June 29, 2000

Oh, now this is just great.

Oh, now this is just great. Going into bankrupcy, the most valuable property that a lot of failed dot-coms have is all the information they've collected about their customers in the mean time, like names and addresses and phone numbers and credit card numbers and purchasing patterns and loads of other stuff. In order to appease creditors, three of them are actively trying to sell off their databases right now. What makes that interesting is that they had previously promised never to reveal that information to anyone.
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I seem to recall an online utility that presents a view of what a web site would look like in multiple browsers and on multiple platforms. My searching has turned up empty. Of course I've been known to choose unsuccessful keywords. Specifically, I'm looking for a utility to simulate the appearance of a web page on a Macintosh. Anyone here know of such a tool?
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I was looking for info on the Dead Sea Scrolls, and I found this piece of dung.

I was looking for info on the Dead Sea Scrolls, and I found this piece of dung. Why are some people so damn hateful and ignorant? Worse, who do they have websites? (Yes, I know I could have just ignored it, but I think it's a dangerous ideal they preach, and one that people need to be aware of.)
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Audrey Kishline, a founder of the "moderation movement" and author of "Moderate Drinking: The Moderation Management Guide for People Who Want to Reduce Their Drinking," in march drove her pickup truck the wrong way down Interstate 90, smashing head-on into a car in an accident that killed a man and his 12-year-old daughter. at the time of the accident she had a blood-alcohol level more than three times the legal limit, and has since been charged with vehicular homicide. so she's taking it all back. now she's saying that the moderation movement "is nothing but alcoholics covering up their problem," said her lawyer.
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Hostage situation prompts Disney hotel evacuation: "A police SWAT team was dispatched to a hotel at Walt Disney World today after a guest informed the desk he was armed and holding a food service worker and a 4-year-old child hostage"
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It's just a list of links

It's just a list of links but can there be any doubt that the New York Times was inspired by webloggers?
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Douglas Rushkoff:

Douglas Rushkoff: "The myth of the internet - and one I believed for a long time - is that most people really want to share the stories of their own lives." And I'd add to that: most of those people who DO want to share their own stories really don't know how to do it. And that includes me...
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Oh, happy day!

Oh, happy day! Just when thought the 2000 US Presidential Race was going to be a woebegone contest between Dull and Duller, the impish whackjob returns for yet another round of merry hi-jinks and paranoiac delusions presented as fact!
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Giving God His Props.

Giving God His Props. The latest Survivor reject thanks the Lord 37 times in his 750-word departing statement -- which is exactly the kind of spiritual Tourette's that got him kicked off the island in the first place. Did I miss the introduction of an 11th Commandment requiring God to be overthanked?
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The opening bid for the Declaration of Independence, which went on sale at sothebys.com at 9am this morning, was $4,000,000.

The opening bid for the Declaration of Independence, which went on sale at sothebys.com at 9am this morning, was $4,000,000. I can't comment too much, because I work for the Sotheby's, but when the sale closes at 5pm today, it may be the most valuable object ever sold online. We're all going to stand in a big room from 4-5 today and watch the bids come in.
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Well this is Qte!

Well this is Qte! I'm sure I'm probably the last to know about it. And it's probably not fashionable to admit to being a trekkie nowadays, but since when have I been fashionable? Finally they have come out with a Star Trek computer game that I enjoyed. Kinda like the card game. I suck at it, but it was still fun. And it's great for the ego. You get to pretend you're Q...
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