February 29, 2004

Color Scheme

Color Scheme Adjust Hue, Brightness, Saturation, Scheme and considerations for Visual Anomalies.
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avatar creator

avatar creator [note: flash, alternate link]
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is that a dead cat you are concealing in your pocket, or....?

Deliberately concealed garments footwear and other items have been found tucked away in buildings, sometimes even wrapped around mummified cats. This project of the University of Southampton's Textile Conservation Centre is developing an online archive of the finds they have made in an effort to raise awareness of this folk custom.
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The Year of the Monkey? Hardly

Webmonkey to close down
Ave, Webmonkey, old friend. You were a great source of new tricks for self-taught old dogs.
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The Prohibition Party.

The Prohibition Party. Wow, these guys could do some serious damage to the presidential election of, say, the 4-H Chapter of North Dakota.
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filtering the filters

reBlog -- A web site republishing the best blog posts on art, technology and culture from around the web. Brought to you by Eyebeam, a multimedia atelier here in NYC, and run by a rotating cast of reBloggers.
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I think we've leaped into a bit of good news

Bush takes Ecstacy and attends rave "He was jumping around, blowing a whistle, and kept asking me if I had any chewy," says Alison, 19, who danced with the President and his team of advisors at an unnamed club until 4am.
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Trail Season

It's that time of year - time for thru-hikers to start the Appalachian Trail! Last year, over 1700 hikers started the hike with only 352 completing the 2,200 mile walk from Springer Mtn, Georgia to Katahdin, Maine. Given that walking the AT takes about six months, most hikers start in March and April so they can finish before winter sets in. With town spread out along the trail, many hikers keep online journals - probably some of the few blogs where what you had for breakfast and what the weather was like make for interesting topics.
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frozen music

arcspace. Modern architecture, by name, for you.
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loretta lux and ann arbor

Photoshop is fourteen years old this month. I am sitting in its hometown and have version 7 on my Gateway. Loretta Lux was trained as a painter and now uses digital images via photoshop for her art. (NYTimes article) News photographers have lost their jobs for using it. Some would argue that photoshop is a new medium and I would agree. I will use it next to shape the images that will promote my sons' landscaping business.
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I cried when I hurt myself, until I met the girl who felt no pain.
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Dean Didn't Want To Be President

Dean Didn't Want To Be President In different conversations and in different ways, according to several people who worked with him, Dean said at the peak of his popularity late last year that he never expected to rise so high, that he didn't like the intense scrutiny, that he had just wanted to make a difference. "I don't care about being president," he said. Months earlier, as his candidacy was taking off, he told a colleague: "The problem is, I'm now afraid I might win."
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