July 15, 1999

The recent World Cup Soccer Tournament was one small step forward for women in sports, but this is one giant leap behind
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Yahoo now has co-branding

Yahoo now has co-branding arrangements going on. I hate to see this trend continue, as I see it diluting the reputation of both companies. What's Pepto-Bismol got to do with teens having a fun summer? Anyone care to make the connection for me? What's next, Geritol sponsoring a site aimed at toddlers?
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Hello Tarot

Hello Tarot is the world's cutest tarot card deck. Lord knows I want one.
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Can't remember what that font was on your last project? Looking for a font that's grundge, or one that's high tech looking? Point Central has the best font database I've seen.
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The Death Clock

The Death Clock No one knows when they're going to die -- until now! Thanks to the web, you can visit The Death Clock, put in some data about yourself and see what day, assuming you survive the apocalypse later this year, you'll bite the big one on! Fun!
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EXPN is ESPN/ABC/GoNetworks/DisneyEmpire's newest attempt to exploit the existence of extreme sports. I've spent most of my life skateboarding, but I still don't know how much of it I could watch on TV. I'm sure it would get old after a few weeks.
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The world's smallest Web server keeps getting smaller.
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The hype machine

The hype machine for Apple's new Consumer Portable appears to be in full swing.
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As if you couldn't get enough of the JenniCam, now there's the JenniShow. It's fairly boring, more like a video diary than a voyeur's dream.
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