May 22, 2000

Flasher's get thier own blog

Flasher's get thier own blog and I'm not talking about raincoats. A blog all about Flash sites - something I needed now that I have DSL. Tell me, do all Flash sites have to use techno or house music - what ever happened to polkas?
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Ugly, ugly ugly.

Ugly, ugly ugly. The redesign is finally - and unfortunately - live. It's not a magazine - it's a portal! Mignon Khargie - wherefore art thou? Blegh.
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The Clinton Legacy Grows

The Clinton Legacy Grows The state of Arkansas began disbarment proceedings today. I've already blogged it but figured everyone else would want to know.
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Supreme Court to America: unscramble the smut!

Supreme Court to America: unscramble the smut! Actually, this decision seems to say what most sane people have been saying all along: it's not the government's job to regulate what what kids watch; it's their parents' job.

Whatever. Adolescent boys across America rejoice!
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Damn, but this site is pretty.

Damn, but this site is pretty. Nice, understated, good writing, not too much fluff, good copyediting (a weak spot on the web -- separates the women from the boys), and a design that fits on my monitor.

If you helped Free Willy, check OceanFutures out.
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What a wonderful world we live in. A pair of 34DD breasts that has its own weblog. Where were websites like this when we were growing up and *needed* them?
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Napster finds financial support

Napster finds financial support Venture capital firm Hummer Winblad are pumping $15m into Napster, effectively taking over the company by placing co-founder John Hummer on Napster's board.
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An interview

An interview with the lawyers from Napster and Metellica. Good points, both.
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"Real" has done it again.

"Real" has done it again. For the third time they've embedded surreptitious monitoring capability into one of their programs.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." What do we do for the third time? (A tactical nuke seems indicated.)
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