April 12, 2001


Lance wants you to be great. Are you going to be great?
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Anti-Semitism on the comics pages.

Anti-Semitism on the comics pages. Is it just me, or is this way over the line?
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Jason's incredible day

Jason's incredible day is the most moving blog entry I've read this year, if not ever. It's going in my bookmarks under "amazing stories that can move me to tears."
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Yahoo to donate $3 million in free banner advertising for Tolerance.org.

Yahoo to donate $3 million in free banner advertising for Tolerance.org. This ranks up there as one of the coolest things Yahoo has ever done: whenever people search for hate-filled words, they'll get a banner ad reminding them of the effects of discrimination and intolerance. A single banner ad won't change the world, but it certainly can't hurt to spread information about tolerance (via rc3.org)
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Pundit scoreboard

Pundit scoreboard Some tv pundits much more reliable than others. Here are the stats, the track records.
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Today at work I noticed we were running a little low on stickers, and mentioned that we didn't have enough of Mr. Yuk around. My poor, freakish coworkers had never seen or heard of the funny face from Pennsylvania. Although I seem to have doubts about how effective it is at steering young ones away from potentially deadly everyday items and other dangerous materials.
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Apple and Palm's new iPhone?

Apple and Palm's new iPhone? Apparently this is just a mockup, and its a little bit unclear what all the little buttons do, but I still want one.
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Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has been advocating for women's rights in Afghanistan since 1977. The telling story is that the women are not treated any differently now than they were during either the pre-Soviet occupation, or the Soviet and their puppet governments and now under the Taliban regime. The website has some disturbing videos of the public executions mentioned in this MetaFilter thread. (I have not watched the videos.)
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Casketfurniture.com : because why should you keep your casket in the garage when you could easily store it as a couch or coffee table? Don't forget to check out the his and hers coffins/entertainment center, me and the Mrs. got a set and we couldn't be happier!
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The Pirate Attack on Yahoo

The Pirate Attack on Yahoo "How a Gang of Legal Rogues Tried to Gouge $4 Billion from Mark Cuban's Sale to Yahoo."
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Too delicious for words:

Too delicious for words: A guy registers walmartcanadasucks.com. Wal-Mart sues. Guy wins. Guy sues Wal-Mart to get them to fork over all the walmartcanadasucks.x they registered defensively after he registered the .com. Cajones, mi amigo.
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There's a wingnut on the streets of Seattle

There's a wingnut on the streets of Seattle wearing a sign saying "will do web design for food." Not only does his sign have a URL, but he's keeping a weblog of his progress. Here's a [self-link] better photo of the dude who, full disclosure, I do not know at all. Please do not hire him, I want to watch this unfold.
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A Murder Mystery by Abraham Lincoln

A Murder Mystery by Abraham Lincoln "In the neighborhood of William's residence, there was, and had been for several years, a man by the name Fisher, who was somewhat above the age of fifty; had no family, and no settled home ......His habits were remarkably economical, so that in impression got about that he had accumulated a considerable amount of money." In 1846, Lincoln, a fan of Poe, wrote about a case that he had defended in Illinois.
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SinoFilter.com Can I resume drinking from the made in China Metafilter coffee mug yet?
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Microsoft to cripple MP3 capabilities

Microsoft to cripple MP3 capabilities I don't think anyone has posted this yet; Microsoft's new Windows XP operating system is set up so as to cripple MP3 copying, in order to nudge users into using Windows Media Player format for all their music files. Of course, the latter is a proprietary format with copy protection built in. Not only does the built-in software not copy MP3 files at a higher sampling rate than 56kps, but third-party MP3 software apparently does not work properly. --As usual, this will not stop knowledgeable users from finding workarounds, but the goal is to make unprotected copying too difficult for the average Joe.
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Host an orgy.

Host an orgy. Something of a twist on a murder mystery dinner.
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This is amazing.

This is amazing. The project seems well underway already, but I searched and didn't find any link on MF. I've spent all morning picking through these designs, reading the updates and discoveries, and I totally wish I was involved. What do people think of this organic/digital media collision? And the anonymous project mythos? Has anyone seen one of the journals, or received one?
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And so my jaw dropped, be looking out for a straight to video release of American Psycho II.
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McVeigh's execution will be on closed-circuit

McVeigh's execution will be on closed-circuit television for the families of bomb victims to watch. Now, as a person who sees dead people fairly often, even I can't imagine watching an execution. So my question is: is this public entertainment for the bloodthirsty, or some misguided idea of providing "closure"?
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Kidnapper's cabin surrounded

Kidnapper's cabin surrounded as a hostage drama seems to cap a remarkable criminal career. Anthony Zappa was the fugitive who caused the Mall of America to be closed for a search last month; he got away, then he was going to turn himself in, but instead he fled to Nebraska, where he kidnapped a teenage girl. Oddly, this parking-lot snatch resembled an unsolved case of a missing TV anchorwoman, Jodi Huisentruit.
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