August 13, 2017

The Moon's origin

One of the earliest known instances of mooning happened during the Fourth Crusade around 1203, when...
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Why Did This Guy Transcribe All These John Coltrane Solos?

"For nearly 60 years, Andrew White has committed John Coltrane’s solos to paper, capturing the saxophone giant’s famously free-flight improvisations in notes that don’t appear on standard jazz sheet music." As of 2015, White had transcribed 840 solos.
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Not a culture fit

Is The Work Environment I've Created On My Team Too Exclusive? Let's Ask A Manager [more inside]
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“We were all at fault, and we were all victims too.”

One year on, is No Man's Sky the game it should have been? [Eurogamer] “I still sense another gap to close, though, between No Man's Sky as it is now and the game it is genuinely striving to be. It's a gorgeous prog-rock-album-cover generator and engrossing space exploration sim, but it still has a certain hollow aimlessness at its heart, a sense of something missing. A storyline that makes any kind of sense would be a good start. A still deeper faction system might make the amusing interactions with the three alien species more meaningful. And there's still that promise, never ruled out by Hello Games, that you might, unlikely as it may be in the vastness of space, come across another player. More than new crafting and upgrade paths, it's things like this that will fill the hole in No Man's Sky's heart: humanity; contact; a sense that there's something to look for, that there's someone out there.” [more inside]
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HyperCard at 30

August 11 was Hypercard's 30th birthday, and to celebrate, the Internet Archive has made a bunch of stacks available through emulation. [more inside]
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MANFESTO is a Tumblr of Modernist architecture from the Middle East. (Note: heavy graphics) [h/t]
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So ignore the news and forget about anything stressing you out today...

Man makes a big ol' cat maze out of cardboard boxes. It's cats playing in a cat maze of boxes. Need I say more?
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3 slices of white bread

What I Ate Today - Pence is gearing up for Job 1. Pence/Christ 46: President Mike Pence is proud to serve the white and Christian population of America
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Who has the better sandwich? Who knows? Who cares?

Wawa opened in Miami, and a local review mentioned that they didn't bother to try the subs "because the lines were too long and plus Publix exists". [more inside]
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Is Trauma Genetic?

People who have been subject to repeated, centuries-long violence, such as African Americans and Native Americans, may by now have disadvantage baked into their very molecules. The sociologist Robert Merton spoke of the “Matthew Effect,” named after verse 25:29 of the Book of Matthew: “For unto every one that hath shall be given ... but from him that hath not shall be taken.” Billie Holiday put it even better: “Them that’s got shall have; them that’s not shall lose.” [more inside]
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A squalid shoot-’em-up for the moron trade

Bonnie and Clyde at 50 The groundbreaking film opened on August 13, 1967 to scathing reviews from traditional critics and audience indifference until being championed as a masterpiece by up-and-coming reviewers Pauline Kael and Roger Ebert, finding an audience, going on to be the fourth biggest film of the year and along with The Graduate, ushering in the New Hollywood movement of the '70s [more inside]
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An almost mythical nightmare

The 1986 England cricket tour of the West Indies
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everybody just needs to relax

Everything is terrible, it's true. Everybody just needs to relax with Sax With Kids Hour. Because seriously. Everything is still Terrible.
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