April 12, 2000

Damn Cybersquatters

Damn Cybersquatters

Here's a little run-in I had with a cybersquatter while trying to secure a domain name for a company I'm starting.

Apologies ahead of time for being self-serving in using my home page there (promise it won't happen again!), but I had no other place to write the content. Hope you guys will have a look and give me an opinion on things! If anything, it's good for a quick laugh even though I'm completely disgusted at the fact people make a living off leeching off hard-working individuals like you and me in such a manner.
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Acid.org is cool...

Acid.org is cool... I just noticed ACiD redesigned it's main page. It's good to see groups like ACiD and iCE are still organized producing art. For those who remember those ANSI and BBS days, don't go there expecting to see that sort of stuff.
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Joing! I never meta-blog... wait, that's been done...

Joing! I never meta-blog... wait, that's been done... The foopster tosses his hat into the ring of blog blogging. I'm hoping this is going to give Sally a run for her money.
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South Carolina votes to finally take down the confederate flag and also votes to recognize the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. I guess now that we're in the 2000's, South Carolina finally decided to catch up to the 1980's!
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Call this: "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost URL"

Call this: "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost URL"
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Celebrity Flush, cleansing the world of pop culture.
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Did somebody say McDonald's?
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Somewhere in these notes

Somewhere in these notes is a reference to RTVReco. I thought it fair to point out that some of of think of RTV as Room Temperature Vulcanization, a convenient quailty in a substance for making molds and casts. And you all thought I was just a code monkey.
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Who stands to benefit

Who stands to benefit from the growing hysteria over school violence -- especially since school violence is actually dropping? That's the question posed by the USA Today story, spotted originally by Brennan at Considered Harmful. I think it's an excellent example of the general principle: always question their motives.
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End of an era.

End of an era. I wonder if they'll still give 5% to charity and support Rain Forests, and stuff like that.
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According to MSNBC, Kozmo delivers to predominantly white parts of town.

According to MSNBC, Kozmo delivers to predominantly white parts of town. This is a thorny issue all around. The company claims to target areas of high internet usage, but there's a whole host of factors that would lead to huge racial differences in those areas. I still believe one of the greatest things about the internet is that it's a place where race really doesn't matter, but unfortunately the barriers to entry aren't exactly colorblind. MSNBC went so far as to produce some interesting maps that support their claim pretty well though.
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This ain't no finger paintin', baby.
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Tuvalu, a tiny South Pacific nation

Tuvalu, a tiny South Pacific nation measuring 26 square kilometers, has sold the use of its domain name -- .tv -- to Idealab! in a deal that promises to garner Tuvalu more than three times its national budget.
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+Superbad... exactly how big is this place, anyway?
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More from the WSP on IE5.5,

More from the WSP on IE5.5, "a browser that strikes out on complete support for any standard." Things are getting ugly.
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