clock, or Kalman's jumbled time clock tower The Swahili clock reflects an actual conceptual change that takes place for Swahili speakers. In Swahili culture the day starts at sunrise (unlike in the Arab world where the day starts at sunset, and in the Western world where the day starts at midnight). Sunrise in East Africa, being exactly at the Equator, happens every day at approximately 6:00 a.m. And for that reason, 6:00 a.m. is "0:00 morning" Swahili time. So the hands of a watch or clock meant to read Swahili time would always point to a number opposite to the number for the actual time as spoken in English. That is, the Swahili time anywhere in the world (not just East Africa) is delayed by 6 hours. [more inside]
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Another day, another Ankylosaur

Tetrapod Zoology just celebrated Ankylosaur Week. Days 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 1.
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The Times Machine

The Times Machine allows easy browsing of every edition from 70 years (1851-1922) worth of New York Times in the original format. Very cool.
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Jimmy's Fucking Ben Affleck

Jimmy Kimmel's response to his girlfriend Sarah Silverman's reverse-ode "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" premiered on his post-Oscar broadcast. It's star-studded and just as hilarious. Enjoy, but remember, it's potentially NSFW audio!
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I paint self portraits because I am the person I know best

La Real Frida offers beautiful film footage of Frida Kahlo.* Beyond her own self-portraits, some of the most iconic images of Frida are portraits by her 10-year lover, photographer Nickolas Muray. [more inside]
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