January 13, 2000

ID Magazine

ID Magazine released a new issue that highlights 40 designers that are under 30 years of age. Most are doing cutting-edge, cool things, but one person stands out: Krysta Morlan. She won a nationwide invention award for a air cooling system for body casts. She's also invented a killer water-bike that lets the physically disabled exercise in a pool. You know what's even more amazing than her innovative designs? She's only 16 years old, still in high school, and builds these things to help her overcome her cerebral palsy.
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The high school English paper that rocked Naugatuck, Connecticut has now resurfaced on the Web.
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The bandwidth speed test over at MSN

The bandwidth speed test over at MSN seems to be the most accurate one I've used so far. It gave out statistics that are very close to what I expected, and didn't choke just because I'm on a T3. (thanks blogblog)
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Devoted.nu just goes to remind me how the web itself spawns its own sub-cultures within sub-cultures, the depth of content that is coming out, the amount of it, the work that goes into it, the skill, still undeveloped, yet showing promise of eclipsing the 'top' talent pool of today. Sure, it may be cheesy high school girl antics, but I haven't seen this much content since zannah.
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I don't know how many MetaFilter readers are epinions members (my guess is that a lot are), but if you've surfed around anyone's circle of trust before, I'm sure you've found conglomerate_mosthated, a popular reviewer with an equally sharp tongue and wit. Some of my favorites of his include the Xterra review, the Britney Spears review, and the Jetta review. He's sometimes offending, oftentimes catty, and always amusing.
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This past summer, I bought a Microsoft Cordless Phone, which I fell in love with after seeing all its cool features. My friends snickered when I bought it and they made little jokes about my 'proprietary' phone that would 'crash' during calls, but I defended my MS phone. So now the time has come to upgrade my home win98 box to Win2k, but apparently MS has no intentions of making the phone compatible with Win2k, nor will they ever support it. This phone is less than a year old, and it's going to be useless soon (all the answering and caller ID is software based). Anyone want to buy this $150 paperweight I have sitting here on my desk?
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