April 16, 2017

Look, Sully - this street is in Dohchestah, not Roxbury!

Crowdsourcing Boston neighborhood boundaries.
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You're lucky if you get time to sneeze in this goddam phenomenal world.

Bet you didn't think a turtle sneezing would be so adorable. If you prefer to watch mostly mammals sneeze, here's a ten-minute compilation [both videos have occasional annoying human noises].
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To the closet! Or the pantry! Or both!

Wardrobe Snacks
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Not pictured: pointless shaking of developing photo

Nine Polaroid Photographs of a Mirror, by William Anastasi.
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The Elements of Bureaucratic Style

The bureaucratic voice presents governments and corporations as placid, apologetic, and unmovable. It also makes their victims as active as possible. [more inside]
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Tea comes out of a teapot

In disturbing news from the further-divided Motherland, an academic from a lesser nation has suggested (back in 2012) using so-called "science" that tea is best made in a microwave oven. This followed shocking and graphic scenes in a TV crime drama when David Tennant's character "made" a mug of "tea" with the same device, leading some to question modern manners. A few have attempted to replicate this morally questionable experiment, with varying results. No comment yet from the head of state, but some on social media and from cousins in the Western Colonies, and further considered analysis from Blighty.
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Here's Eddie impaling the Earth.

History of Iron Maiden's Album Art
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