April 15, 2018


Cross Pharrell Williams with happy dogs and you get "Yappy" (previously, which includes a cat). What makes dogs happy? These sounds (supposedly) and water for sure, but the best thing has to be mobility. And after all that running around, you can help them get their rest with a sleep song or an entire livestream dog relaxation channel. [more inside]
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La Piscine

In the last few years of the twentieth century the Mayor of Lille in northern France had a quandary. The old swimming pool in the small town of Roubaix had been closed in 1985 due to safety problems.  So, why not simply knock the old building down? What was the problem? The swimming pool just happened to be a stunningly beautiful example of Art Deco architecture. Time for a peculiarly French solution.
The Swimming Pool that Turned into a Museum (RJ Evans, Kuriositas) [more inside]
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The YouTube you want

Minimalist YouTube
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Comey Is Not Trump's Homey

On April 17, former FBI Director James Comey will publish his much-anticipated memoir, A Higher Loyalty. Kicking off his month-long, multi-state book tour, his first interview since Trump fired him a year ago will air Sunday night with George Stephanopoulos in a primetime special of 20/20 (ABC). The Trump White House, currently without a communications director or a counter-Comey media strategy (Politico), has outsourced the spin to the RNC (CNN), while Trump heads off to Mar-a-lago for a summit with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe (Palm Beach Post). Reviews of the book so far are favorable (New York Times, NPR), but not uncritical (Washington Post). [more inside]
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a startling gesture, a toast to unsuicide

Now the fate of trees, and of the whole world forest, is squarely in our machine-amplified hands. A new interview with novelist Richard Powers touches on the uses of fiction, the importance of awe, the relationship between technology and nature, and the resistance to Trump, among others. (via)
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Blighted for Foxconn

In Wisconsin, neatly maintained homes and dream houses are being designated ‘blighted’ to make way for Foxconn (many previouslies). [more inside]
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Neither crow nor rain nor heat nor...

Infamous Vancouver crow and Canada Post worker are 'super cool' pals: After a combative introduction, Canuck the crow had a change of heart and started palling around with Tyler McLeod. The mail carrier for Canada Post is glad the brazen bird is firmly on his side after his aggressive antics halted deliveries to three addresses last spring. McLeod's Instagram feed is here. Canuck the Crow previously and previouslier.
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La Piscine: Wow! First of all, do not kiss my ass. You big perv'!

La Piscine or the Swimming Lesson. [more inside]
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