October 3, 2010

Plena anguillis est navis volans mea

Google translate has added latin as an alpha language. [more inside]
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L'Homme Ocean

Most are familiar with Victor Hugo the author, but perhaps you are not acquainted with Victor Hugo the illustrator. Delacroix wrote that Hugo would have been among the greatest artists of the 19th century if not for his writing habit. He made thousands of drawings in sketchbooks, margins, and letters, but they are surprisingly difficult to find in good quality. Here are a hundred. [more inside]
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I ain't afraid of no thunder!

Thunder Busters! [slyt]
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The Michael Bayifier. Turn any picture into a Michael Bay picture.
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Harlan Ellison is responsible for the fourth game.

At first, robot wanted kitty. Then, robot wanted puppy. Next, robot wanted fishy. And now, robot wants ice cream.
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Papa Tried

Dispatches From a Guy Trying Unsuccessfully to Sell a Song In Nashville. [more inside]
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Audio / Video of some great writers

Archives of the Fellows from the Kelly Writers House - mp3s and videos from some great writers, including David Milch, Joyce Carol Oates, Joan Didion, Art Spiegelman, EL Doctorow, Richard Ford, Robert Creeley and many others.
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Art Inconnu

Art Inconnu [unknown art] (nsfw): Collected here are works by artists who are forgotten, under appreciated, or little known to the mainstream. The focus here is primarily painting by 19th and 20th century artists but everything is fair game. Different sets of images: Reading l Some Women Painters l Chess l The World in Miniature l Weather l Motherhood l Mixed Bag. Art Inconnu's Flickr set.
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Diversity in One's Own Backyard

World Values Survey -- who wouldn't you mind living next door? [more inside]
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Calvin Trillin's food writing

Calvin Trillin has attempted to compile a short history of the buffalo wing, stalked the barbecued mutton, and reported on crawfish eating contests in Louisiana.   [more inside]
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I'm Remembering

I'm Remembering has pics of things that people aged 30-40 will remember from their childhood and adolescence. Who could forget Tiger Handheld games, Hypercolor shirts, Paint With Water books, Surge soda, Scholastic Book Club, Slice cola, Madballs, Ring Pops, and, last but not least, Zack Morris's cellphone?
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Evolution of the Lindy Hop

This year at the International Lindy Hop Championship, Andrew Thigpen and Karen Turman’s routine showcased the Evolution of Lindy Hop (a takeoff on the Evolution of Dance) – from its origins as a variation on the Charleston to the Gap Khaki commercial to its current incarnation. [more inside]
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Never mind the bullets

Never mind the bullets A parallax comix script powered by HTML 5. The art is OK, but the interface is mesmerizing.
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Daily progress of the disease or hurt

More than 1000 diaries kept by surgeons of Britain's Royal Navy between 1793 and 1800 have been cataloged by the National Archives, and are now available for public study. [more inside]
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They don't know what we do.

"For a lot of soldiers, there are two kinds of people: those who serve, and those who expect to be served, and those who serve are pretty noble.'' The U.S. Army now begins its 10th continuous year in combat, the first time in its history the United States has excused the vast majority of its citizens from service and engaged in a major, decade-long conflict instead with an Army manned entirely by professional warriors.
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An animation involving a dog, a girl, and imagination.

SLYT Something I found last night that I thought was quite wonderful and appropriate for a lazy Sunday. I was really impressed with the way they handle sense in this, and it made me warm and fuzzy. I hope this isn't too terrible for a first post.
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"I never told a joke in my life."

Watch Andy Kaufman Be Alive "This is nearly every YouTube video of Andy Kaufman, in chronological order, from college acting audition to the last TV appearance 9 years later. 175 videos." via @mikemonello
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A collection of band flyers

"...it's probably extra easy to trace my life & interests through these galleries. They start out in Kansas (most of the early non-Lawrence/ KC ones were sent to me either by people ordering copies of my zine or by a few pals of mine who had run away to CA), and as I move around in life the bands & venues change accordingly: Kansas, Ohio, Washington DC, Kansas again, Arizona."
The Jason Willis Flyer Collection, 1981-2006
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