March 17, 2009

Carola Standertskjöld

Finnish female singer Carola Standertskjöld -- All Alone Am I::Kielletyt leikit::Perfidia::chain of fools '69::::Exotic Carola
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Witness to a womb

Sixteen states already have laws [PDF] related to abortion ultrasounds . Eleven more states have recently introduced bills that demand that a woman who wants an abortion be forced to look at the ultrasound, while a doctor describes what she is seeing. All of these bills are because the legislators believe that adoption is the only choice a woman should make. This essay, On Living Pro-Lifer's Choice for Women, explores the difficulties faced by birth mothers who choose that path.
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Up, Up, and Away

The 56-Euros-and-a-balloon teenage Catalonian space program.
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The Great Imposter

Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr was a prison warden, a monk, a lawyer and a religiously-oriented psychologist, and yet he was actually none of those things. Now known as "The Great Imposter", Demara held many careers as he faked his way through life, but his most famous exploit was to masquerade as surgeon Joseph Cyr aboard the HMCS Cayuga, a Royal Canadian Navy destroyer, during the Korean War. [more inside]
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Crafting can be the perfect way to cap off your St. Patrick's Day celebration!

For St. Patrick's Day, rather than show you how to knit your own leprechaun or make a hat out of a ice cream container (because who the hell wants to do that), I'm going to help you with your after party cleanup. You'll have lots of bottle caps and wine corks lying about afterwards, so here are some ideas on what to do with them. [more inside]
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Mobile Organism Designed Only for Knitting

Modok March Madness. via Drawn.
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He does it for the wood?

Wonder how many of the original Woodstock performers are still alive? The Woodstock Death Count reveals that the percentage is not as low as one might imagine after Jeff Kay steps up to the plate and crunches the numbers, again. FYI: He is also responsible for counting the number of f-words in the HBO series Deadwood (which Drudge Report linked to) and this (previously mentioned) internet sensation.)
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Digital Art / Culture / Technology

Vague Terrain is a web based digital arts publication that showcases the creative practice of a variety of artists, musicians and scholars. Vague Terrain 13: citySCENE is their freshly launched project on urban representation that catalogs how cartography, infrastructure and locative media shape perception in the contemporary city. An example is Joyce Walks, a Google maps mashup which remaps routes from James Joyce's Ulysses to any city in the world, generating walking maps. [via mefi projects] [more inside]
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Vintage Game Club plays Chrono Trigger

Good morning, Crono! (Cf.) Starting this Friday, the Vintage Game Club will play through the RPG classic Chrono Trigger, a game beloved and praised but perhaps not well understood. The discussion is beginning here (little substance so far). [more inside]
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Write Your Own Irish Memoir!

Write Your Own Irish Memoir! Francesco Marciuliano, creator of Medium Large and writer for Sally Forth presents his Irish Memoir generator I Can't Find Me Legs: A Tale of Growing Up Poor, Catholic and Eventually Blind in Ireland.
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Millard Kaufman, RIP

Newspaperman, war hero, blacklist front, distinguished screenwriter, co-creator of Mr. Magoo, novelist at age 90... Millard Kaufman is dead at 92.
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Waiting for the CTA

It's harder to be more obscure and unheralded than John Henry Timmis IV. He barely even tried to sell his own music, almost always giving copies away of his impossibly rare loner-punk 45's. Dieing in 2002, almost 15 years after his last single, from complications resulting from alcoholism, after suffering from the degenerative ear/skull disease mastoiditis-- his potential hardly tapped... until now. Film buffs may know him as the director/producer of the longest movie ever made, The Cure for Insomnia staring Lee Groban reading his same titled 4,080 page poem spliced with porn and heavy metal, clocking in at 87 hours. Virtually unknown until the song "Death Trip" appeared on an obscure bootleg punk compilation Staring Down the Barrel. Interest peaked enough for Plastic Crimewave's Secret History of Chicago Music article to have a write up on him and Drag City/Galactic Zoo to reissue his forgotten masterpiece, Cosmic Lighting. [more inside]
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Smoking Smarties!

Research shows that a new trend for pre-teens is posting how-to videos explaining the finer points of crushing up smarties, inhaling the dust, and then puffing out powered sugar.
Smarties: America’s favorite candy wafer roll! Of course you can eat them. But did you know kids are smoking them? How to smoke Smarties with the best! What do you do in the face of such unwelcome PR? Perhaps the best option is silence. Learn in 7 easy steps, Better than candy cigarettes. Some of these videos have been around since 2007 so why are they catching on now? This is the American candy, not to be confused with the European chocolate confectionery. (via and via) (related previously)
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You will be assimilated

The future is now! Her name is HRP 4C, coming soon to your dreams (or nightmares) from JapanCorp. [more inside]
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This should suffice to drive the snakes out

"Two hours of Irish punk rock, new wave, underground and just plain rock-n-roll THUNDER" courtesy of Last Days of Man on Earth 2.0
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March Madness

Ladies and Gentlemen, your official 2009 Bracket. Previously.
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Tour of the Loopwheeler factory

OK, how about visiting a very cold place next? This is where you will learn all about the Loopwheeler, a loom that spins slowly to cut down on thread tension and create airier and supposedly softer fabric. The link takes you on a detailed journey from threads to fabric to graphics and finally to the finished product. The company comes recommended by John Mayer. Last year Loopwheeler worked with Nike to produce some sweatshirts that can be found in the US.
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Now available in mint flavor!

Suffering from a bad case of cosmic dread? Have you voyaged too far into the midst of the black seas of infinity? Concerned about invisible abominations stalking you in the dead of night? Fortunately, there's help. (SLYT).
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It's Nippy Out There

Scenery: check. Hiking boots: check. Spicy sausage: check. Immodesty: check.
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Ocarina of Rhyme

Hip Hop Zelda. It's a booty call from Hyrule, a love letter in rhyme to your childhood featuring some of the best independent and mainstream Hip Hop artists. MF Doom, Edan and Aesop Rock get tossed together with Dr. Dre, Common, and Jay Z in this surprisingly compelling mashup of old Legend of Zelda tunes. If the TriForce Rules Everything Around You, hit up the link above to stream the album, or download it for free here. [more inside]
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Rotten ink

Tattoos that really just aren't very good at all.
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Penny for your Thoughts

1. Make a penny whistle from pvc or copper pipe. 2. Learn how to play it. 3. Away ye go! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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He's a nice, quiet, peace-loving man, come home to Ireland to forget his troubles.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Now watch the greatest fight in movie history (SLYT).
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Extreme Shepherding! X-Treme Art!! YEAAAAH!!1! (SLYT )
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A New Way Forward

Nationalize. Reorganize. Decentralize. wants you to organize a protest on April 11th to express your frustration and disapproval with how our elected officials have handled the economic crisis.
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Mural Mural on the Wall

Making use of the space left between short shelves and high ceilings, Pentagram worked with some artists to make some fantastic murals in New York City elementary school libraries.
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Have 22,000 Films. Will Travel.

"I now find myself with more than 22,000 16mm educational films in my house." At the site A/V Geeks, you can watch a decent portion of this huge collection online. [more inside]
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yo cumbio

Agustina Vivero, known also as Cumbio, a name derived from Cumbia Villera, a favorite music of hers. She is openly lesbian, 17, has a book, and is becoming quite famous, all from her photos.
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Eclectic Micks - Irish comicbook artists posting a sketch a day.
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The Leisure Society

The Leisure Society would seem to have appeared fully formed from nowhere. They spring out of the Wilkommen Collective, a Brighton based consortium which also includes Sons of Noel and Adrian , Shoreline and many others. Like a baroque style UK version of Elephant 6 only with added busking skills.
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1978 Called -- It Wants its Newspaper Back

The Philadelphia Inquirer's final frazzled days...
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Ceol agus Craic

Here are some of Ireland's current and past crop of Irish traditional singers, for your perusal and enjoyment this fine St. Paddy's Day.
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He whose head is in the shadow of love will have heaven beneath his feet

Chaiyya Chaiyya - ("[walk] in the shadow"). The smash Bollywood hit from the movie "Dil Se". for ceege [more inside]
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Cable Sex

Cables: Don’t like ‘em. Despite the rise of wireless technologies, the back of your computer or stereo is likely a tangle of wires. No matter how carefully you first connect them, they are soon gleefully entangled into a snarled mass. Mathematics offers insight into the problem.
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Real men do it like this ...

Real men catch fish like this.
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Nightmare Tank

I don't imagine it'll be everyone's cup of tea, but there'll certainly be some of you who'll find a measure of enjoyment in the viewing of Nightmare Tank's whimsical death machines and/or severed heads.
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Elliott Smith: Strange Parallel

Filmed in 1998, this little-seen Elliott Smith promo video succeeds because it highlights the late singer's goofball side as he searches for an elusive robot hand. Directed by Steve Hanft. Elliott Smith in Strange Parallel. [more inside]
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