April 11, 2008

Backfilling the Uncanny Valley

Facial CG Animation is getting better. 1, 2 <<warning : noisy!!, 3, 4, 5, 6. [more inside]
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Free Range Kids

Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone (via). More From America's Worst Mom: 9-Year-Old On The Subway, Continued. [more inside]
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The master of black and white

An introduction to the works of Alberto Breccia, 'often referred to as "The master of black and white."' A brilliant comic artist little known in the english-speaking world, his works have mostly been published in italian, french and spanish. In the '70s he and writer Norberto Buscaglia adapted nine H.P. Lovecraft stories, available here in ebook form (in spanish, but the art speaks for itself).
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What Black People Like (JUST KIDDING)

The Cosby Conservatism Conundrum Proving that the new "dialogue" on race has five, six, maybe seven sides. No more pudding pops for you...
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Modern "Utopias" or Modern..Communism?

This whole "money" thing got you down? Two artists in their late twenties moved to NYC for a few years and freaked out by the cost of living, so they decide creating an American kibbutz, minus the dining hall wiener schnitzels, up state is the way to go.
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When the Queen says "jump," Jill says "how high?"

Friday Free Game Download: If you were presented with the concept of a lesbian BDSM video game, the first word that leapt to your mind would probably not be "adorable." But that is exactly what Mighty Jill Off is. [more inside]
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Go Fox Yourself

John Oliver's "The Meter Is Running" is a loving* look back at the history of FOX News. [more inside]
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and they tried to say Jerusalem's forever passed away

Folk/acoustic Friday: braving infatuation, heartbreak, pregnancy, Thatcherism, corporate drudgery and bad 90s hair, these artists come bearing gifts. [more inside]
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Dancing Lessons

Dancing lessons!
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Spring And By Summer Fall

The pop music industry has sadly come to depend on “heritage acts” – wrinkled, dyed-hair, aging stars – to pack houses and make money.

“Whatever a future superstar act will be, it won’t be as ubiquitous as the acts from the ’60s because we were all listening to Top 40 radio.”
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Did you notice the dancing Walrus in this video?

So anyway, here's a walrus dancing to Smooth Criminal.
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Do The Indie Kid

Hands Behind Your Back. Do the Indie Kid (SLYT).
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Daily Heroes

The Daily [Batman / Superman / Wolverine] [more inside]
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Tim Harrod is a writer for Conan O'Brien. He spends quite a bit of time at Freddy's bar in Brooklyn. There he uses the napkins to create his own Bar-Toons.
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Cabinet of Curiosities

Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities features strange and surprising things from the rare book and manuscript collections of the Beinecke Library in Yale, including death masks, the philosophy of origami, the real adventures of Tintin, famous people and their pets, and American transvestite magazines from the 1960s.
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Ezra Pound, foreign correspondent to the Richmond News Leader

In 1958, Ezra Pound, after being released from a mental hospital, became a foreign correspondent for the Richmond News Leader. All but one of his dispatches were deemed unprintable by the editor and the one that was printed ran as a letter to the editor. The Virginia Quarterly Review has put scans of the dispatches up on their site. [more inside]
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Straight line

No curve Flash Friday: Click Maze
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Do you find relaxing very taxing? Are you tense? anxious? worried? Always tired but can't fall asleep? Are you afraid you're losing your grip? You may not know it, but that's good. Yes, good! Because this video can help you. Yes, it can! No matter who you are, you will feel better—and live better!—when you learn to relax. You can start right now by watching The Relaxed Wife (in two parts). Go ahead, watch! [more inside]
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The Good Life

Do you remember those days when mom and dad used to pack you up in the back of the station wagon and drive you to grandma's and grandpa's? Or when you were a dreamer with nothing else on your mind but to escape from the one street town to the big city? Have you ever dreamed of going back, maybe to settle down, get in touch with your roots, and start a new life for yourself. Well, here's your chance. Why not just get up and do it this time. Sure, it's not going to be easy, but maybe it's the change you've been looking for. On the other hand, maybe not, so be advised. But whatever you decide, it sure does look like a way of life that does hold a lot of potential. [more inside]
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Decaying photos

Decaying memorial photos at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.
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