March 2, 2011

tidal kites

Green electricity from the artificial, tethered ray (the fish, not the beam). Video here.
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Cats are snackers

Facts on cats (and some tips) [slyt]
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Our squirrel friends

Watambi is a simple but heartfelt little animated film. Sarod music never hurts.
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Valparaiso Cerro Abajo

The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo is an increasingly popular urban downhill bike race. This is what it's like to ride it. [via]
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Sticky Tape

Simon's Cat SLYT of one of your favorite cats!
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Mahou Shoujo Tragical Faustus

Puella Magi Madoka★Magica (unofficial trailer) is an animated show about a pink-haired girl and her buddies who fight against cursed witches (video example). Boasting buildings based on well-known architecture, a slowly shifting opening sequence and dark ending sequence, Faustian graffiti and ciphered German runes, this currently-airing show has been called a deconstruction of the magical girl genre. [more inside]
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Peter Watts presents: Flesh-Eating Fest '11

Peter Watts presents: Flesh-Eating Fest '11 (NSF the squeamish pictures several clicks further into this link). SF writer Peter Watts (aka The Plastinated Man) has survived a near-lethal bout with necrotising fasciitis (Wiki link with disturbing image at the top). Part 0 (Mildly icky picture of a small sore on his leg.): "Anybody know what this thing is?" Part 1 (no images): "Some of you may have heard by now that I got hit with a serious case of necrotising fasciitis (more luridly known as “flesh-eating disease”) late last week. I’m told I was a few hours away from being dead." Part 2 (no images): "Let us start with the fact that I contracted flesh-eating disease during the course of getting a skin biopsy — that it was being all precautionary and taking proper medical care of myself that nearly got me killed." Part 3 (ohgodohgodohgod - very graphic photos): Recovery at home shown in words and pictures. Some of the photos show cute cats and a smiling, competent home nurse. Most do not. You have been warned.
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He found the bandages inside the pen

Songwriters on Process interviews songwriters in depth about their writing process. They've talked to everyone from Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) to J.D. Cronise from The Sword. Where else can you find both Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus talking about Faulkner and Eric from Foxy Shazam admitting he's never read a book in his life?
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The Program Abides

The Tron Lebowski: that motherboard really tied the room together, man. [more inside]
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Anjelo Baligad aka Lil' Demon is an 8 year old breakdancing prodigy who appeared on So You Think You Can Dance at six years of age. He recently battled Joshua Lee 'Milky' Ayers at Bboy City, Hawaii. {MLYT}
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"I know Islam better than my own religion."

How We Train Our Cops to Fear Islam. There aren’t nearly enough counterterrorism experts to instruct all of America’s police. So we got these guys instead.
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It is now safe to turn off your computer

Man upgrades to Windows 7, from Windows 1.0. [SLYT]
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Who needs a fix?

Can you get hooked on diet soda? 'Government surveys have found that people who drink diet beverages average more than 26 ounces per day (some drink far more) and that 3% of diet-soda drinkers have at least four daily. Are these diet-soda fiends true addicts? And if so, what are they addicted to? The most obvious answer is caffeine -- but that doesn't explain the many die-hard diet drinkers who prefer caffeine-free varieties.' But at least it's not sweetened soda with all attendant problems, such as high blood pressure, so what about artificial sweeteners? [more inside]
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Automated robots look less threatening in seal suits

"A ball-throwing robot with visual feedback" sounds dull, so let's hide the robot arm in a plush seal suit! Now that ball-throwing robot with stereo vision looks like a seal playing basketball! Just ignore the robotic hand coming out of it's mouth, and the un-seal-like movements. (via)
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God's Angry Man

God's Angry Man - a documentary portrait of Dr. Gene Scott by Werner Herzog.
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"I have the uncanny feeling that I’m making up the world as I’m going along"

"Like most committed crystal meth smokers, when he wants to share his pipe Duze does not take no for an answer." Clancy Martin, the author of How to Sell and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine, is hitchhiking from Kansas City, Missouri, to New York City in order to catch the last day of Christian Marclay's The Clock at the Paula Cooper Gallery. Part I, Part II [more inside]
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It's an intense thing, but it's a small thing.

In strange reversal of conventional wisdom, four fifths of enrolled undergrads skip out on optional Fucksaw presentation. [more inside]
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How perform newspapers without paper?

The Christian Science Monitor is a well-reputed newspaper. In October 2008 it announced that it would convert its daily printed report to a weekly edition, and decided to focus primarily on its web site. Traffic rise, money don't. [more inside]
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Urban Design

Candy Chang is a public installation artist, designer, urban planner and 2011 TED Senior Fellow based in New Orleans. Her Civic Center creates projects that try to "make cities more comfortable", and encourage residents to envision alternate urban realities: "I Wish This Was...." (site) / The NYC Street Vendor Guide / "Before I Die... In NOLA" / The Restroom Map Notepad / The Sexy Trees of the Marigny 2011 Calendar / The Neighbor Doorknob-Hanger / A Nice Place for a Tree and Post-It Notes for Neighbors. (Via). [more inside]
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Modern Art Iraq Archive

The Modern Art Iraq Archive (MAIA) is a resource to trace, share, and enable community enrichment of the modern art heritage of Iraq. Explore the works by artist, browse through related textual materials, or add your own images or stories to the archive.
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A lot of beats

Cozy Powell plays 400 drums in one minute (via WFMU Blog) [more inside]
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Narwhal Tusks for Sale

There once was a man from Nantucket, who sold whale teeth by the bucket. His lucrative plan was found out by the Man. He'll get 33 months in prison. [more inside]
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Safe for work

Barbecue (or barbeque) Porn. (SFW) And on flickr. (Sorry about that: Myself, I’m been a vegetarian for over 41 years, so this is not for me)
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Live stream of the Apple iPad 2 event

Live stream of the Apple iPad 2 event
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That Other Kind of Panelling

Powerful Panels. Kirby Panels. 50 Monday Panels. Art of Archie Panels. Panels Repaneled. [more inside]
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Kamikara's creations

Amazing, fun and interesting kinetic paper creations:Gear's heart [action starts at 0:49]. Paper Engineering by Kamikara. Some of his other creations in action: The Egg of the Dinosaur | Surprised Zombie | Globe Puzzle| Penguin Bomb | Mr. Grieve | His YouTube channel, girigiriou. Previously.
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Ms. Deen's Wild Ride

On February 27th, Paula Deen hitched a ride on Food Network host Robert Irvine. Overnight, a meme surfaces. Today, Rolling Stone re-imagines their March cover.
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Where disagreements are treated with bullets

Barely two months since the assassination of Salman Taseer, the former governor of Punjab, another of Pakistan's politicians noted for their stance on the blasphemy laws has also been gunned down. Shahbaz Bhatti, himself a Catholic, was the Federal Minister for Minorities. Now that two of the original three individuals involved in the calls to amend the blasphemy laws are dead, fears arise for the safety of Sherry Rehman, the female MP who went so far as to table a motion specifically requesting they be amended. That motion was ruled out by Pakistani President Yousuf Gilani. More on the blasphemy laws Previously
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Oscar acceptance speech for "Inside Job"

In his Oscar acceptance speech, documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson reminded viewers worldwide that "not a single financial executive has gone to jail" for the fraud that created the 2008 financial meltdown. His film Inside Job (on Netflix DVD) explains, among other things, that the crisis was avoidable. See also the Inside Job trailer and a subsequent followup video in which Ferguson says that many sources "mysteriously backed out" before being filmed. He also spoke at MIT in January.
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"Impossible, you say?"

"The day with its cares and perplexities is ended and the night is now upon us. The night should be a time of peace and tranquility; a time to relax and be calm. We have need of a soothing story to banish the disturbing thoughts of the day, to set at rest our troubled minds, and put at ease our ruffled spirits. And what sort of story shall we hear? Ah, it will be a familiar story. A story that is so very, very old, and yet it is so new. It is the old, old story of …" the 2012/13 touring production of Einstein on the Beach. [more inside]
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Zeus does not understand contraception

so the moral of the story is
always wear a condom
because otherwise
you are going to have to resort to an impromptu skull c-section
with a shovel

Myths Retold. [more inside]
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It's Ugly, But It's Legal

The Supreme Court has ruled 8-1 in favor of categorizing Westboro Baptist Church's funeral protests as protected speech under the First Amendment. [more inside]
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I'll trade you three Creepers for a Herobrine card

Minecraft mastermind Markus "Notch" Persson has officially announced his company's next project: a hybrid online board game/trading card system called Scrolls. Spearheaded by Mojang co-founder Jakob Porser (interview) and with backstory penned by Penny Arcade wordsmith Jerry "Tycho" Holkins, the game will consist of turn-based battles between collectible "scrolls," illustrated character cards strategically deployed on an abstract gaming grid. In an interesting inversion of the Minecraft model, the game itself will be free, while updates in the form of additional scroll packs will cost a nominal fee -- a business model gaming analyst Sean Maelstrom decries as "snake oil." Mojang, for their part, is unafraid and even eager to target an untested slice of the gaming market, and is angling to get their playable prototype of Scrolls ready for a possible Alpha release this summer.
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What's the deal with restaurant websites? Devra First, the Boston Globe's restaurant critic, wonders too. Previous discussion on the blue (tangential to discussion of OpenTable).
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Breast cell animation

Etsuko Uno and metafilter's own Drew Berry have released three new animations illustrating breast stem cell differentiation, a control mechanism for the process, and how this relates to carcinogenesis. [more inside]
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The Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria. [more inside]
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I Heart Oliver Sacks

I never knew that renowned neurologist & author Oliver Sacks, who has written about prosopagnosia, suffers from it himself! Most notably, he addressed prosopagnosia in his 1985 publication, The Man who Mistook his Wife for A Hat. These video clips are from a discussion at last year's World Science Festival in New York about this very topic & how I came to learn of Dr. Sacks' first-hand experience. [more inside]
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"And how are we today?" "Better." "Better?"

bites "is a unique comprehensive resource for all those with a personal or professional interest in food safety. Dr. [Doug] Powell of Kansas State University, and associates, search out credible, current, evidence-based information on food safety and make it accessible to domestic and international audiences through multiple media. Sources of food safety information include government regulatory agencies, international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), peer-reviewed scientific publications, academia, recognized experts in the field and other sources as appropriate." (Description from website.) The folks responsible for bites also run the more entertainingly named barfblog.
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who knew?

The science behind crazy cat ladies. TIME Magazine breaks it down.
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Alex Jones

Talk Radio's Alex Jones, the Most Paranoid Man in America. Charlie Sheen's interviewer opens up.
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Bruno Mars covers "California Girls"...

Bruno Mars covers "California Girls"... on BBC 1's Live Lounge. Live Lounge generally features two acoustic performances, one of which is a contemporary cover song. Interpretations are often passionate and reverent. Here, Bruno Mars covers a pure pop song, Kate Perry's California Girls, without any irony.
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Date: March 2, 2011 - Weather: Cold - Health: Good - Food: 839 pounds - Music: Awesome

Annie & Mac are a talented, independent duo from Virginia that have created one of the largest repositories of Old-Time music on their Youtube channel. Songs include The Falls of Richmond, Sandy Boys, Arkansas Traveler, the Crawdad Song, and The Eighth of January.
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Un petit détour

The Japanese word kōgei (also as kougei) [工芸], basically translates as 'crafts', or even 'handicrafts'. In many places in the world, such products are generally considered as something lesser than 'arts'. In Japan however ...     Please meet Mr. Lionel Dersot, Tokyo resident for 25+ years, who is ready to take you on a (bilingual) survey of some wonderful work in the field, both old and new, at his blog 'The Daily Kogei' - Un petit détour bilingue dans l'artisanat japonais et bien plus, diffusé de Tokyo.
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The Hoxton Window Project

The Hoxton Window Project: “I had no plan, I had no thought, I had a pen and decided to take it for a walk. My brain is a mess, my mind a ball of spaghetti charged with tiny electrical pulses being generated by a team of termites on a treadmill. I put it all up against the glass, I hope it will delight and intrigue and not leave anyone aghast” says window artist Jon Burgerman. Frame features the work of digital creative company Unit 9 at a square in central London.
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"Basketball is for folks who don't toss around mindblasts"

March: when the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins and March MODOK Madness returns! Everyone's favorite Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing gets his yearly tribute of new fan submitted artwork throughout the month, and this year, you can EVEN GET A T-SHIRT! [more inside]
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