June 22, 2001

Once Upon a Forest

Once Upon a Forest It's the weekend; head for a gallery. Some interactive, some not. Stereo sound makes it more fun.
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Never mind that Dihydrogen Monoxide stuff, here's the latest eco-horror....

Never mind that Dihydrogen Monoxide stuff, here's the latest eco-horror.... A landfill supervisor urges that this theobromine laced substance not be placed in regular landfills because of the toll it takes on animals. Yet it can be freely bought by children.....
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"ooh, what a lovely tea party"...

"ooh, what a lovely tea party"... I know this link will attract a ton of "Kevin Smith is an overrated hack" posts, but I was surprised it wasn't here already. The second Internet Only trailer for "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" is up, and the server load has calmed down to the point where it can actually be downloaded. As could be expected, this will make Smith fans cheer and bounce up and down in their chairs, and Smith hatas shake their heads and look for the nearest web forum to post comments about their disgust.

Amusingly, the latter part of that paragraph is apparently a major plot point of the movie, and if you read today's "talk-backs" on AICN you'll appreciate how much fun Smith is having with it. Can't wait to see the flick, and to add to the fun it comes out on my birthday. Nootch.
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Black leaders refuse to pledge allegiance to flag

Black leaders refuse to pledge allegiance to flag is an example of a story that The Washington Times blows way out of proportion. The term *black leaders* would imply that there are multitudes of African-American politicians/community leaders who are refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag. However, if you read the whole story, it turns out that only ONE person, an assembly-women from Tennessee is the focus of the whole story! Of course, the Times doesn't forget to remind the readers that she, and all who support her, are Democrats...
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This White House will Have a Long Memory.....

This White House will Have a Long Memory..... "To join the coalition, you must agree to support the Bush energy proposal in its entirety and not to lobby for changes to the bill... Should the bill change, you must support the changes in the legislation or drop out of the coalition. If you are caught attempting to lobby behind the back of the White House, you will be expelled from the coalition. I have been advised that this White House 'will have a long memory.'" -- Fundraising memo for the Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth, a month-old trade group consisting of representatives from the various energy industries. The letter puts the admission to the group at "a very low price" of $5,000.
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Exxon "helped torture in Indonesia."

Exxon "helped torture in Indonesia." The Aceh uprising brings up the point--how far do we allow multi-nationals to go to "protect their interests"? Would you sanction torture to keep the price of gas and other petroleum products low?
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"My body has learned that it can fly."

"My body has learned that it can fly." Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller fame) describes his experience in zero G, riding the "vomit comet" - a bare-bones 747 that goes up really fast and then comes down really fast, leaving you weightless for about 30 seconds. His letter is at time hilarious, at times pretty gross (they don't call it the vomit comet for nothing), but most of all, I found it kind of... well, inspiring. Now, more than ever, I want to go into space and experience zero G. (via memepool)
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Staff shortages are rife in the UK. University staff, midwives, teachers, police, pretty much every profession (especially unskilled).
In nearly every shop or workplace I've walked past in the past few weeks I've seen 'Staff Wanted' signs galore. Too many jobs, not enough workers. With the lowest unemployment rate in 20 years, and average pay rises of 5% per year, is there any hope of filling these positions anytime soon?
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Learn sign language.

Learn sign language. Or, knowing you - just pretend it's porn.
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Big Brother is sorry, but all we have for you is a hatchback.

Big Brother is sorry, but all we have for you is a hatchback. On the one hand, he knew full well that they were monitoring him. On the other, they took the money out of his account without his knowledge, which could have led to all sorts of problems. Inevitable progress, or invasive technology?
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TV Buddy

TV Buddy Universal Remote Control/Bottle Opener. I only wish that I had found this in time for The $50 Prize Contest.
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Where's the EPA on this?

Where's the EPA on this? Apparently, this stuff is everywhere, but I haven't heard one word on its dangers until now. Christine Whitman, be slient no longer!
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The French, determined to prove that even if they could understand that the "World Wide" web includes France and the rest of the world, they would continue to pretent they didn't. Like Yahoo before them, a web hosting service that caters to neo-Nazi groups (oh, sorry... "racialists"...) has run afoul of the French desire to control what appears on French browsers.
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Is "street racing" as popular outside the Bay Area as it seems to be here? Have there been tragic accidents taking the lives of non-racers elsewhere? Will these idiots be emboldened by the release of "The Fast and the Furious" this weekend?
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Air Guitar World Championships.

Air Guitar World Championships. Use those skills finely honed while dancing in front of your cat and win prizes, earn fame.
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Phil Greenspun's Story of ArsDigita gone, replaced with terse statement.

Phil Greenspun's Story of ArsDigita gone, replaced with terse statement. Anyone have background on this? The google cache still exists of the page. Philip is an intelligent web thinker, and I hope he got a fair shake. The confidentiality agreement is a bummer though. Part of the appeal of Greenspun is how his life is so open on the web. Previous threads from MeFi.
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National Orgasm Day is Coming

National Orgasm Day is Coming (Ooohhhh, so sorry for that!). Yes, that special day is July 31, so everyone please rush out to Hallmark and buy your honey a card in celebration. Or visit the sex store that's sponsoring the day. In making the declaration, they said "it was time for women to stake their claim to a full and satisfying sex life." Amen!!
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NTK launches ill-tempered attack on Popbitch shocker.
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News Flash! Gates loses billions!

News Flash! Gates loses billions! Yet, he still sits comfortably atop the list of the wealthiest people in the world. Larry Ellison, meanwhile, lost $21 billion, but fell to only #4.

The Billionaire Club now includes 538 members in 46 countries, with an average net worth of $3.2 billion. Is it more disturbing that, for a comparison, the GDP of Afghanistan is a paltry $21 billion (bested by the list's top 5)? Or that the GDP per capita of the U.S. is a relatively microscopic $36,144?
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Peter Jonny likes football.
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More than half

More than half of all black men report that they have been the victims of racial profiling by police, according to a survey by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University.

Overwhelming majorities of blacks, Latinos and Asians also report they occasionally experience at least one of the following expressions of prejudice: poor service in stores or restaurants, disparaging comments, and encounters with people who clearly are frightened or suspicious of them because of their race or ethnicity. This is 2001?
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The Parole Board has decided to release the two murderers of James Bulger.

The Parole Board has decided to release the two murderers of James Bulger. They have made their decision, lets respect it.
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anguish of a drug war judge

anguish of a drug war judge moral of the story: if an undercover cop asks you to sell crack opposite the white house, just say no. wrong answer gets you framed for 10 years
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Critics call Abercrombie & Fitch catalog soft porn.

Critics call Abercrombie & Fitch catalog soft porn. I can't comment on the catalog itself, since I haven't seen it; I just had to laugh out loud though when I read this sentence: "Boycott organizers contend the company... is wooing younger customers and using sex to popularize its image." Oh, the horror! Also striking was A&F's spin on it, calling it " the Norman Rockwell of 2001." Clearly, a divide in perceptions. Can anyone who has seen the offensive/inoffensive material in question explain why it is/isn't any different from the marketing practices of, oh, say, everyone else?
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Some of us work on the plantation.
Some of us own the plantation.
Facts are facts.
This hat is for those who own the plantation.
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