August 16, 2009

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson returns from an almost fatal plane crash.

On August 16, 2008, a small plane carrying a young married couple and their flight instructor crashed in the Arizona desert. Doug Kinneard, the instructor, was killed in the crash; Stephanie and Christian Nielson survived, both severely burned. Prior to the crash, Stephanie's weblog, the NieNie Dialogues, "had attracted a small but ardent following, thanks to its upbeat dispatches about marriage, home décor, entertaining and the art of raising four children ages 6 and younger." After the crash, with burns on over 80% of her body, she spent two months in a medically induced coma. One month later, she was released from the hospital (link to Stephanie's sister's blog); one month after that, she began blogging again. Stephanie's posts since then have chronicled her gradual recovery, her re-integration into her family, her love and gratitude for her husband, and, finally, on the one-year anniversary of the plane crash, herself. [more inside]
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Exploring and trespassing

Bearings explores old buildings, and photographs the insides.
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9.58s : Usain Bolt sets a new 100m World Record [more inside]
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The leader is not the architect of the system but its product.

"This is an America that has transferred its allegiance to spectacle, to pseudo-events, that no longer can determine what is real and what is illusion, that confuses how they’re made to feel with knowledge, that confuses propaganda with ideology, and that’s exceedingly dangerous. All totalitarian societies are image-based societies, and that’s what our society has become."
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Sonic Adventures

Sonic Adventures An astonishingly thorough history of Sonic The Hedgehog taking in the games, animated series and more. [more inside]
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Needle Exchange in the USA

The history of needle exchanges in the United States starts in 1986 with Jon Parker, a dyslexic Yale medical student and former IDU (intravenous drug user), who was arrested time and time again for providing sterile needles and supplies to drug users, to prevent infection and spread of disease. David Purchase started the first organized (and illegal) needle exchange in Tacoma Washington in 1988, which still exists 21 years later. [more inside]
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Covers of Judee Sill

Judee Sill (previously) was the first artist signed to David Geffen's first record label Asylum. She released a couple of albums. No one really noticed. She died, another casualty of drugs. Her music, however has been covered many times: The Hollies Riko Shinahara The Fleet Foxes Plattel robin pecknold Cass Elliot Graziano Romani And Judee Sill doing a cover of her own.
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Don't Blame Me, Kodos Told Me He Would've Vaporized Aetna

The Obama administration signaled today it is ready to entirely abandon the public option, i.e. giving Americans the choice of government-run health insurance (AP, Daily Kos, Politico, Hill). Further, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius indicated that end-of-life counseling was "probably off the table", presumably due to Republican "death panel" commentary.
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stamping tube music of the Solomon Islands

Better than Radiohead.
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zeitgeist visualized

Digg Labs' Arc is a mesmerizing data visualization flash with an ongoing collage of various topics, a sort of animated zeitgeist: How to bake cheeseburger cupcakes l Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know l The Newest Giraffe: As Cute As He Thinks He Is? l Wascally Wabbits l Stories arrange themselves around the circle as users digg them.
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Scotland's heroin problems

What happened to the Trainspotting generation? Heroin and Scotland: the relationship continues.
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Video Pizza

Video Pizza
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Women of the highest caliber

Give women guns! Forget chocolate and flowers. Women want guns. There is a history of women with guns. Women with guns will soon be mainstream.
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UCTV on YouTube

UCTV is on YouTube. Watch a feature on Claude Shannon. Or load an hour-long-plus lecture on the evils of fructose onto your iPod. There's apparently 3403 more videos to watch . . .
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New World Order

Lady Gaga: Illuminati mind control puppet
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