May 25, 2022

The Man Behind Bob's Burgers

(Warning, link to NYTimes) The story of Loren Bouchard, and the soothing comfort of a "decidedly nonaspirational" family "in an unjust, disappointing, fart-choked world."
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“Mamma mia, I’m-a going to be middle-aged.”

Simon Rich (Previously, Previously, Previously) writes yet again in the New Yorker, this time about the tribulations of Mario as he deals with aging: “Mario”
[N]ow that I’m-a in my forties I don’t really think about my body anymore, and when I do it’s-a to focus on the parts that I’m-a proud of, like my thick mustache and my big strong ass. And, honestly, I can’t tell you how liberating it is just to allow myself to feel-a sexy. Like, why can’t a short fat guy be sexy? I feel-a sexy, and I’m not afraid to say I feel-a sexy.
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Abba in Hell

Propaganda are back after 37 years, with a new album and performing live Famously described as "Abba in Hell", Düsseldorf synthpop duo Propaganda (Susanne Freytag and Claudia Brücken) released the astounding album "A Secret Wish" in 1983. (Here are the tracks Duel and Dr Mabuse.) Then they split up, leaving behind a cult following and a handful of remix albums based on the original master recordings by ZTT's Trevor Horn (see also). But now they're back as xPropaganda with a new album, The Heart Is Strange, and it's like they'd never left.
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The Unsung Heroes of Stand-up Comedy

The 100 Greatest Stools in Stand-Up [Vulture; Archive]
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How the first ever pop star blazed a trail of innovation

Yet in his own lifetime – and indeed for half a century after his death – Dibdin was no one-hit wonder, but a hugely prolific, extremely famous figure. He performed in operas and then wrote his own, composed more than a thousand songs, toured one-man shows around the country, and opened his own London theatre. He penned several novels and a five-volume history of theatre. His own autobiography also stretched to four volumes – the largest memoir of the period, and a good indication of Dibdin's remarkable facility for self-promotion. [more inside]
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You like my body the way it is

Backxwash is the performing name of Ashanti Mutinta, blending hip-hop with doom metal, avante-noise, pagan spirituality and trans representation. She discusses her latest album, 2021's 'I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES' in various interviews, and has a fantastic half hour studio-live set presented by Audiotree. [more inside]
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Suddenly the forearm crutch was associated with permanent disability.

Can we please kill [underarm] crutches. (Outside Magazine podcast + transcript) The best estimates have axillary [underarm] crutches being prescribed roughly 60 to one over forearm crutches [in the U.S.]. They've been the standard for so long that they're just part of the medical system's DNA. But this has been the case for a long time. I mean there's ancient Egyptian drawings that depict the use of an underarm walking stick and I'll bet they just put up with it too.
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Farewell Traitors; Hello Liberty et al

The [U.S.] Army now has nine new potential namesakes to consider for Army bases originally named after the Confederacy. Among them are Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and Mary Edwards Walker, the only woman to ever receive the Medal of Honor. [more inside]
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Lost multitasking DOS, and that's not all...

If you ever fiddled with DoubleDOS you may be surprised (as I was) to learn of Wendin-DOS. The fact that a multitasking DOS was a derivative of a kit built for an x86 Unixalike, years before the beginnings of Linux, is a weird bonus. Or anti-bonus. I don't know now. The main article is a touch cagey about linking the disk images, (though TBH I've failed with VirtualBox and those images)
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