May 25, 2003


How clean is your computer?
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beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Make your own EKG for less than $5 in parts, using your PC, pennies for electrodes, and a simple amp circuit. But careful with the voltage, now.
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Emerson's Bicentenary

Ralph Waldo Emerson turns 200 today.
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The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick: His disappearance is not the only mystery left behind.
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Toilet Roll Art
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Online Tours of Great Artworks

Online Tours of Great Artworks. From the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC :- Julia Margaret Cameron; Degas; Jasper Johns; Manet; and more.
Related :- the online collection of the National Gallery in London is similarly extensive, and organised bytheme.
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Remember the outrage of the US Govt. as the Iraqi's paraded POWs before television cameras - a pretty clear-cut breach of the Geneva Convention?
It appears the US Govt. isn't so concerned about what behaviour breaches the convention, anymore.
"The International Committee of the Red Cross so far has been denied access to what the organisation believes could be as many as 3,000 prisoners held in searing heat [near Baghdad airport.] All other requests to inspect conditions under which prisoners are being held have been met with silence or been turned down."
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Iraqi newspapers

Al-Muajaha, "The Iraqi Witness," is a new independent newspaper in Baghdad that's also published online. In fact, new newspapers are appearing in Iraq almost every day, though many are mouthpieces for political parties. I find this proliferation of information to be a good sign.
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Flash Animation A response to an article about Advertising.
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Prospecting for Gold Among the Photo Blogs

Prospecting for Gold Among the Photo Blogs

Photo blogs are the colorful offspring of blogs, or Web logs, written diaries posted and updated regularly on the Internet. For a half-dozen years people have been posting text blogs to rant and to ponder the events of the day and the dust beneath their feet. Then, sometime in 2000, people started posting photographs to go with the text. The photo blog was born. Now photo blogs often are posted with no text at all. And there are thousands of them.--Oolong gets his picture in the New York Times, among other things
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If I had to do it again, I wouldn't read Beowulf

The Worst Book I Ever ReadFinnegan’s Wake is the best example of modernism disappearing up its own fundament.” A Brief History of Time and Iris Murdoch show up twice. Mein Kampf is as interesting as a bus timetable and “JK Rowling is the sub-literary analogue of Tony Blair.” Tolkien appears most foten, making him the most hated of this little group.
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Here we go again . . .

Pentagon officials are pushing for action they believe could destabilize the government of Iran. Why? Intelligence reports suggesting al Qaeda operatives in Iran played a role in the May 12 suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia. Sound familiar? Time to brush up on Iran's history and change the Q to an N on your No War With Iraq signs?
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Food Snobbishness

Are You A Food Snob? Do you like Posh Nosh? Does it turn you on or put you off? Find out! Watch it, though: you might be a reverse food snob or a junkista. Aha! OK, I'll go first: "My name is Miguel, I'm 47 and I'm a food snob..." [ Real required to view the funny clips in the second link.]
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