September 18, 2022

1 Batter, 59 Home Runs; Needs 3 With 16 Games to Go

Judge hits 58th AND 59th HRs, just two shy of Maris ... Aaron Judge home run pace tracker ... HR Digest: Aaron Judge [more inside]
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Amílcar Lopes da Costa Cabral

"Amílcar Lopes da Costa Cabral was born September 12, 1924 in Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau, one of Portugal’s African colonies. On January 20, 1973–48 years ago today–Cabral was murdered by fascist Portuguese assassins just months before the national liberation movement in which he played a central role won the independence of Guinea-Bissau."
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The 32nd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

Since nobody else has yet.... it's that time of the year to break out your paper airplanes and watch the Ig Nobel 2022 Ceremony. (cut to the video: The 32nd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony - YouTube). [more inside]
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Life moves pretty fast. Try to cram it all into one day.

Could ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ really be done in one day? We found out. (SLWaPo)
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First in California lottery-based Citizen Advisory Panel

Earlier this year, the City of Petaluma hired Healthy Democracy to put together a citizen panel via lottery to advise on uses of the Petaluma Fairgrounds (the lease expires December 31, 2023). The process chose a panel reflective of the diversity of the City, from a group of volunteers. Fascinating look at a more inclusive process for local decision making.
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