April 25, 2001

Half.com expands to list used electronics.

Half.com expands to list used electronics. The site (owned by EBay) now allows sellers to list used electronics, computers, sporting goods, and trading cards, but receiving a defective or damaged computer will prove to be much harder to rectify with Customer Service than receiving a scratched CD or DVD. Not to mention the postage cost...
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Christina Aguilera... a ditz?

Christina Aguilera... a ditz? Now, whether or not you think she is (and whether or not you are a fan), this quote on her *official*webpage just makes you wonder: "The video's going to be dope," Christina said. "We're going to have cabaret costumes. It's something you've never seen from us before. So, it's going to be fun." ...did she just admit that she sucks?
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Who Let the Blogs Out?

Who Let the Blogs Out? I would just like to say, for the record, that my juggernautal legal team is currently assembling their case against Yahoo for copyright infringement.
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Ashcroft and Bush make their move.

Ashcroft and Bush make their move. "Justice Department lawyers have warned that they may soon be forced to abandon the federal government's landmark lawsuit against the tobacco industry because the Bush administration has not proposed enough funding to keep the litigation alive, according to a confidential memo reviewed by The Washington Post."
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The aforementioned "unlimted bandwidth" has very recently become quite limited.

The aforementioned "unlimted bandwidth" has very recently become quite limited. What happened?
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Feeling chest pains? Maybe it's that gun in your pocket!

Feeling chest pains? Maybe it's that gun in your pocket! Physicians For Social Responsibility want all doctors to screen patients for gun ownership, ostensibly so that they can warn them about the physical hazards said ownership can cause. Hmmm...doctors don't do that for toasters, trampolines, hammers, paper, and other things that can harm you. I'm no gun lover - don't own one, never will, but this smacks of political agenda.
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David! Cover Up!

David! Cover Up! But it gets so darned hot and humid this time of the year in Florida, even for great art. Is this likely to lead our school kids astray too?
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Sen. Bob Kerrey tells a personal Vietnam horror story

Sen. Bob Kerrey tells a personal Vietnam horror story
And the NYT has posted an advance copy of its Sunday Magazine story to avoid being scooped, which is a first, I believe.
[via <http://www.nytimes.com>] Kerrey, as a lieutenant in Vietnam helped kill a village of Vietnamese women and children in 1969. How many more skeletons in the closets of the current leaders of America? And will this spur the actual beginning of American critical reflection on Vietnam, or will it blow over in a few weeks like when MacNamara's autobiographical confession came out a few years ago?
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InfoBots are coming.

InfoBots are coming. I believe we've touched on this before, but now it seems to be moving from concept to reality: Instant Messenger "buddies" that are actually bots. You send them an IM with a question, such as "Hey pal, what's the weather in Thunder Bay, Ontario?" And it IMs you back with the answer, almost instantaneously. No waiting for messy web sites to load, no funky searches to run. ActiveBuddy has been the most, um, active in developing the technology, but they've been working on it forever without anything to show to the public. Now, it's out there, somewhere. CNET is reporting today that an ActiveBuddy beta bot has been live for a few months; you can play with it right now if you know its name. (And if you do know its name, a tip would be appreciated. I've been jonesing for this for a good while.) A more public version is supposed to be out in a few weeks. Here buddy buddy buddy...
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The Quote Project...

The Quote Project... a nifty database of quotes, that I wouldn't have found had dnash not pointed me in its general direction in a recent post.
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Slim Shady poses nude in Cosmo

Slim Shady poses nude in Cosmo Lemme just be the first to say, "Ew!"
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Does this Guy have an agent?

Does this Guy have an agent?
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Why it sucks to be in the media spotlight.

Why it sucks to be in the media spotlight. Need I say more? Why they felt the need to put this in print for the whole world to see is beyond my comprehension. My God... can you imagine?
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Robert Downey, Jr. arrested yet again on drug charges. He was fired from "Ally McBeal" directly afterward. Is anyone even surprised anymore?
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Hello, Peril.

Hello, Peril. The so-called model minority inspire an amazing amount of mistrust, according to a survey of US residents. Featuring the revelation that one third of those polled "said Chinese Americans are more loyal to China than to the United States. "
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Gendex: A Family History Database

Gendex: A Family History Database For some time, I have been casually researching ways to store and query complex kin relations. I may have found just the model I want, developed by none other than the CJC-LDS (Mormons!) Specifically by the family history department.
The FAMily record is used to record ... family unions caused by two people becoming the parents of a child. There can be no more than one HUSB/father and one WIFE/mother listed in each FAM_RECORD. If, for example, a man participated in more than one family union, then he would appear in more than one FAM_RECORD.
And thank God they thought of a bigamy data model! Now, will it export XML?
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Generation X washed up?

Generation X washed up? Okay, so it became a marketing term for a demographic I'm part of, and I usually cringe when seeing something described as 'Gen-X', but I still saw some truths while reading this. Was that it? Was the 90's Internet revolution and crash our time in the sun, and now we're "so over"? (And do Gen-Xers really range from 20-38 years old now?) [via obscurestore]
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Should all of America pay for Davenport?

Should all of America pay for Davenport? If a community has the ability to avoid a natural disaster and chooses not to, are the rest of us responsible? How many times. Apparently, Davenport benefits economically from the great view, unobstructed by a floodwall. Maybe it should use some of those benefits to clean up the mess?
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Greenspun Redux.

Greenspun Redux. Philip has written an excellent overview of "what went wrong" from ArsDigita's inception to lawsuit phase. It's very detailed, very candid and quite an interesting read. It makes you wonder what stories are behind all the other failed technology and .com companies in the past year and a half.
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Annapolis principal bans "Tag" on the playground.

Annapolis principal bans "Tag" on the playground. If you take out the inflammatory rhetoric (I know, it affects this guy's credibility), the main point of this article is a little disturbing. Thoughts? Comments?
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May 1st Skiboot

May 1st Skiboot - Reinvigoration of the Ski Footwear.
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Columbine parents sue game makers

Columbine parents sue game makers Claiming computer games partially at fault for Colombine killings, parents of victims have brought a law suit against game makers...will this be viewed as unprovable cause of the shootings or bring about a study of relationship between violence and games?
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Pathology Tribunal Collapses.

Pathology Tribunal Collapses.
One pathologist, who asked not to be named, said last night: "This is going to call into question the credibility of the board. How can the public, let alone coroners and the police, have confidence in the crucial work it does if it can't run a disciplinary hearing?"
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Dubya-bashing and Porn to be Salon's salvation?

Dubya-bashing and Porn to be Salon's salvation?...Oh wait, there's sassy synopses of reality TV shows too!
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