January 4, 2008

Tomb Raider

Time machine.
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The Sonderkommando Revolt

1945. As the new year breaks in Auschwitz-Birkenau, the months-long SS torture of four women -- Ala Gertner, Roza Robota, Regina Safirzstain and Ester Wajcblum -- draws to an end. The women were being interrogated about their role in the Sonderkommando revolt of October, 1944. [more inside]
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The art of Laurie Hogin

Monkey Portraits: Allegories of Brand Loyalty, by Laurie Hogin. [Via Right Some Good.] [more inside]
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John Adams. NIXON IN CHINA. Excerpts: News has a kind of mystery. Act 1 Scene 3. Act 2 Scene 2a. I am the wife of Mao Tse Tung. Chairman Dances.
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The Visual Arts Data Service

VADS is a resource for visual art, a huge range of things from students' work to collections of historical art and design. [more inside]
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the peculiarities of journal citation data

The scholarly literature forms a vast network of academic papers connected to one another by citations in bibliographies and footnotes. The structure of this network reflects millions of decisions by individual scholars about which papers are important and relevant to their own work. Therefore within the structure of this network is a wealth of information about the relative influence of individual journals, and also about the patterns of relations among academic disciplines. Our aim at eigenfactor.org is develop ways of extracting this information. [more inside]
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Into the Night

Into the Night Films through the ages. "What’s an into-the-night movie? It’s essentially about one anxious character (or group of characters) embarking on an illicit adventure and emerging transformed. Most often, the stories take place at night, but not always. Sometimes they happen over a whole summer, in the blazing light of day. Sometimes they’re comedies, and sometimes mysteries. But what they have in common is an acknowledgment that somewhere, lurking in the shadows of polite society, there are people getting ridiculously freaky." With much... [more inside]
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Account of the cruel and barbarous murder...

Dying Speeches & Bloody Murders digitizes over five hundred broadsides owned by the Harvard Law Library, all of them devoted to "last dying speeches"--that is, sensational accounts of crime, punishment, and (fictional) confession, intended to be sold at public executions. The New York State Historical Association has an online exhibition devoted to nineteenth-century American murder pamphlets. You can find a couple of seventeenth-century examples at the Early Modern Web and the Folger Library. Old Bailey Online briefly puts this literature into context. (Main link via C18-L.)
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Newsfiltered: A Big National Story That's A Lot of Big Local Stories

Yes, the Subprime Mortgage Crisis was 2007's top national business news story for the second year in a row (and odds on favorite to Threepeat), #2 news story overall (TIME put Pakistan at #1, for AP, it was the Virginia State Massacre). But then I saw that it was the #1 local news story in my town. [more inside]
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Tell me about the dinosaurs, George.

Some say volcanoes killed them. Some people say an impact. Some say both. Coulda been bugs, actually. Lots of theories, some better than others. Not like it's that uncommon in the grand scheme of things.
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My resolution? Just to be less Fergilicious. It's old.

Everyone makes New Year's resolutions. Even celebrities. And pets.
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ಯಕ್ಷಗಾನ is folk theater from the Malabar.
lanabhat collects snippets at Youtube: 1 2 3 4 and more.
Manohara Upadhya's photos include Ardhanaariswara (recalling the emotive Sandhya), Kaarakotaka, Mahiravana, Sisupala, Angaraparna and other minor characters from those two Aryan poems.
Yakshaganapriya has a little more description. Behold the mighty Buffalo-Demon, Mahisasura.
The Hindu tries explaining it all: 1 2 3. [more inside]
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The Devil (and Joe Quesada) Made Him Do It

Spider-Man and Mary Jane are no more. But what broke up their 20 year long marriage? The stress of being a superhero? An illicit tryst with Ben Riley coming to light? Nope. The Devil made them do it in order to save Aunt May's life. Comic Book Resources has been running a series of interviews with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada (1, 2, 3, 4, 5pending) who wrote and penned the issue as its normal writer, J. Michael Straczynski (his take here) refused to do so. So that distant howl you've been hearing all week is actually the sound of a thousand comic fans gnashing their teeth and rending their Spidey Underoos. [more inside]
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blown out joy

If you like HDR pictures, you might like these of New York City.
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Blogger Andrew Olmsted dies in Iraq

"I'm dead. That sucks, at least for me and my family and friends. But all the tears in the world aren't going to bring me back, so I would prefer that people remember the good things about me rather than mourning my loss. (If it turns out a specific number of tears will, in fact, bring me back to life, then by all means, break out the onions.)" Blogger Andrew Olmsted was killed in Iraq yesterday. He had been guest-posting at Obsidian Wings as G'Kar. hilzoy of ObWi has cross-posted his final message there as well. [more inside]
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Make your own vacuum tubes. Easy--if you have the special tooling.

Making your own transistor is probably beyond the abilities of a dedicated hobbyist. However, making simple triode vacuum tubes is practical. Many hobbyists have done so over the years. In this video, French ham-radio operator Claude Paillard shows you how. HIs model is the WWI-era type TM of 1915. (and btw, 2007 was the 100th anniversary of electronics, since de Forest made his first vacuum tube in 1907.)
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Voice of the Hive

Voice of the Hive is a collection of informative and well-written stories about honeybees. Half of the tales are told from a human beekeeper's perspective, and are filled with valuable knowledge for potential hobbyists. The other half are compelling vignettes of a single bee's life -- widely diverse and compelling, told from each individual bee's perspective. The two elements come together to paint a fascinating picture of this noble insect's existence.
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Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom. Vanity Fair profiles George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and previews Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [minor spoiler on page 5]; Q&A with Spielberg and Lucas. [more inside]
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Science, Evolution, and Creationism

The National Academies release their new book Science, Evolution, and Creationism, targeted at the public, which summarizes the "scientific understanding of evolution and its importance in the science classroom." Download the 89-page book free in PDF format (you will be asked for your e-mail address, location, and employment sector first). Other resources on evolution from the National Academies, including other free online books (previously on MetaFilter). There's a brief NYT story about it as well.
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Zed Shaw freaks out on the Ruby/Rails community.

Zed Shaw freaks out on the Ruby/Rails community. It's an enjoyable rant even if you don't know much at all about Ruby and/or Rails. [more inside]
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No to the skinny platform!

No to the skinny platform!
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Super 8 Star Wars remake

"In June of 1977, Jim, John, and Gary saw Star Wars at White City Cinema in Worcester, Massachusetts. They were impressed. In the months after seeing the movie, so many costumes and models were made that they decided to remake a few scenes on super 8 film. The project grew into a fifty minute film." (Text from the Google Video description of the 15 minute version.) The remake's website includes stills, a downloadable "bloopers reel", an extensive "making of" photoessay and a brief photoessay on the construction of the R2 unit used in the remake.
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Castles and more castles

Castles of the World. British castles. Scottish castles. Castle floor plans. Castles on the web (no, not virtual castles). [more inside]
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Convicted by Statistics?

Dutch nurse Lucia De Berk has had her case reopened 5 years after her conviction for multiple counts of murdering her patients. [more inside]
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Calling Sylvia Browne

James Randi to end the Million Dollar Challenge in 2010. Nobody's won it in 10 years, and the money would work better if it wasn't tied up waiting for the impossible. Many have tried, none have succeeded.... and just so this isn't a single link, here's Randi owning Uri Geller, and Randi owning James Hydrick (using only styrofoam!) [YouTube links].
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FillCell poster wall

FillCell is a sort of graffiti wall of mini-posters drawn with very simple tools (to impressive effect, in some cases). Flash - drag the background to see more of the wall.
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All the street's a stage.

Chicago's Maxwell Street Market wasn't just a market: it was a stage that played host to many an exuberantly ragged, hard grinding blues performance. It was lively, eccentric, ecstatic. You could get there on The Happy Bus. And of course, one of the greatest musicals in the history of American cinema paid homage to the street, as the setting for a fabulous performance by John Lee Hooker of his iconic "Boom Boom". (Note: See mouseovers for link descriptions.) [more inside]
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Best Freeware Games of '07

Many freeware games were released in 2007. How to seperate the crap from the good stuff? It can be a little hard admittedly but this thread on the Tigsource forums might help you. With around 30 categories (and a winner announced for each) ranging from 'Best Shooter' to 'Best Bosses,' there's probably something there to please just about anyone.
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Cricket : India Complains of bad umpiring

Team India to lodge protest against umpiring Gone are the days when the words(actions and decisions) of the umpire were taken as final. Even the RULE BOOK states that the word of the umpire is final. Would Team India still complain if the bad umpiring decision had gone in their favor ?
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