June 30, 2000

the economist presents a very clear review of why and how the zimbabwe elections went horribly wrong and what this means for the future of zimbabwe & africa. [this article is neither long nor hard but it's strong. read it] "After 20 years of ZANU government, the average Zimbabwean is a third poorer and can expect to die more than 15 years younger. . . The responsibility for reviving the sick economy still rests with Mr Mugabe and ZANU. Half of the workforce is jobless. Inflation is eating Zimbabweans’ savings at a rate of almost 70% a year. An unrealistic exchange rate has led to shortages of fuel and other imports. Mr Mugabe’s plans to seize white-owned farms without compensation, and his contradictory statements about whether he will do the same to mines and factories, have scared off both foreign and domestic investors. Despite having some of the most fertile land in Africa, Zimbabwe could need food aid this year."
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Violent Media is Good For Kids

Violent Media is Good For Kids Interesting theory that viewing violent media, reading comics and playing bloody video games is actually cathartic for kids. Not sure it's valid, but it's interesting.
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Kevin Mitnick's first job denied by his probation officer.

Kevin Mitnick's first job denied by his probation officer. Now I'm not one of the people who has any sympathy for Mitnick, but the terms of his probation are interesting: "Mitnick is forbidden to use mobile phones or computers, or work in a computing-related field". MORE
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Well, it's about time

Well, it's about time that we got around to this. Imagine the freedom we have now. Also imagine the possibilities for abuse. Could a jpeg be legally binding now? We still have a long way to go, but it's a good first step...
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Toot! Happy birthday ZG! I think she's great. BTW, The Ruth Truth is pretty damn good too. Hell! Who needs cable? Where do you go for online vidz?
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What if you didn't need a prescription

What if you didn't need a prescription to get birth control pills? The FDA is thinking about allowing The Pill to be distributed over-the-counter. This would save a lot of effort and money. The concerns over the issue are that women may not continue with their yearly checkups if they don't have to get a prescription; that they may not realize the side-effects of using the pill with other medication, such as antibiotics; or that teenagers might be more likely to start using it without their parents' knowledge. Any thoughts?
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Has Amazon.com finally ditched the unsustainable and cluttered one-tab-per-store interface? And if so, is this how they react to their stock falling?
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Deep Leap featured on Yahoo! Daily Picks.

Deep Leap featured on Yahoo! Daily Picks. And sine I know that Ben Brown loves Metafilter, I decided to let him know. That's for Thursday June 29th, 2000. 062900. Okay.
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