May 4, 2018

Something For Your M.I.N.D.

Superorganism performs at KEXP (SLYT)
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Coati Mundi Que Pasa/Me No Pop I 37 years on & Man, can he dance

Coati Mundi -- Que Pasa/Me No Pop I [more inside]
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As Ohio goes...

The choices include the current lieutenant governor, the current state attorney general, a former Obama administration official, a former presidential candidate/ventriloquist, a boxer, and finally, a "truly remarkable man of God." Ohio voters have a lot to decide this year, and it kicks off during the May primary early next week. What does it all mean for America's favorite bellwether state? [more inside]
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"reduced public confidence"

"Man with Swedish Academy ties accused of sexual assault." Jean-Claude Arnault, who has been accused of several cases of sexual assault, has now also leaked several Nobel Prize winners in literature.
The Nobel Prize scandal rocking Sweden had led to the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature being postponed until 2019. [more inside]
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Build me up, tear me down / Like a skyscraper

The 30 Ugliest Skyscrapers in the World: From Tour Montparnasse in Paris to Pyongyang's Ryugyong Hotel, AD surveys the architecture that might've best remained a concept (SL Architectual Digest)
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“...recognition, acceptance, and normalization.”

Select Your Character: Why Games Need More Non-Binary Character Options [The Mary Sue] “Of course, if female protagonists are uncommon, then non-binary protagonists are even rarer. I can create an avatar that looks pretty much like me, but they will always be misgendered in dialog with NPCs and called either “she” or “he.” I get misgendered almost constantly in the real world; I’d love the ability to escape that drudgery in my hobby of choice, and I know that there are plenty of other non-binary gamers who feel the same. Further, the option to play as a non-binary protagonist would open new avenues for male and female gamers too. The stories they could experience would be fresh, new, and interesting, and, hopefully, help them gain a little bit of insight into what it’s like to be outside the gender binary. And having non-binary representation might help people who were like me a few years ago: confused and upset about something in themselves, but unsure how to articulate it.” [more inside]
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That is something very bad that I used to be good at

We started in high school. We started in our twenties. We started and stopped, started and stopped. Things that made it start again: Getting stalked. Getting rejected. Getting inordinately rewarded. Being humiliated. Being venerated. Being controlled. Being disregarded. Getting mad. Being disbelieved. Failing. Being unwanted. Being wanted too much. Taking medication. Getting off medication. Remembering the wrong thing at the wrong time. Forgetting the right thing. Being alone too much. Being surrounded. Someone leaving. Someone dying. When it was about to start again, it felt like a solemn steeling of the self, a giant breath taken in advance of total submersion: Time for this again. Then going under, and staying.
There Are People Starving, and essay on our shared history of disordered eating.
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The Tracker

Smokey Mtns. native, tracker of lost people, especially childen, knower of the woods The kind of knowledge this man has is precious and there doesn't seem to be any school or program that is learning from him, which is sad for us all.
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Living without the lead apron, leaving the loud room

"My wife and I were having a walk in our neighborhood and I realized that it was just a really beautiful day – it was warm with just a little bit of a breeze, the birds sounded really beautiful, the flowers smelled really great and my wife’s hand felt really good in mine. And as we were walking I just started to cry and she asked me, “what’s wrong?” I said “I just realized that I don’t feel bad and I just realized that I’m not existing, I’m living.” At that moment, I realized that I had lived my life in a room that was so loud, all I could do every day was deal with how loud it was. But with the help of my wife, my doctor, and medical science, I found a doorway out of that room." My name is Wil Wheaton. I live with chronic Depression, and I am not ashamed. [more inside]
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A brief look at the Earth from above

This is a short video by Páraic McGloughlin composed of thousands of Google Earth images. A brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground - Arena. [Photosensitivity warning: flashing imagery.]
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"Teams will start paying attention to this only when it’s too late."

Five Washington NFL cheerleaders speak out in a lengthy and damning New York Times report that describes the team's treatment of the women in recent years. Among the low points: the women describe having to pose in the nude while being ogled by the team’s male sponsors during what was supposed to be a private photo shoot, only to find out later they had also been selected by these same male sponsors to be their escorts at a night club that evening. “So get back to your room and get ready,” the director told [the chosen cheerleaders]. Several of them began to cry. “They weren’t putting a gun to our heads, but it was mandatory for us to go,” one of the cheerleaders said. [more inside]
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Music Alters Mood Alters Visual Perception

Music Alters Visual Perception "As illusory percepts are believed to reflect the content of internal representations that are employed by the brain during top-down processing of visual input, we conclude that top-down modulation of visual processing is not purely predictive in nature: mood, in this case manipulated by music, may also directly alter the way we perceive the world."
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If I could turn back time

With these datasets, if someone wants to make a specific cell type, they now have the recipe for the steps that those cells took as they formed in the embryo. Developmental biologists can gather more and higher quality data on many species, follow embryos further in time and perform any number of perturbation experiments, all of which can help improve our understanding of the fundamental rules of biology and disease.
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Leeds-Detroit-Berlin-New York

Ahead of their time? Probably. Influential? Another one of those that inspired more than sales would suggest. Timing is everything. You might know Age of Chance for their cover of Prince’s "Kiss" but you had a hard time remembering because the video was posted without sound for years, and other posted versions were often taken down. For many years there was little trace of them but started showing up again with the reissue of their catalogue in 2009. [more inside]
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The Lambda Method for Catching Kangaroos

Have you heard of the Kruskal Count? (explanation)
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