March 15, 2017

"now it's all about pushing myself"

In 2012, Mark Seacat went Searching for West [more inside]
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If He's So Turned On, Why Aren't I?

[TW: sexual trauma] In 1970, Berkeley-based Freudian analyst Bernard Apfelbaum gave an interview with the Berkeley Barb in which he outlined Freud's late-career revision of his theory of defenses and the failure of the analytic community to catch notice. Says Apfelbaum following the interview,
That led to a call from a woman attempting to work as a surrogate, on her own, after reading Masters and Johnson’s description of that work. She was having trouble and needed a consultant. The Barb interview made me look like a possible resource.
Together they formed the Berkeley Sex Therapy Group and the surrogate, known as Andrea, wrote about her work and the insights gained from it in a one-of-a-kind article: If He's So Turned On, Why Aren't I?
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Original Comic Book Guy

"Pop" Hollinger was arguably the first comic book store owner. In the late 1930's, he quit his full time job and concentrated on selling used comic books and used paperbacks. Part of his business plan included "rebuilding" the comics by gluing brown paper to the spines and edges of his comics. Pop ran a comic book mail order service, for 25 or 30 cents you could receive 5 to 10 golden age comics in the mail. Many of his comics still circulate among collectors. More information and pictures of his comics at the bottom of this page. [more inside]
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“Most shocking is the muscularity of the animal's legs and butt —”

Two Men's Quest for Florida's Mysterious Skunk Ape by Bill Kearney [Miami New Times] “They have, however, encountered the inexplicable. "Last time we were out — I'm not kidding you — we heard a female," Conner says. Barton adds, "They want to get close to you is what we think, because they're familiar with us. They have a great curiosity." The "they" Conner and Barton refer to are skunk apes, Florida's slender, hairy, and pungently scented seven-foot-tall version of the legendary Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. Conner claims he and his sister as children saw one when they were playing near the swamp in an area that later became a subdivision. The image of the huge creature loping along a line of banana trees and into the untamed forest has haunted him for decades.” [Previously.]
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The story of Percy begins, as all great stories do, at a rest stop in OH

Paul Robertson's trucker cat, Percy: lost and found.
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You ask what real change might look like

Adam Curtis on realizing real social change. From an episode of the Chapo Trap House podcast. [more inside]
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Declassified US atmospheric nuclear test footage

For the past five years, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) weapon physicist Greg Spriggs and a crack team of film experts, archivists and software developers have been on a mission to hunt down, scan, reanalyze and declassify films of the 210 US atmospheric nuclear tests conducted between 1945 and 1962. Around 4,200 films have been scanned, 400 to 500 have been reanalyzed and around 750 have been declassified. An initial set of these declassified films -- tests conducted by LLNL -- were published today in an LLNL YouTube playlist.
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"extraordinary disobedience for the benefit of society"

The MIT Media Lab is seeking "both expected and unexpected nominees" for its first Disobedience Award. The award will carry USD$250,000 and reward "action that seeks to change society in positive ways" via disobedience consistent with principles such as "non-violence, creativity, courage, and taking responsibility for one’s actions". The request for nominees (deadline: May 1st) comes with a 4min27sec video and a timeline of some historical role models in disobedience, such as Mary Edwards Walker and Sitting Bull. [more inside]
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Officer Darren Wilson's List of Admissions

The Washington Post has a Request for Admissions court document in which Darren Wilson admits, among other things, that Michael Brown never went for his gun, that he shot at Brown while Brown was fleeing, and that, at the time, he was engaged to his training supervisor who watched as he destroyed evidence.
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Coming home to roost

The Ides of March isn't (aren't?) just known for stabbing. March 15th is also the day that the buzzards make their annual migration(link is from 2016) back to Hinckley, Ohio. How do they measure up against their more-famous avian cousins, the March-19th-migrating swallows of San Juan Capistrano? And will this year's snow storm keep them away?
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I told you we were going in deep.

You can use "r_eyes 0" to disable eyes on the characters completely, and while you're at it you can use "r_teeth 0" to disable teeth. But wait, there's more!
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Who gives a $#%@ about an Oxford comma? Dairy delivery drivers.

A Maine court ruling in a case about overtime pay and dairy delivery didn’t come down to trucks, milk, or money. Instead, it hinged on one missing comma.
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"I often panic while making sandwiches."

Ranking Every MST3k Episode, From Worst to Best
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Vitamins, minerals, very high number

Reggae legend Macka B offers up some fresh and salad-friendly bars on the subject of the humble cucumber (SLYT)
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Nintendo has released three behind-the-scenes videos about the phenomenal Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Part One - The Beginning. Part Two - Open-Air Concept. Part Three - Story and Characters. Each video runs about 10 minutes long. [more inside]
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The Black Blood of the Earth

At some point, all of us start wondering how much coffee we can drink before our hearts explode. This typically happens when we are up, very late, in college with either the panic of a final the next day or have nothing particularly better to do than try to achieve acute caffeine poisoning... Thus was born Black Blood of the Earth
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"WE have considered it right and proper to give up the Throne"

100 years ago today Russian tsar Nicholas II abdicated. The emperor, last Romanov ruler, beset by military catastrophes and social unrest, stepped down. He tried to offer the throne to his son, who was too fragile, then his brother, who demurred, paving the way for a provisional government. Within a year Russia would experience revolution and civil war, the Soviet state would be born, and Nicholas and his family all killed. [more inside]
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Everyone needs a scritch.

Pets can be jealous, too: Dogs tend to be whiny and needy, whereas cats often try to take out the competition. (Sometimes cats get overprotective.) [all videos contain ambient noise only]
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the big joke was an accent and too much cologne

Kal Penn (actor, former White House staffer, currently acting as a White House staffer) found a bunch of scripts from his early career in the long-ago 1990s and tweeted up a storm about how racist some of them (and the experiences of filming them) were.
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It's all right

"An Electromechanical Sound Machine That Makes Music With Rocks." From Colossal: "A rolling stone gathers no moss as they say, but this collection of stones manipulated by electromechanical devices are capable of performing George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” thanks to artist Neil Mendoza. Titled Rock Band, this kinetic sound art installation is actually four different instruments including a xylophone, a buzzing base, two spinners, and a pair of slappers."
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Time is so cruel // Today we fight

봄날 Spring Day // Not Today [more inside]
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Election day in the Netherlands

Today are the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, with 28 parties vying for the 150 seats (out of 81 parties originally registered). Everyone is watching Geert Wilder's far-right anti-immigration anti-muslim PVV party, who has been called "the Dutch Trump" and is said to be "even more toxic than the real thing". He has attracted support from US billionaires and even US congressmen, although VVD leader and current minister-president Mark Rutte says the VVD will not form a coalition with the PVV no matter how many seats they gain. This election is viewed as a bellweather for European populism in the coming French and German elections. [more inside]
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Love Deliciously, Baby Carrot

The witch now, in its most modern iteration, seems almost to embody the “Pussy Grabs Back” mentality, the act retaliatory self-empowerment. As one of Elaine’s fellow witches in Biller's film states, their kind have long been perceived as dangerously powerful entities; feared by the men who, for centuries, attempted to subdue them by burning them at the stake or shackling them to loveless marriages, reducing them to nothing but “servants, whores, and fantasy dolls”.
The Love Witch and witchcraft's appeal in the era of Trump [more inside]
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MyBodyGallery: How real human bodies look Female Gallery. Male Gallery "In a world full of images of how we "should" look it can get difficult to tell how we DO look. Our hope is to build a site where men and women can see what real people look like. What we really look like. Most people have spent so many years looking at themselves in mirrors that we can no longer see what's really there. The My Body Gallery project's goal is to help people objectively see what we look like and come to some acceptance that we are all beautiful. [more inside]
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None of us are fully immune to the ideas of the past we grew up with

For over two centuries, American slaveholders, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Germany, and today’s white supremacist self-styled “alt-right” have all promoted a twisted idea of the Middle Ages that props up their white-supremacist fantasies. And unfortunately, their view of the Middle Ages has trickled into the groundwater of the broader popular historical consciousness.
But the truth is, these Middle Ages are not the Middle Ages: in response to fascist abuse of Medieval history, The Public Medievalist has published a series of essays explaining the real Middle Ages and their ideas about race. [more inside]
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Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth. They play tennis.

Woonyoung Jung is an illustrator who worked as a visual development artist for How to Train Your Dragon 2. His recent illustrations fall in two series, one of witches in the modern world, and one of women and dinosaurs playing sports. Tumblr/Instagram/Older work at Blogspot
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