April 7, 2008

The world had been sepia, drained of colour and light...

Edo Photo Generator. Use this ancient photo generator (in JP, but a cinch to use) to give your photos that certain Edo look. Via C. Buddha's Hasty Musings
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"Eat Eat Eat Molt Expand Repeat!"

The musical number of "Leroy, The Uninterrupted Lobster," and the science of aging lobsters.
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Total Annihilation Modification Excitation!

Total Annihilation, released over ten years ago by the now defunct Cavedog Entertainment, was one of the most popular RTS games of its day. And it is still being played today, partly due to the mod community who have been working on keeping it alive through the release of patches, units and maps, a list of which you'll find inside. [more inside]
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Force Feed These Kids

IDE the Shanty One is the front man for the Creative Juices crew out of NYC. He raps and produces. His 2007 production Force Fed is a great listen for fans of hard, New York rap artists like F.T. and Wu-Tang Clan. IDE is interviewed about how the crew formed. Listen to any of 148 solo tracks from him or 55 from Creative Juices. Already a fan? He just announced his new album Snapped. [more inside]
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it is important that you wear underpants

Six Masai warriors will face cultural challenges when they run in the Flora London Marathon to raise money for clean water for their village. Meet the runners (video clip) Think about making a small donation in their time of trouble because when we had problems here in the US, they were most generous to us. [more inside]
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Maps revolutionize study of carbon dioxide emissions

New maps show US fossil fuel emissions aren't where we thought they were. The Vulcan Project collects more accurate data at a higher resolution than previous studies. Explanatory video. via [more inside]
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Stop a travesty before it's made.

Uwe Boll has said if this online petition gets a million signatures he'll stop making movies. Previously
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Ikiki's animated gif-arium

Ikiki has a home. The mysterious game developer's strange, difficult, and interesting creations are all collected on one page (Japanese), and his art style - such as it is - displayed in fine form by these mesmerizing animated gifs.
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Circuit Split on Online Housing Ads

Last month, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals: you cannot sue Craigslist for housing ads that violate the Fair Housing Act. Full decision (PDF); summary and analysis. This week, Ninth Circuit: you can sue Roommate.com for housing ads that violate the Fair Housing Act. Full decision (PDF); summary and analysis. The difference? Roommate.com facilitates the violations with its insidious check-boxes. It all hinges on how the courts interpret a section of the Communications Decency Act, a question that the Supreme Court may have to settle.
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Storm Chasing LIVE

Storm chase from your desk. This link will not be interesting after a bit, but the technology is impressive. Storm chasers can now stream video of their chases, LIVE. This could be a good show between now and sundown. [more inside]
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Lip service

Sure, it's old news when Britney lip-synchs, but I reckon nobody really expected Pavarotti to lip-synch his his very last performance.
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Tokyo By Night - Just one of the posts on ArkiBlog, a blog about architecture and design. {via}
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The Makhmalbaf Film House

The Makhmalbafs are an Iranian family of filmmakers, although Samira tends to get the most press. [more inside]
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The Major Little League

Improv Everywhere turned a little league baseball game into a major league event. Jumbotron & all. [more inside]
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Graphjam: Pop Culture for People in Cubicles.
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Hello, my name is I went to Harvard.

Pay to play. The children of big-donor Harvard alums are systematically given preference over legacy offspring of lesser means. Additionally David Karen, now a professor at Bryn Mawr, concluded that alumni children at Harvard lose most of their admissions advantage if they apply for financial aid.
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Trust in Textbooks

The things they teach kids in school today. Details in the pdf. From science to history to law, evidence of increasing political bias in education.
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Generative Creativity

Generative Creativity is a course offered by the University of Sussex through their Informatics department. The lecture series discusses tools and techniques for generating graphics, music, jokes and riddles, and more.
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Getting It All Wrong: Bioculture critiques Cultural Critique

Bioculture critiques Cultural Critique Until literature departments take into account that humans are not just cultural or textual phenomena but something more complex, English and related disciplines will continue to be the laughingstock of the academic world that they have been for years because of their obscurantist dogmatism and their coddled and preening pseudo-radicalism. Until they listen to searching criticism of their doctrine, rather than dismissing it as the language of the devil, literature will continue to be betrayed in academe, and academic literary departments will continue to lose students and to isolate themselves from the intellectual advances of our time.
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God is in the details

Audience of One. Documenting one man's God-given mission to create the ultimate sci-fi religious epic, Gravity: The Shadow Of Joseph.
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Postmuddleism is not dead, yet....

French Theory. "This is drivel about drivel — “metadrivel” as some stucturalist, post-structuralist or deconstructionist might say."
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Inflation in Zimbabwe

Inflation in Zimbabwe recently reached 160,000%. Get in on the ground floor now by purchasing a $50,000,000 bill (currently selling for 20,000x its value). Dare to become a millionaire!
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Stuff nobody likes: blogs about stuff people like

Stuff Nobody Likes. A short list is provided for your convenience. [via mefi projects]
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Mum And Dad Are Getting Ready For The Party...

Growing up in 70s and 80s Britain you were exposed to some rather disturbing Public Information Films on the television. But that was nothing... [more inside]
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Bolero just keeps coming

Interesting article in New Scientist describing how a Canadian artist created this representation of Ravel's Bolero whilst she unknowingly had the very same progressive aphasia that Ravel had when he composed the music. [more inside]
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Gotta light?

Protestor grabs the Olympic torch in London. (SLYTP)
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The sign language of capitalism.

Ever wonder about the sign language used amongst stock market traders? Wonder no more, with this handy visual guide (NYT link) to the hand signals used by traders on the floor.
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I want my P-tv

So, um, Pitchfork.tv launches today. [more inside]
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Self-Illustrating Phenomena

Self-Illustrating Phenomena. Slides from a 2005 talk by Pat Hanrahan. Scroll down his page for more talks.
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Divine instruments for self learning

Mnemonic Arts of Blessed Raymond LULL
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