June 11, 2022

Stadium Beer Night Fans Riot, Ending Cleveland 's Rally in Forfeit

"They don't have enough fans to worry about." - Billy Martin. Cleveland’s Infamous 10-Cent Beer Night (STYK podcast) or watch on YouTube
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Food felt like a passport to me when I moved out of my parents' house.

Francis Lam chats with Virgie Tovar on Rebel Eaters Club podcast (transcript included). Re: a family banquet in Hong Kong in their childhood:
"I grabbed my chopsticks [and] grabbed the cheek out of the fish's head. Which was so appalling because you know that the cheek is the best bite of the fish... and in a highly patriarchal, elder focused society, my grandfather is supposed to get [that]. And the whole table, my parents, were like, Oh my God. What animal are we raising? And my grandfather in all his generosity, just laughed and said, this one really knows how to eat."
Lots of awesome episodes of the podcast and journal prompts for self-reflection. [more inside]
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The role of chaos in contemporary political and economic thought

The Crypting Point. Max Read reviews Speculative Communities: Living with Uncertainty in a Financialized World by Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou (SL Bookforum). "Twitter isn’t a deliberative space, where citizens gather to debate politics and lead society—it’s a speculative market, where traders stake out discursive positions against the value of their brands, and fans and partisans gather to imagine unlikely but not impossible new futures." [more inside]
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Kandal man holds free classes for 43 years

“I started teaching in 1979 as I feared the younger generation would be illiterate, because in the Pol Pot era they could not learn. A 74-year-old man, Kong You, has devoted the past 43 years of his life to teaching the children of Ka’am Samnor commune of Kandal province’s Loeuk Dek district for free, as he has wanted to see them all literate and educated.
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"Watermelon Sugar"'s not high enough

Every Harry Styles Song Ranked (published just ahead of the release of his most recent record, Harry's House) [Rolling Stone] [more inside]
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Everything Right is Wrong Again

John Flansburgh, half of the iconic duo They Might Be Giants, was seriously injured in a car crash after performing with the band at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan on Wednesday night. [more inside]
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Brave heart and courteous tongue will carry thee far through the jungle

A week ago veteran journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous Peoples expert Bruno Pereira went missing, now presumed executed in the far west of the Brazilian Amazon.
The two men had previously visted the Javari Valley in 2018 with photographer Gary Carlton.
Andrew Fishman posts a draft version of Dom's selection of his favorite reporting.
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“Jonah told me that he could talk to ghosts.”

Jonah disappeared in the early 2000s. When I say disappeared, I mean vanished: No sightings, no social media, no work history, no criminal record, no glimpses of him in the background of a party photo. His family went to great lengths to find him; they found nothing. I have been searching for the past five years, on and off; what I haven’t tried, they tried first.
Rage USA is an essay by Jude Doyle about their high school friend who vanished, and what it’s like to live and grow up queer in the US, and is a part of their Twelve Genders, Full Moon Mixtape series.
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