February 29, 2000

Wendi, of slumberland.org,

Wendi, of slumberland.org, gets to keep her house! I don't think it's actually on her website yet, but these days the only way to be weblogger #1 is to log something before it happens. If you see Wendi and Jason at The Speakeasy, be sure to buy them a latte.
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Dave Winer

Dave Winer, it appears, is mentioned in the new April issue of Macworld. I just picked up the new issue, and looked to the last page, and David Pogue wrote about how different media outlets predicted Apple's demise, and then he went about humiliating them by reprinting portions of their articles or quotes, and responding. Yes, Dave Winer was one of the people quoted.
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My wedding photographer

My wedding photographer has a website up. but it's not her "wedding photography" site...
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Stupidity Abroad.

Stupidity Abroad. Apparently Americans aren't relying on our amazing capacity for atrocities at home anymore.
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Man, this guy is desperate.

Man, this guy is desperate. Missed out on the Fox pageant? Here's your chance to be the next Mrs. Rockwell. "Last of the true romantics"? If that's true romance, thank god he's the last.
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Virtual Dub.

Virtual Dub. No, nothing to do with music. Virtual Dub is open source capturing software with built-in capture support which can often use as much as 90% of your hard disk's maximum sustained transfer rate -- as high as 10 megabytes per second -- without dropping a frame. We just tested it at work with our ATI All In Wonder 128 and were impressed with the crystal clear results.
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Japan hit by leap day glitches

Japan hit by leap day glitches Looks like y2k wasn't a total bust. I want to know what happens in seven decades, when all the people who implemented a is post-1972, is not post-1972 solution still haven't updated.
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The VW vs. Virtual Works case is a lot like the eToys vs. ETOY battle. The vw.net site is owned by a small ISP that has been using it for the last few years, but VW is saying that their brand is diluted and their trademarks infringed when another company uses the initials "vw". Like the eToys case, it looks like Volkswagon has convinced a court of this and will be taking the domain soon. If you remember the different top level domains, .org is for non-profits and organizations, .com is for commercial ventures and corporations, and .net is for network companies and network providers. One would think an ISP qualifies for a .net, and that VW should be perfectly happy with their .com domain, or am I missing something here?
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