June 19, 2016

The Curse is Broken!

After 52 years without a major professional sports title*, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won the NBA championship. [more inside]
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A whole new meaning to the term 'fuzz pedal'

Cats on Amps. [more inside]
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Looks like somebody's having a bad dream!

The 6th and final episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has arrived [more inside]
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gURL 'hoods

"When I asked women to share their early Internet “safe spaces,” dozens responded to my inquiry talking about how Neopets, AOL chatrooms, fan fiction Tumblrs, X-Files LISTSERVs, LiveJournal communities and more introduced them to comfort on the Internet. Most of these sites were beloved exactly for that same dual sense of security and inclusion members loved — and when that sense was lost, from time or toxicity or something else, the woman who made them moved on to another new place." Julia Carpenter, for The Hairpin: "Sisterhood of the Traveling Safe Spaces: Where women gather online."
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My Father's Fashion Tips

My Father's Fashion Tips (SLGQ) Happy Father's Day!
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Long and slow and bordering on psychedelic

The title track from Mel Brown's 18 Lbs Of Unclean Chitlins. [11m17s]
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"We know we're on our own."

A Rare, Risky Mission Is Underway To Rescue Sick Scientist From The South Pole [WaPo] - Candian polar services company Kenn Borek Air will fly a pair of De Havilland[NOAA] DHC-6-300 Twin Otter[wiki] STOL aircraft for the risky rescue mission[CBC] in the pitch black and icy Antarctic winter[National Post] at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station[NSF] [more inside]
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African and African American Studies: Introduction to Wakanda

"T’Challa emerged as the fictional representation of those countless dreams denied; the unbroken manhood that Ossie Davis famously invoked after the assassination of Malcolm X. Wakanda symbolized the dreams of black utopias like Ethiopia and South Africa that had grown as the Black Freedom Struggle grew over the twentieth century. In this moment when superheroes become a way to explore contemporary anxieties about activism and authority, the Black Panther provides an opportunity for global audiences to study the traditions of black nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and the variety of African indigenous cultures. Dr. Walter Greason (Monmouth University) took a few minutes to suggest a collaborative exploration of these influences" in the Wakanda Syllabus.
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The Fetishization of Excellence

In Excellence R Us: University Research and the Fetishisation of Excellence (commentable version here) the authors "...examine how excellence rhetoric combines with narratives of scarcity and competition and show that hypercompetition that arises leads to a performance of 'excellence' that is completely at odds with the qualities of good research." Inverse interviews one of the authors. Times Higher Education interviews another. [more inside]
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Happy Father's Day!

Dads Compete to See Who Can Stack More Cheerios On Their Babies (SLSadAndUseless)
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Ann Hamilton's giant loom in Wuzhen

For Art Wuzhen 2016, artist Ann Hamilton transformed an old Chinese theater into a loom. This is the five-minute documentary, (alt link). Its title in Chinese, 唧唧复唧唧, is from a famous poem about the woman warrior Mulan, and refers to the sound of the loom. Hamilton's previous work with textile was presented at the Park Avenue armory in 2013.
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Thirty Million, a film about Bangladesh and climate change

Thirty Million (direct Vimeo link), a U.N.-funded half-hour film about the expected effects of climate change on the country of Bangladesh. Radio interview with one of the directors on Radio New Zealand. Bangladesh will lose 70% of its land area if there is a one-meter sea level rise, displacing thirty million people. [more inside]
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A fearsome warrior. An absurdly large cute puppy.

After five years and over 250 pages, the Eisner Award Winning webcomic, Battlepug by Mike Norton (previously) has finished its epic tailtale (but with promises of more pug tales to come). It started here. (some NSFW, due to violence, language and nudity, including that of the Narrator)
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