July 21, 2001

GreaterGood shuts down.

GreaterGood shuts down. I wondered why hunger site, the rainforest site and all the rest had been undergoing 'routine maintenance' all week.
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Apple ][ font

Apple ][ font : The ultimate in retro bitmap. It even includes the mouse text characters so you can "draw" Apple ][-style windows. Neat.
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"We are a nation of business people, and we find art and artists threatening.

"We are a nation of business people, and we find art and artists threatening. Copyright exists, according to the Constitution, 'to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.'

...the point of copyright is to serve the public good, to make our country a better, more interesting place by giving artists and scientists a financial incentive to keep doing what they're doing. When you get down to the Constitution, artists aren't scary freaks, they're all-American. We just have to keep reminding the courts and Congress of that."

-Nancy Updike, in LA Weekly.
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I send you this file in order to have your advice.

I send you this file in order to have your advice. The Sircam worm is spreading at an unbelievable rate, with two interesting bonuses. First, it mass-mails itself to e-mail addresses located in browser cache files (so webloggers with e-mail addresses on their sites are vulnerable). Second, it infects and attaches a random document to the e-mail. If you're careful, this makes it the most entertaining worm yet. (More inside...)
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The week in pictures

The week in pictures - an outlet for the best photojournalism

Sometimes they do have really nice pictures.
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Blogdex at media.mit.edu

Blogdex at media.mit.edu (The link may not work, I've gotten through twice now, both times between noon and 4pm PST, but every other time I've tried I've gotten server not available errors.)Does anyone know what this is? The times I got through it looked like an interesting cross tabulation of what is being covered in the web log world, like a handy index for people looking for entries on a certain topic. It was not complete looking when I got in last, the site mostly consisted of the front, and an "about" section, but the front page did have a list of the top ten links being talked about on currently indexed blogs. I found the link in my referer log.
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