May 5, 2007

ADA Dental Minute

A creepy info minute from the ADA concerning “mice teeth in a dish.” Please don’t watch “mice teeth in a dish” if you think there’s some kind of dentist/alien connection. You won’t like it. Try “the barbaric history of the toothbrush” instead.
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River Surfing

Interesting photos and video of Montreal's standing wave, which has become something of a surfing hot spot (.mov) even though it is 400 km from the nearest ocean. Standing wave surfing is also big in Munich. Perhaps fallen Baywatch star David Hasselhoff had something to do with it?
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Stephane Halleux - Jules Verne meets Tim Burton

Stephane Halleux is a French sculpture artist whose work feels like Jules Verne as realized by Tim Burton; the sculptures all share cartoonish steampunk vibe that's really appealing. Sadly, the site is 100% Flash, so no linking to specific favorites, but at the very least the navigation remains fairly straightforward.
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...and left nought but ash.

Then God dragged his finger across the earth... Greenburg, Kansas, May the Fifth, 2007.
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Let's spend some time together, Tori.

Tori Amos changes "MILF" to "MILX" for her recent Letterman appearance. Her new song "Big Wheel" ends with a refrain of "I am an M-I-L-F," but careful listening to the performance suggests that she changed the "F" to an "X" - and perhaps slurred it a little to conceal the fact that the change had been made. Was this a quiet example of giving in to the television morality police, or an artistic statement of another sort?
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Fun odd cartoon: Mose

Just some fun odd cartoons about parenting, weddings, stupid vasectomy laws, parenting, pronghorn antelope and parenting.
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addicted to conning people

A 13-YEAR-OLD boy who lives with his gran has been exposed as one of Britain's biggest internet conmen. Frank Abagnale Jr. 2.0 ? Citizens United to Find Fugitives with an internet swindlers database. A little about sociopaths and some of the scams they play.
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Far from the Madding Crowd

"Just because you went to Princeton doesn’t mean you’re a jerk." The rich and Ivied find a place in SoHo.
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Sound toys galore

A veritable plethora of online sound toys to tinkle your fancy.
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Confusionism and the Peaceful Art of Ice Cream

I'm an Italian Confusionist and I want to bring peace to Iraq. Confused yet? Confusionism. Not confusionism. More confusionists who are fond of sports. And, the originator of it all. first link is LiveLeak, last link is MySpace; proceed, therefore, at your own risk.
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White Stripes’ Canadian tour to cover every province and territory

White Stripes’ Canadian tour to cover every province and territory Including Iqaluit, Nunavut (63° north latitude, population 6,184). Shades of Courtney Love and Metallica playing Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories in ’95?
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Shocking tales of depraved drug fiends and refer slaves!!!

Movie posters redone grindhouse style.
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sunday freeform

Lee Perry, Ornette, and Hilary, with love
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New Notions 5 Reading Challenge

New Notions 5 Reading Challenge "Not long ago, I was challenged to rethink some notions I had previously held near and dear to my heart. Wrestling with the issue and trying to make it fit within my worldview made me abandon some antiquated (for me) ideas and adopt new ones. It was that occurrence that led me to think up the New Notions 5 Reading Challenge."
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Down syndrome and Alzheimer's

Down syndrome and Alzheimer's. People with Down syndrome are much more likely to develop Alzheimer's, and at a much earlier age: three-quarters of them will get it by the age of 65, compared with one-tenth of the general population. This Globe and Mail article looks at a relatively new phenomenon due, in no small part, to longer life expentancies among those with Down syndrome.
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Online documentaries

Biographies, history, science and more. Over 500 of the best online documentaries.
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Kinetic sculpture

Kinetic sculpture. Will stroll the beach with you.
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Ethics, mental health, reviewed

Pentagon survey on troops in Iraq. Coverage from US News, AP.
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