March 5, 2002

Gary Condit loses.

Gary Condit loses. To a former protege, no less. Maybe now he'll have more time on his hands to help with the search for Chandra.
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Rock Stars who Sell Out.

Rock Stars who Sell Out. The days when musicians made headlines by wrecking hotel rooms, raging against the establishment and disparaging corporate America seem long gone.
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Noah's Ark is being rebuilt,

Noah's Ark is being rebuilt, but I don't think it will float. I can't help but think that it would make a wicked skateboard halfpipe. The project broke ground in 1976, but seems to be moving slowly. More info here and here. Any Maryland MeFi'ers know the current status of this thing? more inside:
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Belushi. Even before he died, John could drift off into space and become an angel, a tribal God of comedy, and I worshipped him. 20 years later, I still do. Bye-bye John.
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Trade Wars

Trade Wars Bush imposes import tariffs on steel, something I didn't really expect coming from the administration. Dangerous precedent or useful bulwark against laissez-faire globalization?
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Guantanamo Bay: 'The American Auschwitz'

Guantanamo Bay: 'The American Auschwitz' "...We always see how human beings prey upon each other, how values are trampled, and how tragedies recur. This is exactly what happened, and is still happening, at the 'American Auschwitz' detention camp...excuse me, I meant the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay!! " more follows: any truth to what he is saying or is this total madness?
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"I was always cool,"

"I was always cool," Mr. Manilow said with a laugh. "Everyone else is just catching up now." [NYT link]
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How do you put a good face on war crimes? You think ahead and hire a PR agency.
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This is more entertaining than That 80s Show. And this is just plain sexy.
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9/11 - the CBS documentary.

9/11 - the CBS documentary. Okay, so we've heard of, and discussed the footage of the attacks before, and many of us know that this will be airing on CBS (in the U.S.) this Sunday (interestingly from 9-11 pm). I wonder if anyone (or everyone) will watch? Some people have tried to halt or delay the showing, but CBS is going ahead, and promising not to show 'graphic footage'. I'm really torn between curiosity and a fear of "too much too soon", and really don't know whether I'm going to watch or not.
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The Euphemism Generator

The Euphemism Generator can create up to 68,289,490 unique phrases! Do you have a favorite euphemism?
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Even if you hate San Francisco and think it is filthy, there are some good things there. Unfortunately, there may soon be one less good thing if the National Park Service doesn't make plans to accommodate this historical treasure trove. They want to rebuild the Cliffhouse and have no current space allotted for the Musee Mechanique. As many people will attest , it's a wonderful place for children and adults alike. You can sign the petition if you care or think it will help.
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CD's? Not for this audiophile!

CD's? Not for this audiophile! The new race is between Super Audio CD's and DVD Audio. Since we've seen CD-i, CD-3, the 3 inch CD, the dreaded Digital Compact Cassette, and sadly the minidisc fail as the next big thing, where do we go from here?
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How many CDs do you have to sell to afford that BMW?Find out how much money musicians don't make with the Royalty Caculator.
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What if they threw an All-Star game and nobody came?

What if they threw an All-Star game and nobody came? In one of the most devistating blows to Commisioner Bud Selig's controversial reign, the MLB players are threatening not to attend this year's game in Milwaukee.

Selig owned the Milwaukee Brewers before handing it over to his daughter in order to be Commissioner, and in this battle over revenue-sharing, it would be almost too easy not to boycott the game due to Bud's connection with the host city. Conflict of interest around Selig's quasi-ownership and quasi-commissionership make him the ideal target for this fascinating threat, and probably the most exciting thing to happen to Milwaukee since "Laverne & Shirley."

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"Let us pray that our country will stop this war."

"Let us pray that our country will stop this war." From a recent speech by U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio: "We did not authorize the administration to wage war anytime, anywhere, anyhow it pleases. We did not authorize war without end. We did not authorize a permanent war economy. We did not authorize an eye for an eye. Nor did we ask that the blood of innocent people, who perished on Sept. 11, be avenged with the blood of innocent villagers in Afghanistan." Amen.
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"Cadillac's brand manager says, "Cadillac research showed that there was a real need for the EXT."

"Cadillac's brand manager says, "Cadillac research showed that there was a real need for the EXT." A real need for a Cadillac pickup? Really? If so, then here are a few things that I really need: An air-conditioned front yard. Iguana-skin patio furniture. Stigmata. Mint-flavored Drano. Gold-plated roof gutters. A 190-hp MerCruiser SaladShooter. A dog with a collapsible tail. An office desk that converts into a Hovercraft. Chrome slacks. A lifetime subscription to Extreme Fidgeting. A third arm. A fourth wife. A smokeless Cuban Robusto. Reusable Kleenex." Is this Car and Driver review SUV-bashing? Sure. Is it funny? Definitely.
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"I heard them talk about having sex with young girls,"

"I heard them talk about having sex with young girls," he says. "Some of them talked about how [the children] were hairless [in their pubic area]. It was disgusting. My impression is that the behavior was pretty well-known. It was kind of a joke."
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"Towers of Light" given ok by Bloomberg

"Towers of Light" given ok by Bloomberg "There's nothing we can do to bring back those we lost, but we have to make sure we have a way to remember". Towers of Light and a now-damaged sculpture called "The Sphere," which stood in the fountain of the trade center plaza, will form two temporary memorials.
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Columbine family loses their scapegoat.

Columbine family loses their scapegoat. Now what can be blamed? Apparently Doom didn't hypnotize those kids into thinking they were in hell after all.
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Does this picture make you feel inadequate?

Does this picture make you feel inadequate? The UK Guardian asked a number of men in Selfridges underwear department how they felt but I'm wondering how the men (and women) of Metafilter feel about it...
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Fish Posters.

Fish Posters.
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Kansas doctor claims Elvis has left the surgery

Kansas doctor claims Elvis has left the surgery What would you do if you just published a book?
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Pigeons Ride the Subway!(NYT Link)

Pigeons Ride the Subway!(NYT Link) This reporter found truth behind a New York urban legend, train riding pigeons. Any weird stories of urbanized animals in your area?
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Danny pearl, did the wall street journal endanger their own reporter.

Danny pearl, did the wall street journal endanger their own reporter. The handing over of a laptop to the C.I.A and the department of Defense may hve led to the singling out of a Journal employee.
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Like tarot or astrology

Like tarot or astrology in that it's a tool for introspection, only without the occult trappings. Kinda fun to play with, though. Or maybe not. (Warning: annoying The Weakest Linkesque music.)
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The coming breed of couch potato jocks?

The coming breed of couch potato jocks? "Discoveries made at the University of Dundee are helping in the development of drugs that fool your body into thinking that your are actively exercising even when you are not, and may help in the fight against the current increase in the incidence of obesity and Type 2 diabetes." It might seem that I'm just sitting in front of a computer screen all day, but in reality I'm training for the Olympics.
Story coverage from the BBC
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You tell'm Ted!

You tell'm Ted! (nyt link) Koppel is first to publically denounce accusations that Nightline is irrelevant or lacks a competitive edge in the late night wars. David Letterman is still strangely silent about rumors that ABC is trying to steal him from CBS to replace Ted Koppel's long-running news program. Perhaps after publically ribbing Oprah Winfrey & getting the cold shoulder, Letterman has learned when not to open his mouth? ..nah!
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The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination,

The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination, an essay by the CIA
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Bravenet Hacked

Bravenet Hacked - Damned hackers I think I found why my page wasn't loading right. They even have a question about it making pages load wrong. Mine was loading like molasses. Sigh. I need to go find a new counter.
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Remember Hanging Out And The World Out There?

Remember Hanging Out And The World Out There? This invigorating article by Jay Walljasper in the current Utne Reader, lists 60 favourite gathering places in the U.S. I half-expected MetaFilter to figure prominently. But then, all of a sudden, it hit me. And I felt guilty about forgetting the real outdoor, face-to-face meaning of the lost art of hanging out . Well, I plan to make amends this weekend. I'll be hanging out at my favourite café in Lisbon - the beautiful eighteenth-century Nicola - where table-to-table political discussions, flirting, studying, hot buttered toast and almost illegally caffeinated espressos are de rigueur. So what's your favourite hang-out? If and when you can tear yourself away from your computer, that is...
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