June 13, 2015

...an impossible task.

The New Normal: Pieces of Grief, by Stephanie Wittels Wachs, sister of Parks and Recreation's co-executive producer Harris Wittels, who passed away in February.
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That’s when the machine fell on top of them.

On February 11th, 2011, Rosa Moreno lost both her hands in an accident at a factory in Reynosa, Mexico. Four years later, after her lawsuit against LG Electronics was dismissed on a technicality, she writes at the Guardian about the accident, the lawsuit, and her attempts to support her six children as a single parent and double amputee. [more inside]
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“It is a symbol of Irish art. The cracked lookingglass of a servant.”

Ulysses and Us by Declan Kiberd [Irish Times]
In some ways the fate of Ulysses reflects this openness, at least in the Dublin of today. It seems a work of high modernism, in the manner of a Proust or a Musil, yet it has become a signature element in the life of the city in which it is set. Each year hundreds, maybe thousands, dress as characters from the book – Stephen Dedalus with his cane, Leopold Bloom with bowler hat, Molly Bloom in her petticoats, Blazes Boylan in straw boater – as if to assert their willingness to become one with the text. They re-enact scenes on Eccles Street, on Ormond Quay and in the martello tower in Sandycove. It is impossible to imagine any other masterpiece of modernism having quite such an effect on the life of a city.
[more inside]
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Feelers is a typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages.
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Compulsive colour clicking.

This is supposedly a "free colour vision test". I don't think it is, but it is both fun and only a little bit frustrating as you jab helplessly away.
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"We have a tornado on the ground in town! Tornado on the ground!"

One year later, Wessington Springs High School senior Owen Witte chronicles the story of the tornadoes that descended on his home town and destroyed more than 50 homes and left 77 people homeless. Witte's story artfully conveys the heroism and resilience of his 950-person community.
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100% Australian merino wool

‘Chunky Knits’ by Anna Mo
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Teens In Ties

Presenting the 1911 Spokane High School Yearbook! Of particular note are the "Ambitions" of each graduating student, from "To marry a single man" to " Murder the faculty." PDF link
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You can learn a lot from a dog

In memory of Denali
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The Never-Told Story of Marlon Brando's Secret A-List Acting School

In late 2002, less than two years before his death, Marlon Brando held a 10-day acting symposium called "Lying for a Living." "Some memories of the event — like the exact address of the warehouse in North Hollywood where it took place — are a little hazy. It was, after all, 13 years ago. But nobody who was part of that extraordinary 10-day acting workshop ever will forget a single detail about Marlon Brando’s entrance."
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Congratulations on not being driven completely batshit insane!

What does all of this mean to the Davids of the world, the gay assimilationists that want to, wish they could, somebody do something, there's gotta be a way we can, Dignify This Parade? The ones begging: "Can't we get our people to at least DRESS respectfully for one lousy day? Is that too much to ask of our people? " Yes, yes it is.
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Roman "Swiss Army Knife"

Eating implement, folding, with three-pronged fork, spatula, pick, spike and knife. A.D. 201 — A.D. 300
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Step into the unknown, an encounter with demons as well as angels

The works of Edgar Ende were condemned as degenerate by the Nazi government.
The majority of his paintings were destroyed by a bomb raid on Munich in 1944. Fortunately some have survived. (Click through on the Oeuvre button)
His paintings greatly influenced the writings of his son Michael.
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Mule Dragger

Instagram's Most Famous Mules 🐴 📷 [more inside]
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Police fatalities in latest format

Visualizing Police Brutality By Teju Cole. Officer Involved. Data artist Josh Begley’s new project, “Officer Involved,” uses databases on police brutality compiled by the Guardian to present the problem in a new way. The Counted; People killed by police in the U.S. (Guardian).
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A cold never bothered her anyway

Barbie Breast Feeding had you drag and drop the baby from the cot to Barbie’s chest where it drinks enough milk that it promptly develops a stomach ache and then requires a leg massage and a nappy change. I assume that might be closer to reality, except instead of wiping a flower which exists in place of your child’s genitals you’re actually dealing with human poop and children can get that EVERYWHERE.
Philippa Warr on the Weird World Of Frozen Pregnancy Games. SLRPS
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6th round Fortinbras

Theater reported like sports! Marcus DeMarcus - 6'7" 275 - commits to Juilliard with a minor in ballet! Claudius and Gertrude? It's a no-brainer. Featuring Steppenwolf theater gains AND losses. Top choice for Ophelia? It's Jenna, 5'7", 132, out of the London Academy. In the crawl: MATCHUPS: Elphaba vs. the Wizard, Land of Oz. MATCHUPS: Montagues vs. Capulets 6PM ET Verona.
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