June 28, 2008

Ice and Lights

Anthony Powell is a photographer based in Antarctica. In addition to his photography, he's shot some excellent time-lapse video of the Southern Lights and a Day in the Life of Antarctica.
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History, crudely drawn

Behold the raw, elemental beauty of the world's first monolithic integrated circuit, aka microchip, made by Nobel-laureate Jack Kilby in 1958 when he worked at Texas Instruments. The third anniversary of his death was last week.
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Major League Eating: The Game

Major League Eating: The Game. Coming soon to a Wii near you! I was first made aware of this game during an interview with Bill Shwartz of Mastiff games (mp3 audio download) during an episode of Relentless, a weekly show on Hardcore Sports Radio. Relentless has decided to protest the Beijing Olympics by covering sport eating during any time the Olympics would normally be discussed. The show is featured on satellite radio, and it's definitely NSFW.
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RIP Ayveq

Death of a legend.
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Holy Fucking Shit: 40,000

Connecticut's Have a Nice Life is responsible for one of the year's most acclaimed, highly conceptual albums this year, Deathconsciousness. The two discs (entitled The Plow That Broke The Plains and The Future, respectively) feature music spanning over five years of collaboration between the two artists, and are accompanied by a 75-page booklet on medieval Italian heretics in lieu of liner notes. Combining elements of shoegaze, new wave, ambient drone, post-rock, experimental industrial, avant-garde dark metal, and electronic music, and citing references such as My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division to their credit, the original and only pressings sold out within hours. Full stream of all 85 minutes available here. Direct mp3 samples here and here. [more inside]
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Birth of the National Health Service - How the state of the nation's health became a political ideal

The NHS at 60. The National Health Service is 60 on July 5th. Take a look at documents, audio and video related to the birth and growth of this "radical plan."
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Wish You Were Here

Drive-through trees, Olvera Street, Knott's Berry Farm, and lots of other images and postcards of California at Image Archaeology.
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Ssssssssssst! Throw me a Gookie!

The story behind Harpo Marx's "Gookie" face. (See 2:16.) [more inside]
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The Politics of Radicalized Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money

Bush had Karl Rove. But the original wiretapping President needed brains too. Introducing Kevin Phillips. He predicted the prolonged Republican dominance of Washington 1970-present and advised the Ford and Reagan presidencies. He predicted a more liberal 1990s and when the Bushies killed his party he became uttery disgusted. Recently he spoke about the influence of the christian right, our addiction to oil, and America's debt (public and private) at the University of California Santa Barbara. [more inside]
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I've Been Saying That Shit For years

The Colbert/McCain Green Screen Challenge
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Prince is an angry, angry man

Fifty Norwegian artists (including the national symphony orchestra KORK), who recorded Prince covers in honor of his 50th birthday June 7, have been slapped with a lawsuit by the short-tempered star. For now, all 81 songs can be previewed free on C+C Records' website, and some are also available on MySpace in streamable medley form. Source.
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Today is June 28th, June 15th on the Julian Calendar, and it holds a great historical significance to Serbia. [more inside]
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"It's not of this world. It's Sadako's fury. And she's put a curse on us."

RIP Tartan Films. The UK-based film distribution company has gone into administration, laying off it's entire staff. [more inside]
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The Employable Web Designer

The Employable Web Designer ― Andy Rutledge at Design View constructs a list of suggestions to help aspiring designers better craft their own preparedness and, if necessary, adjust their degree plans toward a more effective and responsive result in the web design field. (previously) [more inside]
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