March 18, 2003

Cynthia Says

Cynthia Says™ is a web content accessibility validation solution, it is designed to identify errors in design related to Section 508 standards and the WCAG guidelines. The main purpose of this portal is to educate web site developers in the development Web Based content that is accessible to all. Cynthia runs more tests than Bobby and is free. I think the site itself fails the accessiblity test, 'cause it doesn't have "WCAG" in an <abbr> tag, nonetheless it's a good tool. [via zeldman].
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Evil for dummies.

Just in case you're not sure how to be evil... You can get help. 8 easy steps to help you become evil.
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Star-Spangled Ice Cream

I-Hate-the-French Vanilla -- at last, Star-Spangled Ice Cream offers a conservative alternative to Ben & Jerry's. Other flavors are Smaller Governmint, Iraqi Road and Nutty Environmentalist. And 10% of the profits go to charities that support the U.S. Armed Forces! (via)
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Saddam: A look back

"Saddam the paranoid tyrant can be traced back to Saddam the persecuted village boy" He went from an illegitimate birth, to living with a harsh step-father, to leader of a nation about to be on the other side of war with the United States for a second time. Take a look back at Saddam Hussein.
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Count The Dead In Iraq

Iraq Body Count is a web "button" that can be cut and pasted to a website showing an updated tally of civilian casualties in the upcoming Iraqi war. Their methodology is to survey a broad swath of news sites and come up with a "high" and "low" number. They're probably more credible than Saddam's government or the Pentagon. (via TalkLeft)
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The Best of Craigslist

Everyone knows about Craigslist, but does everyone know about these continually-updated best-of pages for the NY and SF lists? Posts range from amusing to disturbing to meta to debauched to curious to amusing to desperate to brilliant to literary to ...
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Then there were two

Seattle PI have picked up the news that there's now competition in the race to build a space elevator. Liftport are the new kids on the block, with a website that only went online about 24 hours ago. I'm watching them build the message board as I type. Nothing like a bit of uplifting science news (pun unavoidable).
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101 Dumbest Moments in Business, 2002

The 101 dumbest moments in business for 2002 are in, and there are some real doozies. I really enjoyed numbers 48 through 51, regarding Microsoft's .NET: "One question might be, and I'll be as direct as I can be about this, what is .Net? Unlike Windows, where you could say it's a product, it sits in one place, it's got a nice little box. In some senses, it's a very good question." --Steve Ballmer
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kaleidoscope fun! As if any of us needed another time waster...but this is cool.
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Treesitters arrested

Yesterday, forest activists Remedy and Wren (among others) were arrested and hauled away in handcuffs. Remedy had spent nearly a year in a redwood tree named "Jerry". She was just four days from her one-year anniversary in that tree. Today, the activists have replaced the tree-sitters with others. Also, Julia Butterfly Hill has written a letter in support of Remedy and her effort.
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Tractor in the Mall

Man drives tractor into a ditch on the Mall. And the tractor stand off continues...

I find it amusing how most DCers are concerned more about the ensuing traffic havoc rather than the startling fact that there's a man with (possibly) explosives camped out on the Mall.
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la reina es muerta

Guillermo, it was really nada. Back in my day, Morrissey's fans were closeted gay boys, the girls who loved them, and oddly, Mormons. Now, he's the idol of Latinos, especially in LA. Is it a cultural connection with melodramatic poetry or artistic narcissism? Is it identification with Morrissey's lyrics of disenfranchisement, or a rebellion against traditional Latin machismo? Is it the hair?
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Taking Care of Business (in Sequins & Rhinestones)

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Elvis Presley Jumpsuit Index. I was little more than five years old when he died, but to my little kid comprehension he looked in real-life the way my Saturday morning heroes looked on television.
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Moscow Life

Moscow Life. 49 stories with images of life in and around Moscow, posted between 1995 and 2002. There's an introduction here.
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bookwormariffic batman

What I Have Read well not me personally, but some guy has a bunch of stats/info on every book he has read since 1974, all 2031 of em..
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Peaceblogs (courtesy of jpoulos).
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SETI @ Home

Nearly 4 years ago, Seti@Home project started.Today, thanks to millions of CPU and loyal users, after picking 200 interesting signals out of a few billions, they have started rescanning the most interesting ones at Araceibo. One step closer to ET.
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War May Postpone NCAA Tourney

War May Postpone NCAA Tourney. Yes, it's true. College basketball's most anticipated event may be delayed, due to the impending war. Maybe that's a good thing. I would be absolutely screaming at the television if with 30 seconds left in regulation, a "breaking news" story overtook the screen.
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Kids' Goals Hold Clues for Depression Risk

Kids' Goals Hold Clues for Depression Risk
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2003 Oscar Schwag

2003 Oscar Schwag
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exploring the abandoned

Explore the abandoned - all things we build must pass into an inevitable and steady deterioration. Thanks to those who chronicle civilization's entropy and put it on the web, because it's mad fun to watch.
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Sailing close to the flame

At what point does a government have to stop and wonder if it's judged the mood correctly?

The UK government manages to bribe a rebel with a cushy job, but not one, not two, but three other MPs walk away from the government in one day. Are things going wrong in the UK?
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Firecracker Packs

Crackerpacks is a library of over 400 (excellently named) firecracker labels available for you to enjoy.
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Violence And The Sacred - René Girard & Scapegoat Theory

Human beings, according to French thinker René Girard, are fundamentally imitative creatures. We copy each other's desires, and are in perpetual conflict with one another over the objects of our desire. In early human communities, this conflict created a permanent threat of violence, and forced our ancestors to find a way to unify themselves. They chose a victim, a scapegoat, an evil one against whom the community could unite.

Scapegoat Theory 101 ?
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The Yahoo Meme Chart

Is anyone else addicted to yahoo's most e-mailed photos? I find it a fascinating insight into what people think others want to see. Of course there's the usual T&A, and the bevy of cute animals, but other patterns can be observed...(more inside)
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