March 28, 2002

Israel Surrounds Arafat HQ

Israel Surrounds Arafat HQ -- Israelis seem very serious this time. So which side are you on?
I pick b.
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You may have heard of the Dark Side of the Rainbow, the synching of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz. But this isn't the only mystery that surrounds the band. The Publius Enigma is the story of an anonymous Usenet poster connected to the band in some way that claimed that The Division Bell album held a very tangible and real prize. Was it a cosmic mystery of an esoteric nature or just a gimmick to sell records?
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Attackers carve slur on young lesbian.

Attackers carve slur on young lesbian. I'm going to be sick.
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Tne Science and the Sacred programme features links on fundamentalism and religious violence. The inner apocalypse and schizophrenia. Study of the neurobiology of religious experience is relatively recent.
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Interview with an Ol Dirty Bastard.

Interview with an Ol Dirty Bastard. This is the first interview with ODB I have seen since he was thrown in the slammer. ODB's first two releases were crazy brilliant and full of life. Now he sits in one of the worst prisons around, depressed and unmedicated, for parole violation. Reading this, do you think the court succeeded in breaking his spirit? Is he doomed to flame out when he gets out? Is it wrong that his new cd seems made without his input, and is weak compared to his amazing first two? Would you want to get out of prison and find someone made a book out of your throw off writings? Finally, do you like ODB?
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Get your unique 32x32 piece of net art at Image::copy. Give your e-mail address, select which part of any of three images you want, and get it within a few minutes. The section you receive is then blacked out in the original file.
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The rental cars that the 9/11 hijackers used

The rental cars that the 9/11 hijackers used are available for auction. The rental company wanted to get rid of it because customers had negative feelings about the cars. At the time this article was posted, there haven't been any bids for the cars. I can't seem to find the cars on the website, though. Would you buy one of these cars?
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Hollywood loses another giant.

Hollywood loses another giant. Billy Wilder passes on at 95. Just the quick list of movies at the top of the article gives me pause..Stalag 17, Some Like it Hot, The Seven-Year Itch. Damn, this is definitely a sad week in the entertainment business.
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Rukeyser Out at Wall Street Week In Advance of 'Young' Format

Rukeyser Out at Wall Street Week In Advance of 'Young' Format
    The long-time host ever in search of 'value in today's markets' quit rather than accept a diminished role in a revamp of the show's format. Guest hosts will replace him next season until a permanent host is found.
    PBS is quietly removing references to elves from the W$W website. The new show will be a co-production with Fortune Magazine. (Ick.) Guess its Paul Kangas for me!
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Lesbian Tennis anyone?

Lesbian Tennis anyone? Or perhaps a game of Nude Punch-Out is more up your alley. Ok fine, if neither of those turn you on, then you must be a Satanic Freak Brother. (yes some people actually went out of their way to create these games)
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Boeing 307 Stratoliner lands in Puget Sound

Boeing 307 Stratoliner lands in Puget Sound If you're in downtown Seattle, take a look across the Sound towards Alki - somebody's restored Boeing Stratoliner is semi-submerged near shore. Hope everybody's okay. Anybody know who's plane this is?
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Lego-lovers beware...because this is fun to play with. (I haven't seen this link before, but if it's a double-post, my apologies. I live in fear of making a double-post)
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The "Sum Of All Fears"

The "Sum Of All Fears" trailer recently went online, and is already causing some heated discussion over major changes from the book. In the wake of 9/11, it seems that terrorists in the film have been changed from Muslim to Neo-Nazi (who then go on to detonate a bomb within the United States). Hollywood knee-jerk reaction or a good call given the timing of things? Discuss...
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Musharraf reportedly told the US ambassador in Islamabad that he would rather "hang himself" than extradite Sheikh Omar Sayeed. I had made an earlier front page post on the issue of extradition, Omar's in particular, and most opinion then seemed to feel that he would be extradited. I am interested in your opinion on whether it's Musharraf who is playing games with the US, only to sustain power, all the while allowing the US to feel that they are playing him.
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Religious worship can keep you sane, say Canadian psychiatrists. But how do these results help explain some of these folks?
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The last living member of the Heaven's Gate cult is auctioning off the leader's van on Ebay.
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Who owns the products of slave labour?

Who owns the products of slave labour? Or, more broadly, how do we remember the Holocaust? A unique dispute over ownership rights to artwork in the case of the Auschwitz Memorial Museum vs. former camp prisoner Dinah Gottliebova Babbitt illuminates underlying moral questions about the Holocaust and post-Holocaust culture. Babbitt, now living in southern California, is a university-trained Czechoslovak artist who has been fighting to reclaim her art from the Auschwitz Museum since 1973... [She] was a Jewish prisoner there in 1944 when Josef Mengele learned of her artistic skills and forced her to make watercolor portraits of dying Gypsies in order to get the kind of documentation he wanted on exact skin color and ear shapes. Gottliebova Babbitt made a dozen such portraits, seven of which are now tucked away in Room No. 11 of the Auschwitz Museum. [...] "Mengele ordered me to do it as slave labor. But it was my work, my paintings."
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Sony's PEG-NR70V

Sony's PEG-NR70V is a PDA/digital camera/mp3 player with a swivel 320x480 color display that runs Palm OS 4.1. it comes with a built-in keyboard, can be used as a remote control for your TV/VCR/DVD player, uses memory sticks, and has a "jog dial" somewhat similar to the iPod (via newstoday)
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Globe software just released globeProductive for Windows for an introductory price of $75. The software offers a basic office suite with a single file format. In addition, Sun has announced plans to aggressively market StarOffice 6 for $100 and reach out to foreign government agencies. Sun donated their product to the Chinese Ministry of Education for deployment in schools with the obvious benefits of growing your own loyal market by the millions. Neither of these packages includes an e-mail client at this time, but there is always Mulberry and Mozilla.
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F.B.I. Recruitment comes to Kindergarten?

F.B.I. Recruitment comes to Kindergarten? What's going through the minds of the Kiddie Propaganda P.R. Team? Be afraid, be very afraid.
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The male, heterosexual victims of spousal abuse.

The male, heterosexual victims of spousal abuse. "Blood streamed down my face. Internal injuries dislocated my ribs. Lacerations and multiple abrasions marked my back and groin. My attacker had no injuries. I told the officer that I wanted the crime report to note my injuries and the names of witnesses. He responded, 'We ain't takin' a report from you, buddy.'" The officer refused to take Stanley seriously because he was a man who had been beaten by his wife.
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If sniffer dogs can detect marijuana on clothing months after exposure,

If sniffer dogs can detect marijuana on clothing months after exposure, then why was a 15-year-old Ottawa high-school student suspended from school for two days when a sniffer dog apparently smelled pot on his winter coat? No other evidence was found. It seems to me that second-hand exposure ought to have been considered as a possibility here (cf. the Ross Rebagliati defence). The student has hired a high-profile lawyer. (Good for him.) Arbitrary school discipline at its best.
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This is why

This is why Yasser Arafat's, and the Palestinian Authority(sic)'s days are severely numbered: the sham capture and release last year of the guy responsible for yesterday's massacre. My prediction: Israel will completely reoccupy the territories in the next three months to clean out the place.
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We are all made of stars.

We are all made of stars. And Moby knows it.
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More disturbing mismanagement in Kansas City

More disturbing mismanagement in Kansas City This time at the VA hospital: A recent report in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine said that the hospital in Kansas City was overrun with flies and mice in mid-1998. Nurses even found maggots growing in the noses of two comatose patients. Both patients, astoundingly, were in the intensive-care unit.
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"You run like you're moving furniture."

"You run like you're moving furniture." Now that the baseball season is around the corner, it's time to brush up on your heckling. "Do you think you'll like this game once you catch on?"
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Profile of Henderson County, TX.

Profile of Henderson County, TX. Seems that everyone is smoking dope and beating their families. If you have run into trouble with the law in Cattarragus County, NY you may be on this list. Or it could be that you know a current resident of this facility. If your picture is shown here then you probably better steer clear of Illinois.
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Now this is an obsessive college basketball fan.

Now this is an obsessive college basketball fan. Are you ready for the Final Four? Do you obsess about your favorite college or pro team?
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Spinning Egg mystery solved

Spinning Egg mystery solved Still recovering from the cold fusion 'breakthrough', the scientific world has finally cracked another mystery: why does a spinning egg flip to a vertical positon ? A few days before Easter, what a coincidence!
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After an extensive search of my personal archives (box of stuff stored at my parent's), I stumbled upon the true inspiration for the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Seven years prior, video game manufactuer Koei Games released Aerobiz, an airline management simulator. Its boxart features this chilling image of the New York City skyline. I am not a New Yorker so please, correct me if I am wrong, but the positioning of the Empire State building and the Chrysler building would seem to place the office inside one of the World Trade Center towers.
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Has the Filthy Critic

Has the Filthy Critic been reading been reading the film forums? Probably a coincidence, but both notice a rather annoying trend. Present participle film titles. (referring to the "Kissing Jessica Stein" review by the Filthy Critic.)
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