June 3, 2000


Priorites. From your local K-mart comes this exercise in futility.
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Web Stalker,

Web Stalker, absolutely fabulous new toy for me to play w/, spiders the web, does a visual map of what you are finding. (I was actually workig on something to do almost the same thing, now I don't have to :)
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MTV2's new site

MTV2's new site by Digit will probably be fuel on the "flash = cancer on the web"-fire. Warning, full screen mayhem.
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Freedom of the press? You won't be needing that, says the United Nations!
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This is the most action-packed webcam site

This is the most action-packed webcam site I've seen in ages. Look at it grow! I think I saw a seedling sprout! It's hours and hours of fun, you can't see it all in one visit...
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Americans believe in a recession

Americans believe in a recession within the next four years.
    But of course. It's only natural after the most prolonged economic expansion in history. So don't go blaming the next administration when it finally happens.
    If Gore is president, then people will say: "12 years of democrats is enough!", but if Bush is in charge, then the complain will go "You see? republicans don't have a clue".
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Am I the only one who's frightened by this development?
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Gilligan must die.

Gilligan must die. I always thought it would end like this.
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