March 18, 2022


Wolverine vs. Black Bear. [more inside]
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Zelenskyy: The Man Who Took On Putin

Zelenskyy: The Man Who Took On Putin

"No one knows at this stage, how this story will end." [more inside]
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"The most anime of retro anime that ever anime-d"

YouTuber KaiserBeamz has made a name for themselves with detailed dives into various retro anime titles - both notable works like Area 88 and questionable dreck like Mad Bull 34,along with their excellent Merrie History of Looney Tunes retrospective on the history of Termite Terrace. Having hit the milestone of 100 episodes, they decided to cover one of the most famous retro anime titles from the 80s that played a major role in building Western anime fandom, a title filled with silliness, geeky gags, and just plain oddity - Project A-Ko.
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Photography 2021/22

Winners of the 2021 International Landscape Photographer of the Year Contest. Winners of 2021 World Nature Photography Awards. Winners of Sony World Photography Awards for 2022.
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"The excitement of the experiments ... caught the attention of Germain"

Dianna Cowern's Physics Girl videos "Singing plates - Standing waves on Chladni plates" (2014; also re: acoustic levitation) and "I built an acoustic LEVITATOR! Making liquid float on air" (2017; via DIY instructions with a 3D printer, Arduino, etc.; recent 256-channel alternative) demonstrate physics involved in ch. 3 of Amy Marie Hill's Sophie Germain: A Mathematical Biography [PDF]: "His Majesty the Emperor and King ... desires that the Class make this the subject of a prize ... for ... the development of a mathematical theory of the vibration of elastic surfaces ...' The deadline for entries was set for October 1, 1811." Hill explains obstacles to Germain's attempted théorie des surfaces élastiques, and Dora Musielak describes more recent research on Germain's well-recognized work on number theory "... and Her Fearless Attempt to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem" (PDF; cf. Sophie Germain's Identity & Sophie Germain Primes).
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Investigating Three Indie Superstars Accused of Emotional Abuse

People Make Games investigates reports of workplace toxicity [YouTube] at Mountains, Fullbright, and Funomena. [TW: workplace toxicity/abuse] [more inside]
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I need to vacuum more often

Professional rug cleaning takes decades of dirt off of this beautiful weaving that was doing exactly what it was supposed to do, and just needed a refresh. 31m of carpet cleaning. Water, suds, pressure jets scrubbing, and a pleasing ending make this a satisfying watch in these turbulent times. Unless you're some rug dirt, in which case....
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"And now I'm happy, joyous, and free, and my life is such a blessing"

Previously Thoraya Maronesy continues to ask strangers questions. This March 10th addition, What's something I wouldn't believe about you?, might provide a moment's respite from the heavy times. Hope you have a good weekend.
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Dover Castle! IN COLOR

We all know what castles were like indoors from the movies: dark, austere, lit by torches. But Tod (previously) takes us through the bright colours of reconstructed Dover Castle, and also some mail and other things he made.
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