June 13, 2017

“We need to stop trying to modernize the wrestling arena too much,”

Wrestling With the Culture of Drug Testing in Sports, Mark Hann
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love made / her wild

'And so Young, a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet, decided to do an experiment. He thought he’d try writing the most vapid, simplistic poetry he could and post it to Instagram to see what happened.' [more inside]
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Americans Seem to Like Vigilantes

What Ozark vigilantes of the 1880s reveal about modern America.
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Don’t be mad, goat. You have a great beard!!

Here Is a List of 10 Extremely Good Goat Beards from Modern Farmer. See also, The 10 Best Horns In The Animal World: The Definitive List.
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Google Street View has gone to the dogs!

Doggo following a Google Street View photographer. More Dogs On Street View. Street View Fun > Dogs. Bonus: explore Hiroshima, Japan, with Cat Street View.
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Graduation this friday will be held off campus

The timeline of events that transpired to make Evergreen State College national news recently over racially charged protests is long and possibly still ongoing with the recent announcement that graduation this year will be held off campus for the first time in the college's history. [more inside]
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America made Paulina Porizkova a feminist

The American woman is told she can do anything and then is knocked down the moment she proves it. Paulina Porizkova's 850-word NYT opinion piece. via kottke.org
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The Lost Genius of the Post Office

When Americans think about the most innovative agency in the government, they think about the Pentagon or NASA. But throughout much of its history, that title could just as easily have fallen to the Post Office, which was a hotbed of new, interesting, sometimes crazy ideas as it sought to accomplish a seemingly simple task: deliver mail quickly and cheaply. The Post Office experimented with everything from stagecoaches to airplanes—even pondered sending mail cross-country on a missile. For decades, the agency integrated new technologies and adapted to changing environments, underpinning its ability to deliver billions of pieces of mail every year, from the beaches of Miami to the banks of Alaska, for just cents per letter. [more inside]
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Safest Bidets, Bodice Addict, Bobcat Debate.

Real words that are also valid HEX colors. Via kottke.org.
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Three father species, one hybrid species: The all-female Ambystoma salamander hybrid lineage (6 Ma and counting!) uses equal parts of the genetics from three different sexually-reproducing Ambystoma species. Each hybrid mates with (at least?) three fathers of the different species to gather sperm and has only female offspring.
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Drag Queen Story Hour

"Well, I guess I was born a boy,” she replied. “But I like to dress like a girl. It’s for fun."
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Eat it, David Foster Wallace

Comedian Jamie Loftus celebrates one year of eating Infinite Jest.
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And then across the mists of time we found each other

A brief history of Mallory Ortberg and The Toast.
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Contemporary Ceramics

11 artists creating unexpected excellence in ceramics. [more inside]
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One dog saved his life, another gave it purpose.

How a Pit Bull Mix Changed One Bay Area Man’s Life
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Every New Jersey Turnpike Rest Stop, Ranked.
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Massacre in Mexico

ProPublica/National Geographic: The inside story of a cartel’s deadly assault on a Mexican town near the Texas border — and the U.S. drug operation that sparked it. [en Español]
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It’s just kinda like, "It’s happening." We can’t control it.

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee currently have the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 list (for the fifth week in a row) with "Despacito" -- the first primarily non-English-language song to hit #1 since the Macarena in 1996. Having Justin Bieber on this remix helped push it to the top (a Biebsless version peaked at #44), but Spanish-language songs are getting more and more popular in the mainstream as the Latino audience grows.
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A Chicken Sandwich Hitches a Balloon Ride to the Stratosphere [The New York Times] [Pepsi KFC Blue] “An Arizona company, World View Enterprises, plans to send tourists on balloons into the stratosphere, high enough to see the curves of Earth and the blackness of space. But its initial passenger will be a tangy fried chicken sandwich. The company said on Tuesday that the first flight of a fully equipped high-flying balloon would take off as soon as June 21, with a payload of fast food. Perhaps you’ve seen the KFC television commercial where Colonel Sanders, (played by the actor Rob Lowe), riffs on John F. Kennedy’s 1962 “We choose to go to the moon” speech.”
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The Sessions Sessions: The Confederate General Babbles Before Congress

At 2:30pm Eastern time today, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will testify under oath before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding his contacts with government officials of the Russian Federation prior to the January 20th inauguration, as well as his role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Many burning questions remain for Sessions. [more inside]
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urban tree rings

What thirty years of graffiti looks like, as taken from the walls of cultural centre Doornroosje (Dutch Wikipedia) in Nijmegen. Imgur album by Paul de Graaf.
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Utopia, LOL?

"Hey!" I object. "What's the big idea with letting me take Charles into a U that he hates?"
"It was the universe you selected," says Allocator mildly.
"I'm not a giant superbrain!" I protest.
"This is all part of my superbrain plan," Allocator explains, mysterious like a supervillain. "Would you like to try a different simulation?"
Utopia, LOL, by Jamie Wahls
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Rat Lungworms in Paradise

An invasive slug is helping to spread a nasty parasite in Hawaii. There are things you can do to avoid it though.
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Myiesha At Large: Myiesha Gordon's year abroad

"The purpose of this trip is multifaceted. As an artist and anthropologist, I am interested in why humans create and how cultural identity informs creative process. I will explore different countries, create art, conduct research, try to learn languages, and collaborate with artists and communities. My primary goal is to learn…about everything. The research that I gather during this trip is in conjunction with my graduate school coursework for 2016-17 and what I learn will be used to inform future research and writing, including my doctoral dissertation." [more inside]
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