March 13, 2017

When I was a child, I spake "WTF?!"

Unsettling times deserve unsettling toys. Your kids can shave the baby. Or maybe they'd prefer a lollipop that you eat by making out with Jar Jar Binks. Wait, here's something that's not creepy at all: Poo-Dough.
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Paul Shaffer – “Happy Street” ft. Bill Murray

Smiling at the folks you meet, when you're Walking down Happy Street.
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The Trump administration dons a tinfoil hat

A Washington Post Op-Ed today states: It’s hardly just coincidence that the Trump executive branch is rife with beliefs that are wholly disconnected from reality. The Congressional Budget Office today projected that 24 million Americans will lose health insurance in 10 years. And a late-breaking Politico scoop: the executive branch analysis forecast that 26 million people would lose coverage over the next decade,. [more inside]
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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...

Stuck in the Middle with You: On Reservoir Dogs and the Soundtrack to Savagery (Electric Literature) | 6 Classic Songs That Were Supposed to Be Jokes (Cracked)
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Abraham Zapruder. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. Kip Smithers.

National treasure and erstwhile Madden-breaker Jon Bois dives deep into the (figuratively and literally) blurry history of Troy State's record-shattering 258-141 victory against DeVry University's basketball team. Except it was actually...253? But DeVry really did have a basketball team. Sometimes. Depending. It's complicated.
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Picturing Math

Displayed together, the historical and contemporary works in the small exhibition chronicle centuries of sharing and considering mathematical knowledge through art, design, and publishing.
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Ghosts of Jonesboro

March 24, 2017 marks the 19th anniversary of the Westside Middle School Shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas. BuzzFeed interviewed several survivors and their families in anticipation of the 15th anniversary, and it's a haunting read.
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Grieving the loss of sex

After Alice Radosh’s husband of 40 years died in 2013, she received, in addition to the usual condolences, countless offers of help with matters like finances, her car and household repairs. But no one, not even close friends or grief counselors, dared to discuss a nagging need that plagues many older women and men who outlive their sexual partners.
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Internet of shit indeed...

Levi's® Commuter™ x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket [YouTube] “The jacket, which will cost around $350 when it goes on sale, is the first commercial product containing ATAP’s Project Jacquard technology, which uses conductive fabric to turn a standard article of clothing into a connected device of sorts that can send instructions to your smartphone, like pausing or skipping a song that’s playing by double tapping your wrist. Think of its functions as similar to those of a smartwatch, but less obtrusive and certainly a lot more stylish.” [via: The Verge]
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"Kalanick began courting Levandowski this spring…"

The Uber Bombshell About to Drop
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Project Under-Horse

Under-Horse is one of the strangest sites I've seen in some time. I have no idea how these people got their horses wedged into their scanners, or why. (Non-English video w/optional English YouTube Subtitles)
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Mr. Toad's Wild Hat

- A Toad Kept Visiting This Guy’s Porch So He Made It Some Hats
- 64 Photos Of Animals Wearing Hats
- 20 Awesomely cute animals wearing tiny hats - Lindsey Bonnice makes hats for her farm animals
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March 13, 1845

Discovering Music: Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto - and a full performance by David Oistrakh with The Philadelphia Orchestra.
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I am republican, but Beyoncé is the only queen I have time for.

Curious about what Irish politicians think about Queen Bey? A journalist asks the important questions.
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Kept you waiting, huh?

Drew Scanlon is more than just a pretty face perpetually blinking in surprise at you. He has just cashed in his meme money to launch a new solo project called Cloth Map, a travel documentary series. [more inside]
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SF Masquerades 1967-2000

My Life as a Costumer 1967-2000 - Science Fiction Masquerades and Fashion Shows - A Youtube history by Kat Bushman.
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New research changes our understanding of who built ancient Silk Roads

"Previous studies used the wrong algorithm and missed an obvious hypothesis. [A] new study in Nature suggests the trade routes may be 2,500 years older than previously believed and its origins much humbler than the rich cities it spawned. [more inside]
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Boaty, it's cold outside...

The RRS Sir David Attenborough is still under construction. But Boaty McBoatface is already on the job. The UK's Natural Environment Research Council has announced Boaty McBoatface's first mission: It would have been a travesty to cast aside a name that had captured the imagination of so many people around the world. And so, at the NERC National Oceanography Centre, Autosub Long Range Boaty McBoatface was born. Boaty McBoatface previously and previouslier. [more inside]
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Crimson Tide: A Period Piece

On March 18, Melbourne based feminist book club turned water ballet group The Clams are putting on a special performance called Crimson Tide: A Period Piece. The show will feature tampon-shaped pool floats and a 15 metre piece of red fabric. All proceeds will go to Share The Dignity, an Australian nonprofit that distributes menstrual supplies to homeless and vulnerable women and has protested the 10% luxury tax charged on menstrual products in Australia. All funds raised will be matched by Tsuno, a social enterprise that makes sustainable bamboo-based pads. As the Clamstagram says, "Tampons (pads, mooncups ...) are a RIGHT, not a privilege. Period."
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let the subtle beats flow...

Axian mixes together lofi, chill hiphop mixes. (YT Playlist of 14 mixes including track / producer info) (Axian's YT Channel, with other collected videos and mixes) (Axian on Soundcloud) [more inside]
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If at first you don't secede...

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, has announced that she will seek permission to hold a referendum on independence between the Autumn of 2018 and the Spring of 2019 (speech in full). The lack of consultation with the Scottish Government over Brexit, with Article 50 possibly being triggered within days, is a major factor in this decision, which has come as a surprise to some. A small possibility of Holyrood-Westminster compromise remains open. In 2014 Scotland voted 45% Yes, 55% No. One poll is currently close; the official Pro-Leave website. Previously on MetaFilter. (Title apologies)
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The Outsiders at 50

A look into the museum and the author as "The Outsiders" turns 50, and Coppola's movie version is 35. (SLNYT)
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Probus vir, parvo contentus

The colorful and influential career of Reginald Foster, Vatican Latinist.
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Coming to Tehrangeles

Back then, I didn’t like Persian Palaces much. From what I knew, rich Persians built those swanky homes in Beverly Hills, spending a pretty penny—those columns were said to go for four figures a pop in their heyday. Maybe those Persians longed for centuries-old kingdoms, but the Iran my parents were nostalgic for wasn’t the one of the ancient era, but of the recent past, colored by memories of road trips to the Caspian Sea and the comforts of being raised in large families and always having them close, before the Islamic Revolution and an eight-year war with Iraq scattered the living generations of Iranians all over the world. Now, I wonder if Persian Palaces should have meant a little more to me then, and to Los Angeles, before they went out of vogue.

Learning to love the ‘Persian Palaces’ of Beverly Hills – What these boxy mansions taught me about being Iranian-American
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