June 30, 2018

Your Geometry Homework out for Vengence

SuperButterBuns brings us all the basics with Nier Automata for Beginners ("Become as frogs."), Undertale for Beginners ("Date the Skeleton, you nerds.") and How to Get Into the Kingdom Hearts Series for Beginners ("This is a special episode, everybody.").
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reinventing the mountain bike

I stopped in my local bike shop (lbs) today, and noticed that all of the bikes were starting to converge on the same set of features: disc brakes, dropped handlebars, somewhat aggressive position: gravel bikes, adventure bikes, cyclocross bikes, all-road bikes.... what happened? What The Hell Is A Gravel Bike? [more inside]
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An Underground Atlas of the District of Columbia

DC has many tunnels, only some of which are on fire. Using historical maps and the DC Public Library's newspaper archive, local history buff Elliot Carter will take you on a (ongoing) survey of the District's underground domain. [more inside]
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“... leap across the uncanny valley.”

Stuntronics: Disney Imagineering Has Created Autonomous Robot Stunt Doubles [YouTube] “The Stuntronics robot features on-board accelerometer and gyroscope arrays supported by laser range finding. In its current form, it’s humanoid, taking on the size and shape of a performer that could easily be imagined clothed in the costume of, say, one of The Incredibles, or someone on the Marvel roster. The bot is able to be slung from the end of a wire to fly through the air, controlling its pose, rotation and center of mass to not only land aerial tricks correctly but to do them on target while holding heroic poses in midair.” [via: Tech Crunch] [more inside]
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wave o' babies

Musher and outdoors writer Blair Braverman (previously, previously) has two litters of puppies on her ranch this year, one slightly older than the other. In these times of distress and sorrow, she uses Twitter threads to keep the world apprised, through pictures and video, of the tiny discoveries of tiny dogs.
the puppies like this hole
6 puppies + 8 puppies = 10,000 puppies
Sled blobs on a mission
[more inside]
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Sam & Max, Freelance Police: making the world safe for bigfoots

Sam & Max is a multi-media empire focused on the exploits of the Freelance Police: Sam, the laid-back but enthusiastic, brown-coated anthropomorphic Irish Wolfhound, and Max, the hyperkinetic, three-foot tall rabbity thing that is prone to violence. Their adventures were first published as a comic in 1987, which lead to a video game [trailer], a short-lived animated series [intro], and then a second game [trailer] (which was cancelled*), and finally three more games [3 trailers]. [more inside]
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So much for the new abolitionism

"In fact, it wasn’t until 1979—a full six years after Roe—that evangelical leaders, at the behest of conservative activist Paul Weyrich, seized on abortion not for moral reasons, but as a rallying-cry to deny President Jimmy Carter a second term. Why? Because the anti-abortion crusade was more palatable than the religious right’s real motive: protecting segregated schools."
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The Baltimore City Fire Department is really mad about bike lanes

So the BCFD made a home movie demonstrating - with a multi-million dollar fire truck that is too big to fit in the firehouse, and on the same block where the executive director of cycling-advocacy nonprofit Bikemore lives - that bike lanes make it too hard to fight fires.
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A hybrid just lapped the Nürburgring in less than 5:20

The Porche 919 Hybrid Evo just lapped the 12.94 mile long Nürburgring in 5:19.546, 51.58 seconds faster than the record. The on board video feels like it's in fast forward. Jalopnik has a nice write up about what it means.
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Hi, my name is George Lungu and I am a circuit designer. This is my blog

"Welcome to Excel Unusual, the home of the most unique Microsoft Excel animated spreadsheets." How about a gated ring oscillator? Maybe some Pong? Surely you've time for a wireframe rollercoaster? And so on and so forth. [more inside]
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"Consistent with NSA’s core values of respect for the law, accountability, integrity, and transparency we are making public notice that on May 23, 2018, NSA began deleting all call detail records (CDRs) acquired since 2015 under Title V of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)." [more inside]
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Hello. I'm clearly Noel Gallagher.

Noel Gallagher Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram [SLYT: 10m12s; NSFW] . Corrects grammar, corrects myths, is generally correct. Oh, and judges a Wonderwall cover.
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Animated Time's Up Anti Harassment PSA: [SLYT 2min 50sec]

Short animation explains how to conduct yourself at work in the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp. Created by Times Up Now, and narrated by Donald Glover and Rashida Jones. [more inside]
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Are We Alone?

The Astrobiologist Blues | StarTalk All-Star Dr. David Grinspoon and comedian Chuck Nice co-wrote “The Astrobiologist Blues” to help you experience the inner-workings of an astrobiologist’s mind. Watch as they perform the song in front of Neil deGrasse Tyson, astronaut Mike Massimino, and a few fans and friends! (SLYT)
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