April 12, 2009

A Psychologist Analyzes the Increasing Pervasiveness of Snark.

A Psychologist Analyzes the Increasing Pervasiveness of Snark. From the Psychology Today blog site comes this article about snark, Gawker, and David Denby's definitions of "snark" versus "Satire." [more inside]
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Yum, tofutti!

Get your Daily Dose of '80s kitsch.
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A Young Pulsar Shows its Hand

Behold the Cosmic Hand of Destruction.
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Happy Birthday Seamus!

April 13th is Seamus Heaney's 70th birthday, and to celebrate, the Irish press have honored him in many ways. A Catholic from Northern Ireland, his early poems reflected his upbringing on a farm, but his later poems (and time in the States) spoke powerfully of 'the Troubles.' I thought he deserved a mention in the Blue. [more inside]
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Power to the Peeple (Reloaded).

"What is on the minds of the unsettled citizens of an upset nation in the middle of the cruelest month of the year? We need only look to the Peeps to see." The Washington Post's third (no, rly) annual Peeps Show. (Previously.) [more inside]
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Endangered seeds

These strange alien structures are among the seeds and pollen conserved at the Kew Millennium Seed Bank
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Capoeira Fighter 3: Ultimate World Tournament

Capoeira Fighter 3. A fantastic Flash fighting game. Jayisgames review
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this shit is like burt reynolds’ playgirl pose.

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Within the last few hours, a trend on Twitter has emerged in response to Amazon's removing the sales ranking of books they consider to have "adult content," which also keeps those books from appearing in search results. However, while seeming to unilaterally de-list any books with gay themes and characters, many books with adult heterosexual content were left untouched. [more inside]
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Darling Divas

"Darling Divas" by Colby Katz. [Click on "Multimedia", then click on "Darling Divas". May be NSFW.]
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BO knows Bo

The First Dog is here!
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Extended Breastfeeding.

How old is too old to be breastfed? [more inside]
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I Wouldn't Recommend Eating the Cookies at this 12 Step Meeting

Polio: A Virus’ Struggle is a Graphic Novella by James Weldon. When we eradicate a disease, do we ever think about how it may effect the disease? Learn all about the history of Poliomyelitis, as he tells his story to the group.
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Side by Side

"Josh and Nina are two friends. Every day, they each take a photo. Operating under a pact of absolute secrecy, neither knows what the other is working on. Each morning, they post their photos on Minty Forest side by side." Despite the diversity of their subjects the individual days often have consistency, consonance, coincidence, congruence or discord.
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Cooking With Dog

Cooking with Dog is a fantastic Japanese cooking show on YouTube - but don't worry, they don't actually cook dogs. It's just that in Japan, an internet cooking show comprised of short videos of simple Japanese recipes just wouldn't be interesting unless it was narrated by a talking poodle. Katsudon / Oden / Gyudon
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Kiss the cobbles

The Paris-Roubaix is about to start. With an average of two punctures and one prang per competitor this a an exciting bike race.
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